For as long as I can remember, I’ve been eating the most delicious little pizzas purchased from my local bagel joint.  Without mentioning names, I will state that this particular bagel shop is VERY popular on the Toronto bagel scene and that their mini pizzas are (almost) as famous as their bagels.  

What makes these pizzas so special?  Well, first of all, they’re just as delicious cold as they are hot; in fact most people prefer them cold.  Also, they’re not messy at all; the amount of sauce and cheese is a lot less than regular pizza and is baked right into the dough.  Finally, they’re the perfect size for a snack or light lunch.

Except for that I just found out that their not so “light” after all.  The other day, as I was waiting for my coffee to brew, I happened to glance over at nutritional info on the bag of mini pizzas that is a staple on my counter.  I decided to give it a read.  I knew that they weren’t good for me, but I was actually gobsmacked  when I discovered how insanely bad they are for me.  Does this mean I’m never eating them again? No.  They are delicious and on my list of top-ten tastes of Toronto.  What it does mean is that I can no longer eat more than one once and a while and that I can no longer, in good conscience, give them to my kids for lunch and tell myself they’ve had a healthy meal.

But what to eat in its place?

The solution was simple: create my own healthy version of this pizza.

Pizza Bread
The ingredients in this recipe are not new to pizza.  What is new is how the pizza is cooked…so pay attention!

1 whole wheat Naan (an Indian flat bread that is readily available in most grocery stores)
1 tbsp basic tomato sauce
1½  tbsp (approx) shredded light mozzarella cheese.

Preheat oven to 340 (yes, I know this is way lower than most pizzas)
Spread the sauce all over the Naan, right to the edges.
Sprinkle the cheese over the sauce
Bake for 15-20 min or until the sauce has “dried out” and the cheese is beyond melted and golden brown.  

pizza bread.jpg
Now these I can serve my daughter in good conscience…along
with an extra for my lunch box.

  • Cayla

    Janice, as a long-time and loyal customer (who wishes to remain in their good books) I cannot say wether you are RIGHT or wrong.

  • Janice

    Are you talking about Gryfe’s mini pizzas? I need to know!!! Lol.

  • ChickyMara

    Ok, so you have to tell me the nutritional information in those mini pizzas. I’ve eaten 3 at a time before. I’m going to try your version. Do you think it would work with WW greek pitas?

  • Cayla

    I did. And while naan is approx 300 a piece, or 150 a serving, it is still significantly healthier than the original…especially with the higher fibre and protein levels.

  • Cons

    Did you check to see what is in the naan? How many calories, how many of these are from fat? First sit down, then check.

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