I am living proof that some well-known “facts” are actually myths.

1. Exercise produces endorphins. This is a bold-faced lie, if you ask me. The only thing good about exercise is when it’s finished. The elation I feel after finishing a jog is not “runner’s high”, rather, “thank the heavens THAT’S over” sentiment. I have found many more endorphins in the steaming mug of a sweet mocha, or buying a new pair of great shoes.
2. Sex Induces Labour. If e’er there were a myth that preys on the desperation of a pregnant woman, it’s this one. With my first child we tried to induce labour with this awkward, uncomfortable technique, but all it did was make my uterus grumpy and irritable. I am certain it’s a conspiring circle of male ob/gyns who perpetuate this lie. Prostaglandins, my foot!
3. A Pregnant Woman Cannot Stifle the Urge to Nest. 
Bah! If you’re lazy enough, you can stifle the urge to do just about anything! With my previous pregnancies I had little spurts of nesting where I became obsessed with preparing the baby’s nursery and filling wicker baskets with hundreds of tiny diapers. But this around we don’t have to paint the baby’s room or do much of anything. I went on a little shopping spree and bought some new soothers, breastmilk storage bags, newborn Pampers, and the like. And my mom has been here this week, visiting from the prairies, so she’s taken it upon herself to wash and fold the onesies and receiving blankets while I put my feet up and take a break. Maybe it’s because this is our third child, but I don’t feel the burning need to scrub the baseboards or vacuum the cupboards before she arrives. 
The one thing I would like to get done before the baby gets here (less than six week now!) is make some meals that freeze well so that I can stock up and not have our poor family living off of hot dogs and Kraft dinner for the first two months of the baby’s life. Do you have any good recipes I should try? I am tired of my ol’ trusty standby (lasagna) and would love some new ideas. 
Did you have crazy nesting urges? If so, how did they manifest themselves? Did you feel less of a need to nest with each subsequent child, or am I just a sloth who ought to be ashamed of herself for letting Grandma prep the nursery while I eat thirteen freezies?
  • http://www.agirlandaboy.com/journal agirlandaboy

    I obviously speak not from experience but speculation, but I can’t imagine having the urge to do the cleaning part of nesting when you have kids at home who will mess it all up in a matter of hours. That’s not lazy, it’s practical!

  • Stacey

    My go to frozen dish is Shepherd’s Pie.
    I do both the classic ground beef and mashed potato top
    and ground turkey/chicken and sweet potato top.

  • Nicole

    I froze Sweet & Sour Pork in the sauce. Just had to make rice.
    Pizza Bagels
    Spagetti Sauce
    Chicken soup (add noodles when reheating)
    Banana Chocolate chip muffins (which I LIVED ON during night time feeds…lol)

  • Kelly J

    Spaghetti sauce
    Chicken pot pie
    Meatloaf patties
    Various soups – minestrone, tortilla, chicken veggie, gumbo, etc.
    Brisket (cooked, sliced, portioned)
    Pulled pork
    Par-baked pizza crusts & sauce (or go ahead and top the pizzas, freeze them flat, then package & stack for extended freezing)
    If you need any recipes, email me.

  • Becky

    I dont know anything about nesting yet, but I do have a good freezer meal! Spaghetti sauce. Not that brilliant, but its super easy to warm up and just boil some noodles. Good luck in the next 6 weeks!! So excited to see pictures of your little girl!!

  • http://www.ourfamilystone.blogspot.com Ashley

    With Bethany I went through my underwear drawer and sorted underwear according to not only color, and size but also purpose – “Aunt Flow section, sexy night out and of course the ever popular, ones that do not fit any more because being pregnant means my rear end is larger than my belly!” I also disassembled a fan I’d had for 4 years and cleaned each blade and screw, because it was disgusting and normal people do that.

  • http://heymrswilson.net Jen

    I vacuumed the ceiling. Seriously. I think I felt the same nesting urges with both my girls, but they’re 6 years apart, so maybe that was why.
    So glad your mom’s there to do stuff for you. She’s a keeper!!
    And freezies should be a FOOD GROUP.

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