Earlier this month I posted about our powder room reno.

I’m very happy to tell you that it’s completed.  Well…except for the trim that still needs to be painted.  Don’t hold your breath for that…I knew going into this that my drive to completely complete it would deplete. It did.
I love it.  
I thought going black was a little risky but it’s a small room so what the heck…it’s just paint, right?
At one point I thought I better stick with a safe white wall and black floor.  But I had a vision.  I knew what I wanted it to look like and I couldn’t be happier.
We took it from this:
Thumbnail image for pdrrm.JPG
To this:
lightfix2.JPGI was out buying the accessories – towel bar, toilet roll holder and hand towels, when realized I needed hand soap.  I saw some Method hand soap in their holiday candy cane scent.  I love it and knew it was just what I needed for the powder room.  That little pop of red was perfect!
Also – I love Method products.  My absolute favourite is the eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaner. With 3 kids (2 boys!) cleaning the bathroom is my most dreaded household chore.  Using this bathroom cleaner makes it so much easier. The clean, fresh smell makes it (almost) enjoyable. 
Since I love these products so much I want to share the goodness with you and am giving away $100 worth of Method products AND a $50 gift certificate for Molly Maid!

Just leave me a comment below telling me what your most dreaded household chore is and you will be entered to win!

Contest closes December 14, 2011.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations.

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  • Sylvia Shaw

    I just hate cleaning the bathtub!

  • Lesentz

    I hate washing windows. I paid my teenage son to do them this fall and he has decided he hates them too!

  • josiefiorda

    I absolutely dread the bathroom

  • jklmclark

    With a husband and 2 boys my usual dreaded chore would be to clean the toliet but today I am dreading laundry as we recently moved and have been without a washer and dryer for 3 weeks – they are arriving today – and can we say “piles” of clothes await … even with my mom helping couple weeks ago with 3 loads!!

  • swb_78

    I absolute hate dealing with the pile of junk that piles up on my kitchen counter–never seems to have a home and I never know where to put it!!

  • Thandie

    the toilets

  • maritimegirl

    Definitely the toilets.

  • Islandgold

    Cleaning the refrigerator (for one!)

  • Chantel

    Mine is cleaning out the fridge! So much work, first you have to remove all the food & condemints then clen & replace. But i gotta say it sure looks good when you are done!

  • aidn1

    I hate coming home each day to clean up the kids mess from the day (ages 3 and 5)

  • TheMuse

    Toilets. Ick!

  • heaven97865

    i hate cleaning the toilets, with two little ones they are always needing cleaning.


    I dread shovelling my long driveway after a great big snowstorm.

  • mike

    My dreaded chore is vacuuming

  • ang

    I dread cleaning the bathroom


    I absolutely dread cleaning the bathtubs! Hunched over the side of the tub, scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing…I want a ring-resistant bathtub!!

  • misscee

    I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning the bathroom. With a hubby and 2 teenage boys, it can get a bit “decorated” in there lol.

  • Jill

    I strongly dislike washing dishes

  • Sophie

    I absolutely hate laundry….so much tiny kids clothes…it make folding looonnnnggg.

  • ellyskid

    I hate doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

  • t.gibson

    Its a tie, I hate dishes, touching someone elses spit drives me insane, toilet easiest when I stick bleach down the drain, and cat litter box, definitly not my fave chores

  • patty4

    cleaning the bathroom tub is my most dreaded household chore!

  • Chriech

    I have hardwoods and I hate washing the because they never seem to come out perfect.

  • Denise B

    I hate hate hate the toilet……just grosses me right out!! I gag while doing it all the time…..but I love your new reno!!!

  • nancy2880

    Cleaning the oven is the worst household chore. I really miss my self-cleaning oven.

  • JulieD

    I totally hate cleaning the toilet since the only other time I assume that position around the toilet bowl is usually for something else, and I usually end up thinking about that every time I’m cleaning it and then start feeling sick as a result. I still do it every week, but it’s a rough job!


    I hate cleaning the bathrooms, too…..but the cat boxes are on the top of my hate list.

  • schmoopie

    One thing I really don’t like to clean is the oven. Whenever I use something like Easy-Off the fumes just kill me so it is one of my most dreaded chores!

  • cotec007

    cleaning the tub

  • Erin50

    It has to be cleaning the bathroom………ick too much hair all over.

  • sewcraftygirl

    The shower stall is my most dreaded chore.

  • Betty

    My least favourite chore is running the vacumn. it seems to take forever.

  • carol

    love your bathroom! hate cleaning toilets!

  • Dan

    Cleaning the toilets

  • Karleigh

    My least favorite job is trying to keep up with hardwood floors throughout our new home, it’s a lot bigger than our apartment and now we have a 5 month old to entertain as well. Hoping cobwebs come into style sometime soon!!!

  • Nancy T

    I don’t mind cleaning the bathrooms at all – 3 girls (2 & 5 & me) and 1 boy (DH) makes for not too gross bathrooms….YET! I hate, HATE, HATE cleaning the kitchen!
    It takes too long – I think I need a smaller kitchen and then it won’t seem like such a chore!

  • gjoa21

    Great bathroom. Love Method products too. Dreaded cleaning job? Anything really icky or gunky, like the residue at the bottom of the can after you take out the garbage, or the mysterious gunk that you may find under you bathtub or sink plug. Plus that glue-like substance that my cat sneezes – in colour – on to the baseboards! Thanks for the contest; it would be a delight to win!

  • jfigment

    any cleaning is dreaded. But I truly hate vaccuming.

  • pam.moerbeek

    I dread cleaning the bathtub drain. The hair the hair it’s so scary. and the men need to get better aim at the toilet bowl. The bathroom they seem to forget it doesn’t clean itself.

  • karen_b

    I hate dusting… I try not to do it. Therefore, I have dust over the shelves, pictures, etc… the darn stuff is everywhere!

  • sojeles

    The most dreaded chore is putting away the laundry…i can wash, dry, fold like a washerwoman…but then all i accomplish is lovely piles of clean laundry. we need a closet where i could put a washer and dryer..then it might work πŸ™‚ thanks

  • Globurg

    My most hated chore is cleaning the bathroom. I love the Method eucalyptus
    wipes as you can wipe around under the rim and then just drop it in the toilet
    as its flushable.

  • eabeier

    I defintiely hate doing bathrooms.

  • Aliya D.

    My most dreaded chore is the laundry… I hate it frankly. Thanks!

  • Red Tracy

    Floors…I really hate mopping the floors!!

