Three backpacks, a diaper bag, a gigantic purse, a briefcase, a travel mug and a toddler on my hip. That’s what I carry to my van, in one fell swoop, each morning. 

(This photo is staged. Normally I am hauling double the gear.)
The Dodge Grand Caravan has this amazing feature that makes my experience as a mule so much easier: with the touch of a button, the hatch opens up, meaning I don’t have to set down the 36 bags of gear I’m toting before loading them into the van.
Open Sesame!
It might not seem like much, but every little luxury really ads up and helps with the race against the clock to get the kids (and me!) where they need to be on time. The van has ample seating and storage for everything we take with us to activities and school and work and we’ve been loving the ride!

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advantage of the abundance of seating and storage space in the Dodge
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This post was sponsored by Dodge Grand Caravan. All experiences and opinions are my own.

This post was sponsored by Dodge Grand Caravan. All experiences and opinions are my own. 
  • elkhornchris

    this vehicle would be great for packing all the gear needed to go camping or fishing.

  • Nico

    As a hockey coach, it would be very handy for lugging practise equipment for 17 kids.

  • licoricelegs

    All that space would be handy for picnic gear, bathing suits, skates, basketballs, tennis gear and the hundred and one other things necessary for young kids to have a good time. Throw in a safety kit, a mini tool box and hopefully there is room for the odd yard sale find.

  • marialc

    The space would be great for all of our summer gear, as well as winter hockey!

  • lisaski

    I would love to take advantage of the extra space for our summer adventures to the cottage. Between the coolers of food, bags of groceries, endless pairs of shoes, suitcases, etc, etc, etc…………………our kids would LOVE to have their bikes there. We often don’t have room for the bikes despite everyones best effort of pushing, shoving, and moving. Everytime we leave – 3 sets of tears accompany the start of our vacation.
    I know the Dodge Grand Caravan would be able to provide us with the extra room to have our bikes join our cottage vacation too!!! Thank-you!

  • shar108

    Road Trip!

  • ninabergeron

    I’d feel the space with all our stuff!! we have some much when we travel!

  • drjess

    With a new baby on the way, we could use it for transporting baby and all the mountains of equipment you need for a baby. I forgot for a while how much I will need to squeeze into car in addition to the rest of the family.

  • JJ

    What’s not to like? We would use it for groceries, trips to school, sport events, appointments- everything a busy family needs.

  • moviefreak

    I would take my whole family to a nice, memorable road trip

  • leeannb

    Definitely carpooling, trips to the lake, and the inevitable cross-country trek at Christmas time.

  • Angella

    With three kids and all of their STUFF, we’d sure put it to good use. 😉

  • sparky

    The extra space would be perfect for the 10 bags of groceries I need to feed my teenage boys – and also handy for the weekend trips to the cottage and out of town hockey tournaments

  • tinker

    Lots of room for camping trips

  • loribaz

    Wow could I use a Dodge caravan! Carpooling the little ones, groceries and hockey equip consume my Taurus!! I may have to keep my eye on thisroom next vehicle purchase!

  • RuthE

    I’m dreaming ahead to when my now toddler and baby are into activities, and would love to have space to ferry their friends around to their different sports/lessons, not to mention friends for playdates! A large dog and frequent trips to visit my parents 3 hours away, make having lots of space a must.

  • NikkiRak

    Well since I carry around 5 kids under 6 with me…. a van is a must!!!Lots of room for all the car seat 🙂 Love the folding seats and the dvd system! And when everybody is in I still have room for my big stroller and my big german sheppard in the back 🙂

  • MultiTestingMom

    We are in the market for a new family vehicle!!! We are considering a Dodge 🙂 We do quite a few road trips as a family and I like to pack all of our every day conveniences to go with us!

  • joyce

    It’s amazing how much junk two little boys, one husband, and an old dog can accumulate! I guess my stuff too! We ALWAYS need more space!

  • Michelle

    I would use the space for the monthly Costco runs. We need it. Costco loves us and gives us a nice Christmas time rebate. Or, I would get a dog and that could be his travel spot.

  • trisarahtops

    It would be a dream to have so much space and storage…carseats, numerous strollers, bags, toys, groceries, folding tables, wooden boxes and extra kids would be able to fit with ease. I could open my daycare again and have room to drive my kids and daycare kids to events, school, and playdates. My husband would possibly feel more comfortable as well – 6 feet tall in a squishy station wagon with his head brushing the ceiling is actually really hard to watch (but a little funny at times). Plus, I am 100% sure the new dodge has a CD player…we could retire all my old cassette tapes and listen to real music..YAHOO!!

  • Juli

    Lots of seating would be a huge blessing! We have three kids in car seats, with plans for another. Storage would also be nice! Our double stroller is huge, and kids have a lot of stuff.

  • kwiebe

    If I had a Dodge Grand Caravan, I would be able to pick my little girls’ friends up for play dates, bring them to the beach with all of there lake gear and still have TONS of leg room.

  • amie wouda

    3 kids 3 and under in car seats, a big double stroller plus all the supplies I have to get for the bakery would fill up that bad boy pretty quickly.

  • AGalbs

    We often go to the beach and it would be so handy to have the extra storage for all the “stuff” that needs to accompany us.

  • Carolyn

    Well I would use it for 3 carseats, a double stroller, grocery totes, and misc. blankets and toys that always seem to be taking over my life.

  • janetm

    The great part would be to keep grocery bags, sports equipment etc. in the Dodge Caravan and still have room for my family. I get tired with hauling all the “stuff” back and forth from the car to the house evrey day.

  • slade123

    We have a Dodge Caravan and as resistant as I was to purchase it…one of the best decisions we made! We travel up North and to Quebec to visit the grandparents…a lot! We have to lug the stroller, luggage for 4, playpen, toys, potty, food, bikes,etc. It has made travelling with a toddler and preschooler much easier. Would you believe that a 10 hour drive is actually quite enjoyable?! Only because of our Dodge Caravan!!!!

  • Anu

    We actually just bought the Dodge Caravan this summer and we have been enjoying it immensely! My kids love the double DVD player and we love all the storage space. Went to the beach and so many picnics and lots of room for all of our stuff! Even short trips with the kids required lots of snacks to munch on and drinks! We love it! When we go grocery shopping, the trunk opening with the press of a button is amazing and sooo helpful!

  • murphy

    It would be perfect for all of the kids, pets and hockey equipment!

  • mrswilson

    Well, I happen to have a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan, so I can tell you how I do take advantage of the seating and storage. The Stow ‘N Go seating is my hero. I sometimes have four kids, I sometimes have three. I can get rid of a seat within a minute if I don’t need it – like when I do a huge grocery shop or an IKEA run. The lower trunk fits all of our travel gear (for five people) AND I’m still able to see out the back window. It’s quite fabulous.

  • margaret44

    Would be great for delivering the local Etobicoke Guardian newspaper twice a week.

  • licoricelegs

    Oh wow! I’d use the abundance of room to store all those reusable grocery bags, the first aid kit, two booster seats, my diaper bag, my purse and the inevitable groceries that I am constantly buying.

  • spamgirl

    I believe I’d use it to go to the cottage.

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