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After my last post sharing some of the annoying comments we receive as Adoptive Moms, I felt a little bit negative for sharing what I think is interesting, and can be educating, but also one sided and uninspiring

So I had an idea for a follow up post to let some sunlight in.  I went back to the group and asked 

“What’s the nicest comment you’ve received regarding your adoption? We’ve all had comments that have warmed our hearts, nutured our dreams, gave us strength to move forward and celebrated our choice.  Please share yours.

Here’s a sample of their responses

  • I think when people say how well adjusted our son is and compliment my parenting. They only see the outside and don’t know the true struggles we’ve gone through over the past 6 years. So saying we’ve done a good job makes me feel good since there are days that I feel like world’s worst parent and parenting a PI child is certainly not for the weak of heart.


  • When we were checking into the airport in Moscow (bringing our son home) as we were passing through passport control – The women who worked at the airport stopped us after checking our passports and said how truly happy she was your our little boy to be able to move to Canada with his new family. How his life was going to change immediately for the better….and he didn’t even realize. A comment I think about to this day…over 3 years later.


  • My husband had to be convinced to adopt. He thought it was a whim (at first) but realized after 3 years of my prodding that it wasn’t a whim. About a year after we brought our daughter home he thanked me for keeping on him about it as he thought it was the best decision we ever made together.


  • My mother told me that she is so proud to be the grandmother of my children!!!


  • My mother became incensed when my parents were meeting with their attorney to update their wills because he asked if they wanted to treat my son the same as my brother’s sons. She apparently told him in no uncertain terms that they are all her grandsons and to imply otherwise was in insult to her family. I was so proud of her! According to my dad, the attorney was a little shocked at her response.


  • The sweetest comments came from my bio sons. A. 17: Anastasia blossomed with us, but heck! we blossomed with her too. R, 14: I am so happy we decided to adopt when we did, because a few months off and we would have gotten another girl, and she is the best one (notice the WE DECIDED). H, 11: From all the girls in the whole world THIS one is my favorite ever, and she is ours, we are lucky.


  • On our first visit with the pediatrician she observed: I see how she just “sinks” into you (referring to how she was sitting on my lap). She’s bonding very nicely.


  •  From my IA dr; she patted my arm and said “I wish we could clone you to parent more of these kids,you are doing such a fabulous job with Chloe” and “I have to tell you, I’m always so happy to see her, she’s my favorite and her progress is incredible!”


  • My daughter’s caregiver who asked my translator to tell me that she was so happy to see the baby bonding so well with me, and she also wanted me to know that after my first visit they always found Chloe with her nose or cheek pressed to the lamb with the photo pocket (pic of me) I’d had them tie into her crib. The translator replied “what mother would not want to know that!

So Mama’s, what are some comments you’ve received as parents that made you feel warm and sunny?

  • Sara

    I love all these comments! So great.
    I’ve had a couple ‘moments’ – when my brother was sitting with Will when he was small and I was in the midst of my PPD and he looked up at me and was crying and said ‘he’s just perfect – perfect’. (yup i’m teary just writing that).
    My other one is mostly about my dad – he is so proud of my solo parenting -= he tells everyone about the whole donor thing.

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