  • lindawwww

    I hate, hate, hate vacuuming!

  • suebee

    Gotta be having three boys using one toilet. It’s not cleaning the toilet that’s the chore, it’s AROUND the toilet. Aim is not one of their best talents!

  • Sarah

    I absolutely hate sweeping and mopping the floor. Cleaning batrooms isn’t a favourite either.

  • jacdav

    I dread cleaning my daughter’s room. I never know what I will find.

  • liz melanson

    i hate doing the dishes

  • kathyd

    I REALLY REALLY dont like doing dishes!

  • drjess

    I really dislike dusting. I truly don’t know where the dust comes from. Even though I try to do it regularly, the next day everything even the bathroom is coated in dust.

  • murphy

    cleaning windows!

  • sparky

    I dread dusting!

  • flycaster

    I dread the carpet cleaning. Our carpets are pretty stained and it just feels like nothing I do will ever help.

  • teal

    cleaning the composter

  • ek03yr

    I do not enjoy cleaning bathrooms!

  • sandhi

    My most dreaded household chore is cleaning bathrooms, especially toilets. I have 3 guys in the home – need I say more.

  • redleaf55

    Cannot stand washing the bathrooms at all. Such a dreaded chore.

  • hulaballoo

    Nice job on the Reno looks lovely!
    I really don’t like washing the floors because it seems the minute I do the kids, the dog or the husband immediately muck it up ;(

  • erin74

    The mundane weekly chores- bathrooms, vaccuming, dusting…

  • prairiebelle

    I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom with the toilet being on top of the bathroom list

  • Marlene V.

    The bathrooms — especially my shower.

  • JJ

    Oh, yes the bathroom. I never can understand how it gets so dirty and dusty. We live in an older house with fixtures that have seen better days so it takes a long time to make them sparkle.

  • Tracydeanne

    Cleaning the grout in the bathroom tiles. Thanks! tracyddixon@hotmail.com

  • dphumphrey

    I can’t stand dusting.
    Hubby is a COLLECTOR and with so much stuff dusting takes FOREVER!

  • Rhonda Struthers

    My most dreaded chore is sweeping then mopping the floors

  • ddleib

    I hate all cleaning jobs but have a special dislike for cleaning the tub and shower

  • Mel

    The worst chore is cleaning bathrooms, toliets and big soaker bathtubs. ugh!

  • pooaneeor

    I pretty much detest cleaning, in general, but I especially hate cleaning the bathrooms.

  • Lori

    I dread cleaning the bathtub, shower and toilet – but cleaning blinds comes in at a close second.

  • Shelly

    I dislike cleaning the bathroom. With 3 sons it can get pretty gross in there.

  • catgirl

    Love your new bathroom! I hate cleaning bathrooms – especially the toilet and shower!

  • jennywenny

    i love the do your thing on the wall!!! i have so many awesome sayings posted all over my place…keeps us in a positive place ya kno? so my least favorite, absolutely dreaded chore….dishes! i hate them! i think we should just use paper plates, but then it would be too much trash and too many trees gone, so….i get my daughter to do them lol, family tradition passed down for generations πŸ™‚

  • Amanda

    I am one of those sick, twisted, crazy people who actually enjoys cleaning on my only days off work. I like cleaning and organizing! However, the worst most boring-est (haha, I know that’s not a word) chore is FOLDING LAUNDRY.

  • jmeme

    Oh, I do not like to clean dirty, stinky toilet bowls!!

  • wallabygold

    cleaning the toilet

  • erkrueger

    I DO NOT like cleaning the bathroom but love the look and feel when it’s done so I guess it’s worth it in the end (was that a pun??).

  • lizzielou

    I do not enjoy cleaning the bathroom…at all….ever…but I do what needs to be done πŸ™

  • Karen

    What a stunning light fixture in your powder room!
    My least favourite household chore is cleaning my kitchen floors, as it seems like you just finished them when they are dirty again. I too really like the Method products.

  • terri83

    Wow- what a bathroom. One the things I really do not like to do is to clean the oven!!!

  • glenda van wart

    I dislike cleaning walls but it is a necessary evil. Once you get started it’s not bad, but it’s not easy and is very hard work – up and down a chair or ladder with a mop and cloths on hand and dragging a bucket.

  • dnl

    great bathroom

  • Tina


  • Mee

    I don’t like Vacuuming.

  • juliebumboolie

    Wow! Gorgeous reno! Love your brave use of black and the classy chandelier.
    You know, housework doesn’t really bother me all that much — it’s tripping over the constant clutter of toys, etc. that frustrates me more than anything else. But could happily do without cleaning a toilet for the rest of my life. Those yellow and pink streaks on the bowl and ewww! Why does it look like someone flicked ashes under the the edge of the seat? Disgusting. But everybody poops.

  • wendy

    My dreaded household chore would have to be dusting, and I don’t mean the easy kind, but to have to dust and clean the ceilings,light fixtures, walls…you know..all the places that seem to be so far out of reach! I have a bad memory of my mom dusting the walls where there were stairs and she slowly ended up flat on her butt! …but got the dusting done!!
    Thanks for the chance to win with this contest and good luck to all, as am sure EVERYONE could use this gift!!!

  • andrea mcpherson

    I don’t like cleaning the kitchen sink. But I have a couple of methods products and they are great

  • catamorgan

    I don’t like washing windows

  • Dan

    I hate cleaning the toilets!

  • pansy

    What a great reno! My worst chore would have to be cleaning the toilets. Hate those harsh chemicals and nothing else seems to do the trick for calcium build up.

  • centis1999

    All the cooking and cleaning for a family of five that never helps clean. Im 7 months pregnant doing everything so the holidays are kinda freaking me out

  • bambi kom-tong

    What a great job on your renos!!!
    I have a few really hated household chores. I think my least favorite is cleaning the bathtub. I have a soaker jet tub, and there are so many nooks and crannies, and I have to crawl into the bathtub to get it done really good. The toilets suck to clean too. Who wants to clean there own poop up.. and lets not even talk about the guest bathroom!!!!

  • Janet

    The worst chore is the bathroom. I try to do it first on my list of chores so it is over with quickly, but I still dislike it.

  • Lisa Morrison

    I hate ironing because I let it pile up for a month.

