Summer’s just around the corner, and doesn’t it just make you dream of fresh, crisp vegetables, straight from the garden and lovingly prepared for your family’s table? Yes. But the reality is that moms are busy people, and busy people don’t always have the time to prepare delicious fresh vegetable dishes every day.

Garden-cocktail.jpgWhich is why it’s a good thing there’s Mott’s Garden Cocktail; an exciting blend of vegetables with smooth garden fresh taste and aroma and contains two servings of vegetables per 290 ml.

Mott’s Garden Cocktail, lets you and your family conveniently and deliciously enjoy the vegetables you need. Getting two servings of vegetables never tasted so good! In addition, Mott’s Garden Cocktail is available in Low Sodium that contains 78% less sodium than the original and is a good source of vitamin A, fiber and a recognized healthy choice by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The single-serving containers make it easy to carry while you/your family is on the run, while the 945ml and 1.89L multi-serve size great for your at home convenience.

We sent samples of Mott’s Garden Cocktail to 100 of our Go2Girlz testing panel to get their feedback. So what did they (and their families) think? The verdict was nearly unanimous – most of our testers loved it, even some of the skeptics who claimed they weren’t fond of vegetable beverages to begin with. Take Rachel, for example. A mom of 2, she wasn’t a fan of vegetable beverages, but gamely tried out Mott’s Garden Cocktail. Here’s what she had to say, “I really wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but when I took a sip, WOW!!! I have already bought more.”

Nearly all of the other 99 testers agreed with Rachel, and most of them commented that the best benefit of this product is the fact that it packs 2 servings of veggies into just 290 ml. Certainly the convenience of single-serve bottles and the nutritional benefits topped the list of benefits for the Go2Girlz. The only drawback our testers could find was the sodium content (in the original cocktail only). In fact, nearly all of our testers said they would recommend Mott’s Garden Cocktail to a friend, and some already have. As for buying it themselves, again, nearly every one of the 100 Go2Girlz product testers who tried Mott’s Garden Cocktail said she would buy it again. As Sharyn, mom of 3 put it, “yes, it’s a nice easy convent way to have your daily fill of veggies”.

But what else did our testers have to say about Mott’s Garden Cocktail? Here are some of their comments, in their own words:

What a great way to increase my veggies! – Lisa, mom of 1

I love that I can quickly get 2 servings of vegetables in just one container- very easy and efficient, especially when I am on the run. – Karyn, mom of 2

Easy, convenient, no more excuses to go without your 5-10 a day – Yvonne, mom of 1

This product is a great way to offer the vitamins that we need from vegetables to my family, while we are on the go. – Laurie, mom of 1

Love the fact that it gives me 2 servings of vegetables in one serving.  It tastes great and I can take it with me…and I can get it in a low sodium variety which is wonderful. – Heather, mom of 3

Smooth, refreshing meal replacement for those on the go. – Wanda, mom of 1

It’s good for a quick natural way to supplement a deficient meal. – Zohar, mom of 2

They all really enjoyed it and this surprised me – and made me happy to be able to purchase this for all of us to enjoy – Mary, mom of 3

We make a lot of food choices every day, this is an easy choice that makes me feel good while drinking it, and long after. – Karyn, mom of 2

Mott’s Garden Cocktail is a delicious and healthy drink to have in your fridge. – Shelley, mom of 2

Mott’s is something I will serve my family with dinner, so that I can be sure that they are getting enough vegetables in their diet. Daniela, mom of 1

I really liked the convenience of it. It tasted great.  It had a nice balance of flavours. – Natasha, mom of 3

Delicious tangy yet sweet taste in a portable size. Great for throwing into the gym bag, or purse, for a quick pick me up. Benefits: 2 servings of vegetables in 290 ml! –  Carolyn, mom of 2

Mott’s Garden Cocktail is very smooth with a refreshing taste. – Tanya, mom of 2

I really enjoyed it – the taste was refreshing and crisp, texture was nice and not too thick, spice level was perfect.  Mary, Mom of 3

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