Canada is rockin’ with talent!! Like most big cities around the world, we get our fair share of hard working musicians who work their asses off to get on the airways. 
The Marc Joseph Band has been hitting the Canadian scene for the past four years. Working every stage imaginable to cut their teeth. They’ve been a popular cover band for the most part with a solid and growing fan base. Now they are making the leap with their first original EP. 
We were recently invited to their launch party at Toronto’s Hard Rock Cafe. Along with a few noted media types like ChumFM and Vinyl. We by-passed the huge line of fans that wrapped around the corner of the building at the very busy core of Yonge Dundas Square. 


The Marc Joseph Band took to the stage with ease…a HOT looking bunch too! (er…did I just say that out loud?) But they are more than just looks. Lead singer Marc Joseph comes from a musical family and his love for music came at a young age. As a singer and songwriter, his influences ranges from rock to jazz. He flirts with interpretations and is so comfortable at performing, you can just feel it with women who swoon at his stage presence. 
In 2008, he began hand-picking fellow musicians to join him on stage. 
David Meffe met Marc early and become a full time musician for the band as back up vocals and a skillful percussionist. Andy Melo plays lead guitar who originally joined the band as a guest artist doing collaborative song writing before securing a full time deal. Dave Ongena was invited to play bass after being recognized with his talents in solo guitar and vocal acoustic sets. Alyssa Delurey is the female lead vocalist. She auditioned for the band in 2010 and has since become a full-time singer and judging by all the happy male members of the audience, she is the finishing touch to this well-rounded group.
Executive producer and recording engineer for the group is Alexander “Sasch” Tukatsch, of Platinum Blonde fame. He teamed up with legendary mix master Richard Chycki, best known for his work with Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Rush and Simple Plan.
“They’ve got special talent and a real positive vibe” says Tukatsch.
 “I want to see them go


 for it and I’ll be there to help in whatever way I can. These guys are hardworking, talented and I believe in them. Canadian music fans are going to love them!”
Watching a band perform live is always a great experience. The Marc Joseph Band has passion in the music and they deliver the goods. And that’s what it’s all about…. 
Passion…and having fun along the way!
You can listen to their original songs BREATHE and CITY LIGHTS right here…..


The Marc Joseph Band’s official website is www.themarcjosephband.ca please visit for downloads and to track their news & events. Keep an eye out for them as they take on the world with current negotiations to play in Vegas, England, Portugal, LA and more!

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