  • fasteryoufool

    the base of the toilet, ugghhh the base of the toilet, i’m a guy and i hit the toilet, how on earth does my girl make such a mess? I mean i get the anatomy etc, i’m a registered nurse, but knock it off already


    I LOVE the bathroom! Makes me inspired to one day actually add colour to my walls! Anyways, my most dreaded household chore is definitely dusting. There is so much everywhere, baseboards, blinds, knick knacks, no matter how often I do it, its all over the place! I have a husband, 3 boys, a big rottie dog, and 3 parrots! You can imagine the cleaning I have to do lol

  • shirano

    Your bathroom is beautiful. Maybe if my bathroom was beautiful, then I wouldn’t mind cleaning it. I really dread cleaning the toilets so I always do those last on cleaning day.

  • Tam Lindsay

    Cleaning the toilet stinks!

  • sam

    I hate scrubbing floors. I would love to come home and my house and clean and I didn’t have to do it. I must say if you use the method floor cleaner for hardwood floors your house will smell amazing.

  • Kay S

    I love what you did to your bathroom, just beautiful!!
    I would have to say that I do not like washing floors, it is a yucky job to do.
    But it is worse when your feet stick to the floor!!

  • lilolme105

    cleaning the tub for sure.

  • jenneral

    It has to be the bathroom. We have several young boy grandchildren who visit regularly and lets just say that I think they all need glasses.

  • bigsister

    I can’t decide between washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom… and then there are those closets that take a million years to clean out and re-organize!

  • skyalive

    Washing the dishes by hand!

  • lrcig

    I gotta go with the chorus that hates bathroom cleaning. What i hate about it the most is that it needs to be done every single blessed day AND the dirt itself is so disgusting. Soap scum on the shower curtain. Spots on the mirror AND on the underside of the toilet seat (from different causes, I hasten to add!). Dust, especially around the backside of the toilet, where it’s hardest to remove. Spiderwebs (where do they come from? I never see any spiders …). And HAIR! My teen’s long curly hairs draped everywhere and patterning the floor. My husband’s whisker bits all over the sink. Plucked eyebrow hairs, ditto. I want a self-cleaning bathroom for Christmas!

  • susieq1202

    I hate cleaning the drain… Yuck!

  • http://carlasrandr.blogspot.com Carla

    Anything to do with floors

  • Tracey

    My most dreaded household chore is cleaning the floors.

  • Lisa Marshall

    I hate, hate, hate cleaning the bathroom in particular toilet duty. I would love to win this package.

  • Tara.duncan@shaw.ca

    I love Method cleaner – I’ve been using their shower cleaner since it first came out. Yah – no more cleaning the shower!
    So then I’m left with the disgusting toilet – I hate cleaning toilets!!!

  • Anu

    I absolutely hate mopping the floors and cleaning the washrooms.

  • http://emilyisland.blogspot.com ebickell

    I hate, hate, hate vaccuuming. And since we have a hairy beast of a chocolate lab, it needs to be done at least twice a week. Ugh!
    Your bathroom looks great, by the way!

  • avanthey

    Oh this would be so amazing to win! I absolutely hate scrubbing the shower walls and tub, but now that I am over 8 months pregnant, I am really struggling with this chore. I am really going to cross my fingers on this one!

  • Karri

    My most-dreaded household chore…. So many to choose from, and so little time. Ha! πŸ™‚
    I would have to nominate doing the dishes, if only because we are a four-person household, and we have no dishwashing machine. I do three loads of dishes every day (not counting special food events or holidays, of course!), and have been on that schedule for 8 years…. and that only dates back to the birth of our first child. I’ve been doing dishes by hand for 19 years now, if you want to get technical about it, and it’s safe to say that I’m OVER it.

  • http://thebusybeesknees.blogspot.com Julia Barrus

    I cannot stand cleaning the bathroom floor or sides of the toilet. It seems to be the most forgotten place and is almost always scummy. I find Scrubbing Bubbles helps, but even with such a fab product, it’s still no pic-nick!

  • Heidi Leighton

    I dread most household chores these days (busy busy!), but cleaning my bunny’s cage has got to be the worst – DISGUSTING!! Btw, bathroom looks great πŸ™‚

  • farheen

    Does “all housework” count?? LOL. I hate vacuuming, it’s loud and noisy and kills my back!

  • Teri

    Cleaning the toilet is the last thing on my to do list. Toilets are so gross! I’m grateful my kids are finally old enough for chores and I get them to take care of the bathroom:) Dusting is another thing I dislike. You never seem to get it all.

  • Bobby1559

    First, what a gorgeous transformation your bathroom underwent. Love it!!!!! Black works great in that setting and is easy to maintain as well I am sure. And I laughed out loud when I saw the poster “Do your thing” that you have humorously hung at the appropriate place………….that’s fabulous!!!!!
    I have never actually used Method products before and would love to be given a chance to try some out.
    So far as the most dreaded household chores go, I would have to say that, like most others, it is the bathroom, especially the floors and the toilet. Its yucky and dreadful………..we have four around the house and I stagger it as far as I can get way with it…………but eventually it has to be done.

  • m1b2

    the kitchen…… primarily the dishes

  • hannasmom

    My most dreaded household chore is mopping floors, i absolutely cant stand doing it, and so hubby ends up picking up the slack.

  • ellimac

    Most definitely toilets. 3 boys = big mess.

  • tobyhir

    Finding time to clean is my dilemma…if I didn’t have to work, the house would be spotless…I know a lot of women can relate to that…I’d actually enjoy it if I had more time to do it! If I had to pick one chore that I don’t like to do out of all choices, it would be windows! They’re a ‘pane’! LOL πŸ˜€

  • Michelle V

    I hate dishes. I’m almost willing to let them sit until someone else comes over to do them. Not my favorite!!

  • baker7

    I dread cleaning the bathtub

  • hlmcguir

    HATE washing the dishes…anything else is ok.

  • Sheila

    I love the bathroom and understand the renovation fatigue. Like many others, my cleaning nightmare would be floors as we have 5 pets that shed on a very regular basis. I have not personally used the Method products, and no better way to start other than to win…..

  • MommyToGirls

    my most dreaded household chore would be dishes! I have dry hands to begin with from having 5 kids and cleaning up after them and changing so many diapers a day and washing my hands to many times! Dishes kill my hands even more! I hate wearing rubber gloves, so that doesn’t help! With such a big family the dishwasher fills up too fast and there’s always dishes in the sink too! I hate even looking at it!!! Would be nice for someone else to do the dishes for me for a change!

  • ronnieb

    Hi Christine and all you other Moms out there!
    What a great bathroom reno. I love it and the dark colors help to hide the dirt.
    My most dreaded chore is the same as yours – cleaning bathrooms!
    I have a special needs child and a hard working husband and the 3 bathrooms in the house seem to never be clean. Sure enough if I clean it, within 2 days it is back the way it was.
    A little help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!!
    Now I want to reno my powder room…….

