Yesterday Sean called me out to his office the backyard to ask me about some charges on the credit card.

I had been spending a little bit of time on the internet.
I guess I thought I could use my birthday money to pay off some of the things that I bought.  And I did.
But – WOW – it’s easy to get caught up and carried away with online shopping.  I have found it to be even more dangerous when you have paypal account and vendors/online stores accept it.  So no more online shopping for Irish.  Not for awhile.  (but for real – I love every single recent purchase!!  love.)  
There is something so exhilarating about going to the mailbox, reaching in and feeling one of these inside
opening up the parcel compartment at the bottom of the mailbox and sliding out your package 

Or pulling up into the driveway and wondering “Is there something at the door…?”
Yep – there is a package at the door!

It’s like Christmas. Or my birthday.  A present!!  For me!  Even though I know what’s inside, there’s something exciting about just ripping open a package.  Especially when it’s exactly what I wanted. Size.  Colour.  Style.  
I love that I can do 2 things I love from the comfort of my couch – a) hanging out online and b) shopping.  
The only thing missing is a large double double being delivered to the door.

Don’t get me wrong – the odd time I go to a mall and splurge, I love bringing all the bags in and looking at all the purchases I made that day.    
Oh and Christmas shopping must be done at the mall. The atmosphere can’t be beat. The decor. The music. The bustle.  LOVE.

The rest of the year – it’s mostly online.
American Eagle.  Old Navy.  Lands End.  Lululemon.  Those are a few of my faves.

What about you?  
Do you shop online?  Do you get as excited as I do about packages arriving in the mail?
What are you favourite online sites to shop from?
  • Mareka

    I love love love online shopping. Don’t get me wrong – I also love shopping in person. But there is something so easy about all the emails and links to deals etc online. I don’t even have to leave my house. And I usually only buy from places that have an easy return policy. My online faves are Lands End (especially LE Canvas), the Gap and Lululemon.

  • Alice

    I do love packages – but try to only even browse when I feel like I haven’t spent much recently, because it’s tough to not buy something wonderful, isn’t it? Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous place.

  • Chrism3

    Oh the joys of coming home to parcels at the door step!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My fave’s are Land’s End, Chapter’s and Gap! I always wait for their emails with extra discount codes, then hit the clearance/sale items!

  • Chantel

    I too love packages at the door, but I am the odd one here and I have to say I hate online shopping (yikes gasp!) The only online shopping i do is from Chapters for books and that is it. For me there is something about being in the store and being able to actually see in person what I am buying – I can try it on and know then and there if I like it. I also have this thing where I am obsessed about leaving the house – everyday even if it is just for a quick trip somewhere but it is usually some type of store, kiddies and all if I have to. My hubby on the other hand is total opposite and shops online all the time – now if he could only get a new ass online we would be rocking! Great post lovely lady with the awesome nails:)

  • Amanda

    Online shopping is so great! I find I go in spurts….I’ll be so good for a while, then blow a bunch of PayPal cash on etsy or ebay. It’s just too easy, but I LOVE getting the delivered goods!!

  • Nancy

    even though I hate shopping as you know, I love lovely things. It was raining today so youngest daughter and I spent one full hour on J We had $864.92 in check out but tossed all but two sale priced bathers.
    I can so relate to the package at the door. I almost kiss the UPS guy when he comes up the drive!

  • DesiValentine

    Oh, man. I hate shopping in stores. Like, HATE. I live 10 blocks away from West Edmonton Mall, and unless we are taking the kiddos there to enjoy the attractions, I avoid it like the living plague. Online shopping was made for me. No lineups. No “helpful” sales staff. No mystery as to what’s in stock, what’s in the backroom, or whether the last whatever in my size has been stretched out by someone definitely NOT my size. (Woot!)
    It’s so easy to let it get out of hand, though, I know. (Boy, do I!) So, at my house, Christmas can only come four or five times a year. Not, you know, a dozen or so…..

  • Denise

    Love is an understatement!! Just received two packages this morning!!! I’m like a kid in a candy store love love love it, even if its just business cards, still just as exciting!

  • Julie

    i also sign up for free samples….more packages! yay! not so excited when one was a box of tampons but it was still a package nonetheless 🙂

  • Tracey

    I LOVE online shopping! Oh my goodness – no lines, no abusive clientele, no pushy sales people… what’s not to like about that?
    Plugging in the credit card numbers gets rather easy, rather quickly… I know. I try so hard to be good about spending, but once a purchase is made, it gets easier to do it… until I put the kibosh on it, and commit to keeping in firmly inside my wallet, while the flames subside.
    But when I hear the doorbell ring, and see a dude in a uniform with a package in his arms for me, I’m often thisclose to kissing him on the mouth. I love packages!!

  • Heidi

    OH yes…shopping online for me and the double double to the door would be the perfect thing. I too, get caught up in the whole (no crowds), getting to see everything rather than having to root through the millions of things (Winners) that takes time and don’t have any with two kids…online shopping can be very dangerous almost like gambling!!!!

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