IMG_0876.JPGParents consider yourselves warned. The latest collectible gaming toy is appearing on store shelves now. Keep an eye out for ROXX

We were invited to the official media launch at Sugar Beach to check out this latest toy. I admit that I’ve been curiously keeping an eye on this item for a few months now as the company started promoting them at other events. They are smart these folks – get them into the hands of young ones and get people wondering. My younger son came home with a few ROXX from a previous event and we didn’t know anything about them. But they were enough of a “teaser” to pique our interest. 
My 8 year old kid, you need to understand, is not the first to rush to anything. 
He usually IMG_0869.jpgfollows the pack and is much more reserved than other boys. He takes a bit to warm up to anything – but food. At this media event he hung back a little and just watched by my side. I knew this was going to happen. I had mentioned to him that this was the perfect opportunity to actually find out what this was all about and be one of the first to know what to do with them and he could tells friends! A lightbulb went off and off he went.  So, I stood back and just watched. 
Needless to say, by the end of the 2-hour event he was all-in and had embraced the experience. The “ROXX Star Crew” taught him several ways to play. And when we went home he wanted to play all night. Yes, asking for more now. Apparently they will be on Santa’s list. For me, it’s not about the fad…it’s about watching my kid learn something new, having an interest and having fun while interacting with others. There are different levels of tricks and play so it would appeal most likely to kids from JK to Grade 6. 


Michael Albert, partner at TCG,  and I chatted at the event about this latest entry into the toy market Albert was the one who put POGS on the playing field in the ’90s, remember those? I think he was pretty impressed that I had a collection myself that includes rare originals from Hawaii where POGS had originated.
“After POGS we were searching for the next big thing and we saw this prototype and thought it was a very interesting idea,” said Albert. “We immediately saw the potential and bought the worldwide rights to it.”
I had mentioned to Albert that I loved that the this is interactive and social. A nice break from all the video games that my kid enjoys. “Yes, it’s very social and the kids who’ve had a chance to play with them are learning different ways to play with them whether in a group or on their own. But wait….” says Albert. He pulls out his iPhone and demonstrates the next level of play. 
The ROXX APP will be launching in a couple weeks (it’s at fine tuning tweaking stage now although I think it already rocks! get it?). Each ROXX disc game piece has an image printed on it. You hold the image and scan it with your device. Then the gaming piece does some pretty cool stuff – it becomes part of your virtual collection, you collect points, badges,  and you will be able to play with it. “If your friend has the APP as well you can interact and play ROXX that way too.” says Albert. 
Ok, seriously…now this is beyond cool. 
Not only is my kid excited but now he’s got me going. 


ROXX are rolling out nationally as I write this. The price points are accessible and affordable for the ROXX pieces. Accessories like arenas, ramps, launchers will also be out on the market to take the playing further. There are currently 72 original ROXX designs but there are also rare and ultra rare collectibles that will be highly sought after. My son received a rare one from Albert and I think he put it next to his bed last night. 
There are demonstrations planned across Canada so check with your local toy store and ask them when ROXX are coming. They’ve also listed various events where their ROXX Star Crew will be in attendance and demo-ing as well. 
For all the information you could possible want, including videos on the different ways to play is on their official website  and you can check them out of Facebook. 
Do you remember getting into any collectible toys when you were a kid?
I’m now wondering how much my POGS collection is worth on eBay? hmmmm…

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