  • Talex

    Much as I hate cleaning windows, I really really don’t like to clean the oven. Ugh!

  • travelbuds

    the Bathroom…the bathtub in particular. It’s very hard on your back leaning over to clean it.

  • Lisa

    I would have to say….my most dreaded chore is my “kitchen floor”!. Aargh! I don’t know how many times I have to talk to the kids about not spilling juice, pop or anything else sticky or gooey on the floor. Even just afer buying groceries like eggs makes a huge mess…ewwww! Other times, its like I just finish cleaning up something sticky on the floor and “oops” there goes something else spilled on the floor.

  • snikks

    HATE (!!!) dusting!!! Don’t really know why, but I absolutely HATE it!

  • Kim

    Cleaning the ceramic cooktop. There is just no forgiveness on that one. It’s either sparkling clean or every crumb of food and tiny spill shows up!

  • db

    I hate washing dishes by hand – don’t mind all the other stuff butI ahate doing pots! I love method – esp, the mint glass cleaner. I also like the hand soaps – the foaming kind. They don’t give my hand the irritation other soaps do.

  • momof2

    Ugh the dishes. We are a family of four with no dishwasher and I feel like I am constantly standing their washing the dishes. Countless hours wasted…..hopefully Santa will stick a dishwasher down the chimmney this year !!!!

  • Terrymac

    Beautiful bathroom! Love it, never thought of the silver grey wall color though…..it is really stunning with the chandelier and mirror!
    You are in the right area for my most dreaded chore….cleaning the toilet! Seems the boys miss more than hit the mark! It is ucky, yucky, horrible work. Especially around the bottom next to the floor, where things drip!
    Why is it that boys(men) don’t seem to know the importance of hitting the mark, or at least trying to? I try to teach them to sit, but they insist only girls sit!

  • loli88

    Already added my comment about the refridgerator/freezer cleaning! Why is it so hard to keep the fridge clean????

  • Lauren

    My most dreaded cleaning job is the refrigerator/freezer! Why can’t it just stay clean? It’s not like we are eating in it or walking on it?????

  • Amber

    I hate cleaning the bathroom!!

  • ChrisB

    I dread scrubbing the tub.

  • andreaca13

    I have FIVE (5) kids ALL boys including 2 that are teenagers, 1 that is in the process of potty training and 2 that I will be potty training in the next 2 years plus a husband who misses A LOT. My dreaded chore is cleaning the toilets!!

  • caryn

    I hate cleaning the toilet and the fact that we have three toilets doesn’t help either! My husband complains when he watches the baby while i clean. I think he believes that i am just horsing around or something! Not that he wants to clean the toilets in my place.

  • nateandava

    I am one of those weird ones that doesn’t mind cleaning the bathroom (and I too have a boy and a somewhat messy husband). I actually really hate vacuuming, so I asked my husband for a Roomba for Christmas. I like the “pop” your bathroom has. Very nice job! As far as Method products, I too love them but find them on the expensive side. I have yet to try the peppermint hand soap but I am sure I would LOVE it! I love the holidays and all the seasonal products it brings. I will have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the chance to will a prize pack and I will be sending you motivation vibes to finish the trim;)

  • Tiffany

    I really hate shampooing the carpets! I have 2 messy dogs and I don’t want the kids playing on a dirty carpet so I feel like I am always doing it! My carpet cleaner is broken so I have to hold it together while I clean too!!! It is such a big chore:|

  • http://k karisa

    The dreaded bathroom. Pea on the toilet Pea on the floor.I do not want to clean my bathroom anymore. I have a garbage in in the bathroom and nothing is in it ,because its all the floor. So please bring in MOLLY because I don’t care anymore.Thank-you
    your help-less Urban Mom

  • NotThisOne

    I absolutely hate doing the toilet! I live with my son (8 year old who refuses to hold his little wiener while peeing) and my common law husband who can’t seem to shoot straight either.
    I tried to get the hubby to do it but it wasn’t cleaned well at all so I ended up doing it again myself.

  • Jennifer

    My most dreaded chore is the bathroom! With 2 boys , you can imagine the state of the bathroom! If they aren’t peeing on the seat , they are peeing on the floor and sometimes they are just playing in the sink making soapy concoctions!

  • http://fizzeo Lisa

    I can’t say any of it is great but the ick factor of cleaning toilets has to rank at the top with hair from drains coming in close second. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

  • hope.britton

    Mine is the bathrooms for sure… I hate that… can’t even get the kids to do it lol

  • Kristen Valente

    Like you, I also dread the bathroom…..especially the toilet, and scrubbing the shower walls…..makes it a bit easier though when the cleaning products smell good though ;-)!!

  • Carmen

    I dislike washing windows and dusting baseboards. God, how I hate it.

  • diana

    I dread cleaning all the hard-to-reach places like behind and under furnature

  • Melody Halls

    My most dreaded household cleaning chore is cleaning my bird cages! But it must be done!

  • Elizabeth

    Love your bathroom!
    Hate cleaning mine! As a single-mom to three kids (10, 8 & 5 – youngest & oldest are boys) and commuting/working full-time. After work, homework and extracurriculars, I leave the major housework to the weekends.
    But my 5 yo son is less than a master when it comes to perfecting his “aim” in the bathroom – especially in the dark @ 2am. So bathrooms are my least fave to clean! But I make it a point to get the kids in on the cleaning action (in all the other rooms) and they love pitching in! Which is one of the many reasons I love method – I want safe products around my kids, especially if they’ll be using them. The scents are great too! Love the lavender spray! And yes, the nice scents go a long way when I am cleaning the dreaded toilets (and floor surrounding it!). I need all the help I can get! πŸ™‚

  • Ade

    I dread cleaning the tub and enclosure! All the soapy deposits..ewww.

  • Erin

    Bathrooms! I am a single mom of two boys with bad aim. Does not make for a happy momma.

  • Laura

    Hate hate hate bathrooms…..especially with a boy in the house who uses the bathroom in the middle of the night and aim is less than stellar….

  • erinwil

    I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom, especially now that I’m 6 months pregnant!

  • ThriftyMom

    Cleaning up after 8 kids and a hubby is easy compared to cleaning the oven. I have tried every trick with boiling water with scrubbies, stinky toxic cemicals, etc. I’m ready to just buy a new one!

  • tiffany


  • http://angelineparker.blogspot.com/ Angie

    I absolutely LOVE doing laundry; up until the putting it away/folding part.

