I had a post all ready to go about my favourite things but Erin beat me to it with hers!

Instead of posting a similar blog I decided to to the opposite.  
Some of the things that annoy the crap out of me.  The small stuff that I sweat.
Some of these may seem trite and they probably are.  But they really bug me.
For instance when I am in a store and think someone is talking to me, but they are actually talking on their bluetooth.  I guess I’m more annoyed at myself that I actually sometimes say “Pardon?” before they point to their ear with an apologetic smile.  Or they don’t hear me at all, yet another stranger does.  That’s just a little bit embarrassing. 
I also get very annoyed when people do not know how to use a drive-thru properly.  If they leave one to two car lengths between them and car in front of them – that bugs me.  If they shout loud enough that the rest of us can hear them – that bugs me and if they pull up too far from the window that they have to open their door to pay – that annoys me.
This could all be because I haven’t yet had my coffee when I see this all going down.
It bugs me when people don’t pull out into the intersection when they’re waiting to make a left.  The ones who completely miss an advanced left.  Even worse.  
I really hate when I’m watching tv and the volume goes UP 8 notches when a commercial comes on.
I also hate (and I mean HATE) the touch pad on my HTC magic.  It sucks.  I am a Blackberry girl and didn’t realize it until I gave up my BBCurve for the HTC.  I am waiting very patiently for a hardware upgrade and will get myself a Torch. 
This one I really shouldn’t complain at all about but I can’t stand the way my husband folds laundry.  Yes.  He folds laundry.  He mostly sort of just flips it around and everything is all wrinkled.  And it drives me nuts.
But he does it and he tries and as much as it annoys me – I do appreciate it.  
When I go to sit on the toilet and end up in my boys driddle.  LIFT THE DAMN SEAT.  Seriously.  Lift it.  Or wipe the piss off.  Please.  Do it for Mommy.
When I hold a door open for someone and they don’t say thank you.
When I am right behind someone and they don’t hold  the door for me.
Lack of courtesy – annoying.
This next annoyance has been resolved but it drove me crazy when I had a houseful of half empty water bottles around the house.  I ended up using them to water plants.  If I thought one may have been mine I would pick it up, give it a shake and check for any floaters that my kids may have left behind.  They all pretty much ended up as plant water.
We bought a water cooler and there hasn’t been a water bottle in the house since July.
Also the group of cyclists that think they are vehicles and treat the road as such.  I shouldn’t have to drive behind them.  I don’t mind swerving out a bit to pass a cyclist, but when there are 4 riding abreast that don’t pull over when I am behind them – that drives me crazy.  MOVE.
Heidi and Spencer annoy the shit out of me.  They are gross and I could do without ever hearing another word about them.
And Oksana Whoeversheis – Mel Gibsons ex.  Every celeb gossip site has her on it (except Juice, thank you Ali).  Do we care anymore?  Did we ever?
So tell me.  What drives you bonkers?
I’m going to guess that some of your pet peeves will also be some of mine.
I am easily annoyed.
  • http://www.myfamilyisnotbroken.wordpress.com Nancy

    Great post! I have a few things on my piss me off list
    I HATE being called “dear” by ANYONE other than an 80 year old. It is diminutive and condescending
    oh and dirty band aids left any where (especially pools)
    and ABC gum stuck anywhere
    people who say is twice “the thing is is I can’t eat peanuts”

  • Julie

    …and can i also say, that i feel with every negative i must post a positive….i love it when the signal indicator in the car ticks EXACTLY to the song you are listening to! just happened today after my first post and i love it when that happens!

  • Julie

    people who don’t press the crosswalk button. they just walk off the curb with no warning and give you the stink eye when you screech to a halt. push the button, wait, then cross. i am a dedicated crosswalk button pusher.

  • Jen

    So many of yours are mine too but here are some new ones:
    I can’t stand slow walkers. I am BEHIND YOU. Move over or pick up the pace.
    HATE indecisiveness – do you want it? YES OR NO.
    The wrong use of “I” and “me”. Would you say, “Me went to the store?” No. So then don’t say, “The kids and me went to the store.” It is “I”. Argh.
    Helicopter Parents – yo, you who spies on your kid at recess and knows all the goings on re snack sharing, playdates, etc, you’re too involved. Back off and let your kid have a life.
    Now this one is going to sound really bad. Probably, really, because it is. I am working on it because I know I shouldn’t feel this way but…I can’t stand stupid people. There. I said it. I don’t mean someone who doesn’t understand something or is confused by some things. That happens to all of us. I mean like the person who thinks they know something but SO OBVIOUSLY doesn’t. And they are acting all smarty and your thinking “DUH”. Or, the bumbling fool. Like this barista at Starbucks. I see her EVERY day and she asks me my order EVERY day. Lady, come on. It never changes. It has been a YEAR. Stupid.
    God, I sound like such a bitch…working on that too 🙂

  • Tracey

    Christine… my alter-ego is Grumble Girl. My list of peeves is MILES long… and I think just about everything you listed here is on my list too. Uch. I know!!

  • Christine

    omigod Kim! How much of that was directed at me and my kids??
    or are we safe because we know you?

  • Christine

    Don’t be silly Erin! You didn’t steal anything!!
    And I’s the same with the house. I clean one room only to have it destroyed after I move onto clean the next. My children are like little tornadoes that spin behind me leaving a path of destruction and the tend to do the worst damage to the cleanest room.

  • Kim Z.

    OMG Hilarious Christine. Isn’t it funny what drives us bonkers. I have my list of “hates” too. Generally they involve people. People in general are annoying and I can’t really stand them. 😉 Then of course people look at me funny and think ‘does that mean me?’ If I know you, then you are not “people” but a person. Completely different.
    Just like when I say I hate other people’s kids. I’m not a fan of children in general. Mine are the exception of course but even some days I wish to trade them in for the upgraded model. Your kids are usually the annoying ones that are hitting others on the play ground or getting 27 pairs of yoga pant from Lulu Lemon. HATE that parents over indulge their children.
    Hate when people ask a question and don’t like your answer and try to ask it again. Are you open on Sundays? No I’m sorry were not. What you’re not open? Is that another question because I just answered that. I hate placating people and I hate martyrs. Oh I was so busy I didn’t have time to eat. What? Shut up! Oh I hate skinny people too! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Erin Little

    Sorry I stole your post idea Christine! Your idea of using your own pictures is much better than my Sound of Music Pic (although I do LOVE the film and music).
    I agree with all of the above….plus:
    Transport trucks passing me on the highway and spraying snow & sleet all over my windshield so I can’t see for a few seconds.
    My commute…HATE IT!
    How my house gets messier by the day of the week, until it’s a disaster on Friday (it’s even worse when I am out a few of the evenings (like this week) and unable to do damage control.
    Bad grammar; especially the incorrect use of the verb to see (I seen, instead of, I’ve seen – although I keep my mouth shut about it) and yous for a plural.

  • Ali

    UM. Can I just say yes to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE?!?!?

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