This past Saturday we took Cuyler to get his back-to-school hair cut.  As I stood watching him smile at himself in the mirror, with his self affirmations as to how brave he is, I could not help but think back to when I sat in the exact chair with him on my lap flailing and screaming, out of his mind.  Out of control.
But not now.  Nope. He is incredibly brave.  And he knows it.  He says it about 20 times throughout the hair cut. “I’m so brave”  “I’m a brave boy Mom!”

It got me thinking about all of the things that were impossible.  I would be filled with dread any time we had to get a hair cut.  Or clip his toenails.  Or brush his teeth.  I know many kids don’t like getting the toes clipped, or teeth cleaned. But this was beyond anything I could ever have been prepared for.  
Sometimes his nails would get so long they’d curl over the end of his toes.  It often wasn’t safe to cut them.  Sometimes it felt abusive trying to pin him down to do it – so we didn’t.
His teeth?  Well I worried about them constantly.  I don’t have the best teeth teeth.  Cam has my teeth.  I couldn’t even tell what kind of teeth Cuyler had.  All I knew was that he ground the shit out of them until they wouldn’t grind.  They would actually squeak because he wore the enamel down flat. We couldn’t get him to a dentist and brushing his teeth was a joke.  It was fine as long as we were prepared for him to gag and possibly vomit…other than that – wasn’t happening.

Fast forward a few years.
THIS happens because look! here I am – flossing his healthy, cavity free teeth before brushing. 


…look at that…clipping toenails…while he chills on the couch…

Also?  When I posted this, I never would have dreamed that we would be able to add this to his protocol:
That’s me injecting a B12 shot into his rear end.  And him not fighting it.  Holy crap.
This boy keeps filling my bucket of hope for him. He has taught me to take nothing for granted – the simple task of clipping his toenails or cutting his hair or cleaning his teeth are now reminders of how far he has come and how far he can go.  
The things that once posed the greatest challenges for him, he has overcome.
The things that continue to challenge him – I know he will overcome.
He has taught me to never assume anything.  Especially when it comes to his growth and development.  
Progress happens every day.  Every day I see it with my own eyes.

  • Idas

    Thank you for sharing that, a humbling reminder to me when I take the everyday struggles and resolutions for granted.
    Wishing you leaps and bounds of more progress.

  • Christine

    Thanks all. I sure feel blessed (most of the time) that I’m on this journey with him. He’s a pretty cool kid.

  • dad

    loved the “bum shot” christine. speaking as one who has been there with you i have nothing but pride in you and praise for you. your doing it ..just hang in there.
    luv ya!!! dad. oxoxoxo

  • DesiValentine

    Three cheers for hope, y’all. It’s what makes “impossible” just another step in the journey. Hooray for both of you!

  • Nancy

    This is gorgeous. You are amazing both of you. (the needle would be very hard for me!)

  • Julie

    standing “o” for you. you are both growing so much!

  • Sara

    I love teh ‘filling my bucket of hope’ line….Go CUY! I watched the toothbrushing with Scotty this weekend – it was a nightmare. He’s going under to get his teeth cleaned shortly. It’s so SO hard – all of these little things people take for granted.

  • Tracey

    One foot in front of the other… and look at how far you’ve come! So thrilled for you guys, lady! Onward!! xox

  • Michelle

    Sit back and congratulate yourselves…..Cuyler has gotten to this point all because of 1 thing…..the never ending belief you and your husband held deep down that he would get to this point. You always believed, no matter what anybody else told you. That’s awesome!

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