  • scamp

    I really dislike washing the floors. They are old school lanoliem sheet floors that require me to get down on my hands and knees to clean. And with a husky mix they do need cleaning often! I dread it so much and have not found any product that I can use standing upright that does as good a job as being down on the floor!

  • Teresa

    I would love to win this. I have had such a hard time keeping up with the housework due to disability. I think my most dreaded room to clean is the kitchen. The fridge and stove are overdue I would say.

  • Cons

    I hate cleaning the stove top. Sometimes my husband makes chai and burns the milk and tea leaves, they burn really bad and there they remain! And it’s a smooth top, so I can’t use any metal sponges, etc.
    My daughters clean the dust, mainly the younger one, and of course my husband does the vacuuming (carpet) and washes the floors in the whole house, except basement. He has a fix with the hair in the bathroom, so we have a stick vac just for this chore, he is doing it even 2 times a day, we are 3 girls with long hair.
    I clean the floors in the basement family room, because that is where I like it, just swish swish for dust or hair. Shinning laminate flooring, new from this spring.
    We renovated the whole basement this year, and I just love it. My teenager daughter moved in the basement, she has the use of a full bath, bedroom, family room kitchenette, and everything else. I love it and I don’t mind cleaning it. It’s very much light, sofas are white!

  • Sweets33

    Love your new loo! And speaking of which… I absolutely DREAD cleaning the bathroom! My 6 year old son has very bad aim, and the 14 year old isn’t much better! (Thank goodness my husband has mastered that skill or I’d be sending him out to the doghouse to pee in the snow!) Cleaning the bathroom pretty much sucks… but HAS to be done. I would love it if Molly could do it for me sometime! LOL! Oh… and I love Method products too!

  • dannyreid

    i hate cleaning

  • celia

    I hate mopping.

  • Melanie

    My most dreaded chore is dusting. My husband and I are the owners of four cats and as much as I love my furrr babies, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to dust properly. Once I am done, I will notice yet another fur ball roll past me. And now with a 13 month old little boy, I am paranoid about what he will pick up and eat and also touch. I DREAD the dusting because its a never ending chore !!! I need some help in finding a better way to keep my house cleaner, and for longer.

  • RobynL

    my most dreaded task is cleaning the toilet: whiskers in the sink, toothpaste splattered on the wall and mirror, someone missing the toilet and the bathtub
    which is great b/c it is deep and wide but I have to get in to clean it. Yikes!!

  • PDLadybug

    My most dreaded household chore of all household chores is cleaning the vacuum cleaner. The canister is full of dust, hair, dirt, sand, bits of food particles and little yucky things I can’t distinguish. Dumping this grey matter out always creates a big ball of dirty dust that I just dread inhaling every 3 months or so. (I’d prolong it longer if I could.) I have to wear gloves to ensure the bagless canister sides are scraped cleaned of any clinging debris. Then I wash it all out in the sink. And, then I have to repeat this process the next 3 months.

  • smartmama

    Wow, the powder room looks amazing.
    My worst nightmare is getting the kitchen sinks clean. They are made of some material that stains so easily. Have tried everything but nothing gets rid of the stains.

  • Lynne B

    Hands down it is cleaning venetian blinds! They are a bit of a necessary evil in this house to help control the heat in the summer but cleaning them is an absolute nightmare. I have tried everything from doing them on the window, to the bathtub and even outside with a brush and the hose. Generally the results are hideous and the darn things never look sparkling clean. Sigh…………
    I love the bathroom makeover, you have given me some ideas for a small bathroom in our house and I thank you for that!

  • Erin

    LOVE the art!!! Looks amazing! Most dreaded job is the toilet of course. Putting my hand right in there just creeps me right out! Thank goodness for toilet brushes! ughhhh

  • lisha

    Most dreaded cleaning job is the bathroom!

  • Corrie

    Immediately my head said “cleaning the bathroom” but then I thought about my house right now. My bathroom is reasonable clean and my laundry room is a disaster. I haven’t folded my clean laundry in… WOW, I don’t know how long. In fact, and I’m ashamed to say this, I asked Santa for another laundry basket just to store the clean laundry and avoid folding it. I had no idea how deep my hatred of laundry folding went until I put some thought into it. Apparently matching up socks and folding is my most dreaded chore. I’ve just avoided it for so long it slipped my mind.

  • Karen

    The dreaded “Double D’s”! Decluttering and Dusting. UGH!!!!

  • LaDeDa

    What a stylin’ washroom. I’d powder my nose in there any day!
    Worst chore is dirty dishes in the morning, that is if they weren’t done the night before like they should have been – gagworthy!

  • ccoburn

    My least favorite household chore is doing the dishes! I have 2 roomates and they loveto help cook and contribute and then leave everything behind for me to clean. Things get piled up and they become overwhelming! I’ve even tried making bets andthe loser has to clean the dishes.. the worst part is I usually lose

  • Lily Starlight

    Your bathroom looks beautiful. I never would have thought to go with black paint, but wow!
    My least favourite job is in the bathroom like 90 per cent of your commentors. I hate doing the bathtub. I love when my kids need extra money for something so I can pay them to clean it.

  • bandaid1971

    Your bathroom is beautiful – great job! I dread my bathtub. No matter what cleaner I use (however I haven’t tried the method cleaner yet…), the trim around the tub (caulking) gets moldy and has to be redone every 6 months…Eventually we will be redoing our bathroom (a one piece tub – hooray!), however my husband has to finish the downstairs one before we start the upstairs! Hope mine will look every bit as gorgeous as yours one day…with no more mold…

  • LG

    I think my most dreaded chore is taking out the garbage/recycling/compost. I have some sort of mental block when I have to go aaaalllll the way to the end of our backyard. (Well, especially when it’s -20.)

  • The Happy Wife

    I actually enjoy cleaning, but I guess decluttering and organizing is the part I dread the most.

  • sonya

    Bathrooms. 2 boys..make that 3 boys (including hubby). Nuff said.

  • Karen

    The dreaded double D’s: Decluttering and Dusting. UGH!!!!!

  • Debora Bergeron

    I do not enjoy cleaning up after the rest of my family. And the dog who throws all the pillows on the floor and then I know I have to pick them up. p.s. great job on the bathroom.

  • Reggae Babe

    My most dreaded household chore…..it’s got to be cleaning the bathtubs! All that bending and scrubbing; sure tires a mommy out!

  • Roywein

    Gotta be cleaning tubs, toilets, and showers. Thanksless, but somewhat redeeming I guess.

