Last week I went to the dentist for my regular cleaning and told her that I thought my bite was off.  Too high maybe?  One of my right molars was bothering me in a too-much-pressure kind of way and I was waking up with headaches that sometimes lasted throughout the day.
(FYI – apparently it’s very bad to leave a high bite. My dentist really scolded me about how a high bite left alone could kill a tooth…I should not have left it that long to get checked)
Anyways – she checked the bite on both sides and informed me that it was my “clench spot” that was causing the pain.
“Ohh.  I don’t clench my teeth.”
She said that indeed I do and that I likely do it when I’m sleeping.  We’d fit me for a night guard.
This is ALL I could think of when she said that (go directly to the 1:03 mark and watch til 1:17 mark):

I went home and told Sean I needed a night guard.  He replied that I, instead, needed “to f***ing relax.”
Easier said than done.  I know I stress about too much and have anxiety issues.  But when I’m alseep???  Really?  I thought that sleeping would at least be a bit of respite from the stresses of life.
I thought that by being sound asleep I’d be at my most relaxed but apparently I am not.  
My stress now manifests itself by way of teeth clenching during my sleep.  Which has created even more stress.  Those headaches I’ve been having – I’ve secretly been afraid of a brain tumor.  That’s where I go.  Always.  Wost case scenario.  
The dentist said that this should take care of the headaches.  And if not then they’re being caused by something else.  Maybe my eyes? 
I thought I’d be proactive and made an eye appointment for Friday.  Maybe I need new glasses.  I haven’t had an eye exam since 2004.
Hopefully this little piece of sexy acrylic alleviates some of my stress (and the headaches which induce some of the stress…)
  • Alice

    My friend has one of those for her grinding!
    I guess you can always skip it now and then on those, er, *special* nights?

  • Sara

    that’s HOT! I’m a clencher – I have to consciously stop myself.
    My kid is a grinder – it’s unreal but appretnly normal….get ye to the eye doctor!

  • Erin Little

    BTW. Reality Bites was my favourite movie at the end of highschool. Oh how I wanted to be a Gen X slacker pursuing philosophy. Le Sigh.

  • josee

    so funny, just got scolded by my dentist for not wearing mine. Asked her if she had ever seen the movie date night, if so that is the reason why I don’t wear it.. lol

  • Erin Little

    Is is uncomfortable? I’ve been wondering if I do that too. I clench my jaw and my back muscles a lot. I’ve also been getting headaches. Hmmm. Lot’s to think about.
    I hope that this helps your headaches.

  • Kelly Campbell Rutherford

    Welcome to the club! I’ve had mine since 2006. Currently, it sits somewhere in my house, along with forgotten items like the iron. Enjoy!

  • Corrine

    oh ya?? beat this…. I have to get BRACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    I was just going to post about this – that is so funny
    I push my tongue up against my teeth so hard when I sleep that it makes my teeth hurt in the cold. I mean really hurt.
    I need one of those too.
    Should be great for the single girl

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