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Today was the day

They said it would happen, they said just be patient, hold on and trust that the day would arrive and today it did.  Drama free day care drop off.  No trauma, no tears, no clinging, wailing, sweating, or snotting.

It started like most weekday mornings.  Wake up, immediate need for water bottle, clothing hunt ending in too short pants and usually stained top (note to self, go shopping or request new round of hand me downs) oatmeal breakfast with some making into mouth but most onto tray as sensory art, the sock and shoe hunt, Mama trying to squeeze into work pants that aren’t too tight on my newly expanded jelly role (note to self, start cleanse asap, situation is reaching critical) sock and shoe hunt, key search and finally out the door.

On the way to school Roman tells me about his day “School, bike, Landon, bye Mommy, Parveen, toys, Joti”  We pull into the parking lot without a whimper.  Roman willingly gets out of his carseat, takes my hand and off we go to the entrance.  No trying to steal my keys to ensure I can’t go far (cleaver boy) no demanding “Up” followed by a vice grip hold around my neck.  This is good stuff and it just keeps getting better.  He goes down the stairwell holding onto the railing then into the building like he owns the place.  No big saucer eyes resembling a deer in the headlights just happy little greetings to his peeps and teachers.  We go into his room and instead of clinging to my leg and burying his head in my thigh (I’m really tall) he lets me take off his hat and coat and saunters on over to the trains all by himself.

Could it be?  Can I make my escape with as little drama as the entrance?

“Bye bye my love, Mama is going to work, I will be back after your afternoon snack.” 

“Bye Bye Mommy” he calls out to me with a smile.  “Window?” he asks to ensure that I will blow him kisses from the outside window.  “Yes, Mama will go to the window and blow kisses, get ready to catch them.”  As I walk to the stairwell it’s me that it trying to contain my emotions and keep it together.  I reach the window and blow him kisses which he catches and blows one back to me”  I walk away and he gets back to his business of being a toddler.

Like so many other mornings, I dissolve into tears as I get behind the wheel but this time they are tears of relief mixed with a little sadness that my baby boy is growing up.  As I pull away I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders and feel ready to face the day and this new chapter.


  • Jen

    I read this and can’t help thinking about how many more of these you will have until you barely even notice them anymore. This parenting gig is heartbreaking.

  • Cygnus

    It really sounds tough… good luck for you both!

  • Tracey

    Awww… it’s a tough step, but it get easier and easier – yay for your little man!!

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