  • Angela

    Dusting is really my most dreaded chore. There’s so much stuff piled up on every shelf and table that it’s nearly impossible to do!

  • luffjac

    I hate washing dishes and even though I have a dishwasher, I hate even loading it! This is a problem because I like to cook but that requires clean up. That and bathrooms, my least favorite tasks!!

  • Stephanie Barrera

    My absolute least favorite chore…..putting away the clean laundry! Even folding it is not that bad because you can sit still while doing it! ha ha ha.

  • LisaEBK

    There was a time when I actually enjoyed cleaning, believe it or not! Not so much the process, but the sense of actually accomplishing something. Now I find, with an 85-year-old mother on one hand, a five-year-old on the other, and a dog in the mix, every weekend is like a full ‘Spring cleaning’ (only it’s Summer, Fall, Winter, endless….) During the week I find I’m always scrubbing something after working all day as well. The worst of it, for me, is the kitchen. Sticky hands on all of the cabinets, spill on the floor and counter – ugh. Come to think of it….I should probably be cleaning something now…..

  • Michele

    Dusting….in our old house the dust seems to creep out of the plaster walls about 12hrs. after I’ve dusted. Takes me back to the days when my chore as a pre-teen was dusting the house 2x’s a week. Now I know my mom’s motivation! One of these days it will also force me to de-clutter all those knick knacks I have to work around.

  • Cynthia

    My computer and desk. It’s full of dust bunnies and many sticky finger prints from the kids using the computer. Definitely my least favorite chore which is why it never gets done!

  • bluejellybean

    I try to keep my house clean regularly so nothing ends up to be a big cleaning job, but cleaning the toilet would be my least favourite! Also when I had long hair I hated pulling loose hair from the shower drain, YUCK!

  • Penelope

    My least favourite chore is, without a doubt, cleaning toilets.

  • mom2girls1974

    I am almost 40 and outside of my childhood home I have never owned a dishwasher! I HATE handwashing dishes, part of it is I have a tiny kitchen – I mean tiny, it probably has 10 sq feet of counters totall as well (gulp!) so I do dishes ALOT, about 6-10 loads a day! I use allot of hand cream to LOL. We have terrible allergies in our home as well so we do not even eat out – or at other peoples homes, so I rarely get a break from my dish washing nightmare! Agh, all I want for Chrismtas is a dishwasher for my tiny kitchen!

  • Carrie

    ugh, I hate cleaning bathrooms. But maybe if it looked like your I wouldn’t mind πŸ™‚

  • Shasher

    I hate it all. That may sound like a cop-out but seriously hatred is best to describe it. Being the adult responsible for it all sucks. There are varying degrees of loathing, I loath cleaning the baseboards, dusting and cleaning the blinds the very most. I loath cleaning the toilets the least believe it or not and I have 3 boys with extremely bad aim. Then there are parts I simply ignore and pull a Scarlett and refuse to think on those things, places like the floors and windows. Now I know why my mom hired a cleaning service…

  • StayAtHomeSue

    I hate dust! I hate having to dust all the little decor things on my wall unit. i hate that it is always coming back. I hate when the sun is shining in the window and I can see the dust better.

  • pat

    I used to hate cleaning the kitty litter, its done daily now with a different type of clumping cat litter,,and it has a built in deoderizer so no more smell, and lot much of a mess….and there is no “cat smell” …we have 2 cats, so 2 litter boxes, ……………and that is such a nice bathroom you have, thanks for showing us the before and after shots

  • marlibu

    My most dreaded chore is the dishes. No matter how many you wash there is always a dirty dish in the sink

  • dri

    My most dreaded chore is dusting. I can’t stand doing it so I leave it as long as possible in between.

  • lisa

    I hate washing the kitchen floor- and it always seems to need it- so I spot clean- which really isn’t washing it at all- and I wish someone else would magically clean it. thanks

  • emberbc

    Dust! I hate dusting and the never-ending war that seems so futile. I would give almost anything to have someone fight this battle for me every once in a while!

  • Tena

    The dreaded chore at my house is the laundry. There is no end and you never feel like you get a head of it.

  • Sharleen

    My dreaded household chore is the bathroom. We are a sporting family and so the showers get used heavily and with the sports they play comes a lot of grime and dirt. It also means it has to be done more often than the normal bathroom!! Urgh!

  • freddybob

    Cleaning the toilet!

  • calmas

    My most dreaded chore in my house is dusting. I have hated doing it since I was a kid therefore it doesn’t get done too much.

  • emma

    toilets for sure, but also empting the cat litter and dirty diaper pail.

  • http://www.myfunctionalfamily.com Maureen

    Love the reno, Christine!! My most dreaded chore is probably laundry because it’s endless.

  • j m

    I hate cleaning toilets.

  • Michelle

    I hate cleaning grout. I always find it looks so dirty and the older my floors get, the harder the grout seems to be to clean.

  • jentam

    I really hate scrubbing floors. It seems like I need to do it all the time and I’m so tired of it.

  • kcrmb

    I hate cleaning toilet bowls!

  • stitchingqueen

    The worst chore is cleaning my blinds – I really hate it

  • Tasha

    Vacuuming. and we have a dog… I am grumpy just thinking about it. πŸ˜‰

  • missycat

    My worst chore is vacuuming. I get overheated, trip over the cord, bang into the walls and hate emptying the bagless containers.

  • Luet02

    My most dreaded chore is washing the floors! Ugh!

  • cbaggd

    The worst chore for me is cleaning washrooms-and now my kids are just old enough:-)

  • elkhornchris

    For me the worst thing is vacuuming. I have a bad back & vacuuming is murder on it.

  • http://momofboyswithtoys.blogspot.com Jonnie H

    I hate doing the dishes. Years ago I used to say all I needed was a dishwasher and I’d be happy, but now I have one and it isn’t any better. Between rinsing, loading, unloading and checking for leftover food particles, doing them by hand may have been faster!

  • Eileen

    Most dreaded chore would be cleaning the bathroom – in particular, the toilet and the areas around it. With three males in the house (one just toilet trained and one starting to learn), in a word – disgusting. I’ll have to give your bathroom cleaner a try.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • kimpatsue

    I hate mopping my white tile floor in the kitchen – have to do it almost every night before bed – shows everything!!! Washing and drying dishes is my second least favorite chore. Thanks for the tip on Method cleaning products – I will try them next time. Shoppers Drug Mart carries it I think.

  • Vivian

    I hate doing dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms.It seems to never get done or caught up.

  • Nate3333

    cleaning the bathroom

  • Tampa77

    My most dreaded household chore would have to be cleaning the shower! We are due for a renovation and it is impossible to get rid of the mildew! So I can tell you I dread going in there to clean!

  • babylove818

    With a house full of boys I HATE cleaning the bathroom.

  • jsmom

    Your bathroom reno is wonderful. My most dreaded household chore is helping my son clean his room. Trying to stay calm when I find candy wrappers under the bed and dirty laundry in desk drawers is almost impossible. I never know what I’m going to find.

  • stellti

    Great job on the bathroom reno. I love the black, absolutely stunning. We are in the process of renovating the main floor (yes, just before Christmas – I thought it would be done). Anyways, the dust that flies from room to room is driving me batty. It is a never ending battle. I dust the furniture and floors every day, I wash the floors and wipe the patio door windows every day. Let’s not forget the vacuum. At least there is a glimmer of hope – the contractor said 2 more weeks – that is what he said 2 weeks ago (hahaha).

  • Mel

    My most dreaded chore is cleaning the oven.

  • LisaMomOfTwo

    Well, living with 4 people in a 1 bathroom apartment, the bathroom can get messy quickly. It has to be my least favorite chore….and I also go over to my parents house every weekend AND clean their bathroom!

  • Lin

    My most dreaded household chore is vacuuming and cleaning the stairs from the basement to our main floor.

  • cheryl

    My most dreaded chore is cleaning the venetian blinds. Not just dusting them but wiping then down with a damp cloth.

  • bushcampcafe

    does a man miss the toilet when he p@$$%s in the dark….you bet he does!! hate cleaning the toilet!!

  • Shan

    My most dreaded chore is scrubbing the shower! P.S the reno looks fantastic!

  • bcgirll

    I just can’t stomach cleaning toilets……..

  • CC

    My most dreaded chore is cleaning the toilets, tubs and showers. Yuck!

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Thanks for the giveaway. The reno looks AMAZING! I HATE cleaning the toilet. h.a.t.e i.t.!

  • JeannetteNL

    Wow! That really looks amazing and I would never have thought that a chandelier would ever go there. It does and it looks great. How creative. My most dreaded cleaning job is without a doubt, the bathroom. There is me, the female, my husband the male, and I have 3 boys. I do not think I need to describe what kind of damage 4 males can do to a bathroom…Tis’ not pretty! Seriously out numbered I am and I feel like I am constantly cleaning the bathroom, well, because, I am….thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • tinker

    Definitely cleaning the bathroom

  • moviefreak

    my least favourite is ironing

  • alexlv05

    The household job I hate doing more than anything is sewing. We’re not talking cutting patterns and decking my kids out in homemade tutus. I am speaking of simple, missing-button-and-and-poking-underwire sewing. I have a pile of it that I literally growl when I pass and for this one thing, I am a supreme procrastinator.

  • Kitsa

    Cleaning the bathroom and organizing paperwork, junk and shredding!

  • bingop1

    Cleaning the bathroom is never a fun chore! It always seems that it is my turn to scrub the toilet.

  • mycafelatte

    Love the art work in the powder room. So cheeky. My dreaded chore is cleaning the oven. So dreaded that I’ve never done it!

  • pk5050

    The least favourite for me is the bathroom. Mine is very small and it’s hard to get into all the corners or favourite places germs and gunk love to dwell in.

  • Debra B

    washing the walls, by the time I’m done I feel like I’ve been run over by a herd of cattle

  • leah

    I hate the laundry…it never ends.

  • Crystal C

    I hate cleaning the oven. it is a dirty, greasy, grimy job and once it is clean, I feel like I am filthier than it ever was!

  • dmhaen

    Least favourite task is cleaning the stove. We rarely eat out, so the stove is always dirty!

  • emrosser

    I hate cleaning the bathroom-specially the toilet!

  • Vesper

    With two cooks in the household it must be trying to keep the oven clean, and thankfully my husband cleans the toilet

  • Blythe12

    Toilets!!! UGH!

  • daland


  • kalypso18


  • donnas

    I hate cleaning the bathroom; YUK.

  • Donnas

    I loathe cleaning the bathroom. It’s the worst room and it’s so tiny; is there an easy way to reach and clean behind the toilet??

  • Elaine Miller

    laundry!!! no nononono

  • sabcart

    Cleaning the kitchen! I will do ANYTHING to get out of this chore!

  • hlarnould

    I am a wuss. I hate feeding the dog. I wash out his yucky dish every morning and then spoon in his wet food, I hate the smell, the texture and the look of the dog food, but he loves it, so what can I do?

  • AK

    My dreaded household chore is clearing out the litter box, we have two cats and it has to be done daily, its yucky but i love my cats

  • scorkum1

    scrubbing the floors. With two active kids and a messy dog, it always seems to need doing.

  • Miranda Jane

    cleaning bathrooms, they take foreverr

  • Ann Demill

    Cleaning around the bottom of the toilet, yuck! Love the picture “Just do your Thing”, where did you get it?

  • Crescenza

    I hate washing the floor. I have to lug the bucket up and down the stairs from the basement laundry room.
    I love your bathroom. That chandelier looks great, really classy!

  • Terry

    Dusting. We have dust. Lots of it.

  • Amari

    Taking down the verticals and rehanging them because it takes forever.

  • Buckyy


  • PoignantTuna

    i hate folding clothes

  • Bee L

    Cooking because it requires a lot of time. Sometimes the cooking itself can take only a few minutes, but the preparation and shopping can take hours!

  • jen s.

    cleaning floors – too much effort req’d

  • Annie1

    ugh, every single one lol
    I especially dread doing the tiles around the bathtub; there is nothing worse

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I dread dusting!

  • winnermb

    I do not like vacuuming!!!


    Your bathroom really turned out well. I hate cleaning the toilet, like everyone else, it needs to be done. By the way, ‘Hross’ you can get a cleaning tool sort of like a swiffer to use in the tub with a long handle. It doesn’t help with little crevices but for the majority of the tub it is a back-saver!

  • zorange

    toilet cleaning – AFTER you have had company. eww!

  • torooo

    cleaning the oven.

  • Jen

    I don’t really have any particular chore that I dislike, but I get frustrated that I never get the whole house clean. There is never time and the house is always messy somewhere. Got to try that Method cleaner (eucalyptus).

  • Shannon

    Love the bathroom! The black looks so sophisticated πŸ™‚ my most dreaded chore is cleaning the kids room *shudder* you even look at the rooms wrong and the toys will eat you alive.

  • spamgirl

    DISHES! I can’t stand touching dirty things and gloves make me all sticky. BLEH!

  • Lori

    WoW your loo looks lovely. I did my worst cleaning job today and actually gagged my way through it. I HATE cleaning the gunk in the bathroom sink and tub drains. I can’t even think about how nasty it is with out memory gagging.
    I haven’t tried the Method product line but will in the future… Thanks.

  • flower

    Scrubbing the kitchen floor!

  • Sherry Kinnear

    Your bathroom is wonderful. I hate cleaning the bath. We have very hard well water and get that yellow mark in a day or so.

  • dljwinter

    I really dislike cleaning the toilet! Worse job in the world!

  • p23ag

    I hate washing floors, they are such a big job and always seem to need doing.

  • Amy

    its been said time and time again, but bathrooms for sure the pee pee puddles around the bowl
    the inner cupboard door under the sink where my garbage is !!!!
    I cant pick just one! the wet moppy slush mess at the front door!

  • hross0821

    My most dreaded household cleaning chore is the bathtub. I have back problems and no matter how often I clean the tub, every time I tackle it the job completely finishes me for the day and I have to go lie down (sometimes in mid-clean)

  • Shawna

    My most dreaded chore has to be vacumming the two different levels of our town house. I have back problems which makes vacumming very difficult on the stairs.

  • spike

    Love your reno! My most dreaded chore is also the bathrooms – I’ve got 3 of them, and it seems like just when you finish cleaning, it’s time to start all over again!

  • spynaert

    i hate vacuuming

  • Justrose

    Whe I am at Canadian Tire I stock up on Method Products. They work great, but I admit, I wish I could afford to have someone do my cleaning for me!!!

  • kara

    I hate hate hate dusting.

  • lovelylindy

    Dreaded chore…cleaning the shower

  • Cols

    With 3 males in the home it is definitely toilets. Ugh

  • licoricelegs

    I hate vaccuuming. At first I thought it was my vaccuum…so we put in central vaccuuming. NOPE! I just hate vaccuuming. LOL

  • aurora82

    I hate bathrooms – toilets are yucky, the low flush ones that we have seem to need cleaning all the time

  • Charleydog

    I actually hate grinding coffee. Does that sound strange? I just find it to be such a tedious chore. I would prefer to vacuum.

  • marshadiane

    I hate cleaning the bathroom. Especially the bathtub.

  • lucky

    I hate cleaning bathrooms

  • ronnies

    Ugh, I hate dusting. How does the dust build up so very quickly on the tv and on our bookcases anyway?

  • sdalgleish

    The thing I dread the most is floors. I don’t mind vacuuming, but mopping? The worst.

  • Alice

    That looks great! Wow.
    For me, dishwashing is the worst. Anything that can’t go in the dishwasher sits around a little longer than I would like to admit, unless the mister is feeling ambitious.

  • shar108

    Cleaning the toilets! Hate it.

  • momoffvie

    There is the bath tub/shower enclosure, used by daily by most but rinsed/cleaned by any other than myself . It would appear only I, super mom (not really) know how to rinse it out after I use it -even when there is a fun watering pail right there beside the shampoo inside the tub! There is some merit to people being bald. Fresh smelling cleaners help make the chore less daunting.

  • A. Smith

    I know it’s such a cliche but I just hate cleaning toilets. I bet 2 out of 4 times I end up gagging. Please Santa… don’t worry about gifts for me this year, just clean my toilet, lol

  • patk

    Dusting. So many surfaces nooks and crannies and knick-knacks!! And it seems like 20 minutes after you’re done the whole awful chore the dust just resettles!

  • Niles

    The bathroom for sure. So many different surfaces, so many different…well…stains.

  • Niles

    Without a doubt the bathroom. So may different surfaces, so many different types of ..well..stains.

  • Julie

    do your thing! HA!!
    i’m doing it right now…cleaning the basement rec room in advance of a visiting grandfather. gotta vacuum up the creepy crawlies. just trying to keep thinking about my “reward” for a job well done πŸ˜‰

  • tinad

    Cleaning the bathrooms is my most dreaded household cleaning chore…

  • http://Tara Tara Benford

    Looks amazing! Love the flooring and chandelier…Great vision with great results. Good for you!
    Least favourite chore….Definitely bathrooms! HATE IT! Especially with a little boy. All I ever hear myself saying…is “SHOOT THE WATER” Seriously. Works about half the time, so there is always a lot of cleanup after. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, showers and shower doors…I hate it all!! Makes me wonder why on earth we are moving to a new house with more bathrooms!!!??!!
    With all of this “hate” talk…I must say however, I do LOVE Method products!! πŸ™‚

  • saskmom

    Hands down, it is cleaning out my oven! *Bleh*

  • missyg78

    I’m not really a fan of any housework, but cleaning bathrooms is the worst. Am I the only one who sees the crusty toothpaste on the sink, and the ‘sprinkles’ around the toilet?

  • Laura

    I would have said laundry, but I have finally come to terms with it and worked out a system. So I would agree with you that bathrooms are the bane of my mothering existence. My children are filthy, and I have a dayhome with 4 potty training/early potty users. Ugh.

  • Therese

    Looks awesome! After about 2 years with no grout in the powder room, we finally finished it and replaced the toilet last night. It looks great, wasn’t that hard – not sure why it took so long.
    Least fave job – cleaning the shower(s). Would love to find some better cleaning products to do it.

  • Tracey

    oh my gosh, girl… *skips and claps doing happy dance*… I’m so stoked for you! It looks AWESOME!! And I wasn’t worried about the black paint – it’s lovely. Excellent choices everywhere… so great, Christine!!
    I love the Method eucalyptus mint wipes – they make that little mop up around the bowl a bit more bearable. YAY!!

  • miss_sarah

    I love love love it…the chandelier (sp?) is my favourite part! Oh and the print about the toilet…so tongue-in-cheek! Just like you Irish! πŸ™‚
    Ok…most dreaded chore…without a doubt….cleaning the bathroom floor! Eeeeks…so much hair everywhere!

  • JMP

    Love it Christine! The picture is awesome. I also really like Method Cleaning products … especially the glass cleaner!

  • theresa

    awsome bathroom. I dont really dread anything about cleaning the house .The one thing I dont really like to partake in is cleaning out the garbage cans and green bin.These would be my least fav of the household chores.

  • Sara

    The fact that your picture says ‘do your thing’ makes this my fave bathroom of all time! Awesome!!!

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