Potty training my eldest daughter was a nightmare. After dropping hot, steaming logs in her undies for months, she finally figured it out a few days before her third birthday and since then we have had no issues: she has stayed dry day and night. Until last week. 

She went away with her Nana on a five-day trip to the coast to visit some relatives and had a great ol’ time hanging out with her cousins, seeing the sights and having a blast. But the first night she came home, she peed the bed. 
I figured maybe her routine was just out whack and she’d be fine the next night, but no. She’s wet the bed every night for the past week since being home from the trip. 
I sat down and asked her if everything was alright at school, if anything bad had happened on the trip while she was away, if any kids were being mean to her in her class to see if there was some emotional element at play in the sudden bed-wetting, but she insisted all is well. She really does seem fine in every other aspect of her life and nothing else has changed in our family circumstances. 
I have been getting her up a couple hours after she falls asleep to put her on the potty and she will go pee and usually wake up dry, but if I happen to forget to rouse her for that midnight break, her bed is wet in the morning. She says she just doesn’t even notice it happening. I have made sure not to make her feel ashamed or embarrassed about it, but changing the bed sheets every morning is getting a little old. 
Is this a normal bump in the road for a five year-old kid, or should I be concerned? 
  • Jen

    Could she have a bladder infection? I know it is not likely but if it persists it may be worth looking into.
    Probably just change and developmental.

  • Tracey

    Sometimes they just go through phases… she might just stop again out of nowhere. She could just be growing.
    I’d keep rousing her for a trip to the potty before you turn in for the night to avoid those wet sheets – and I totally feel you – the wet bed this many years after the fact feels like a bad joke. So sorry!! Ack. 🙁

  • Sara

    Ugh Amanda – how frustrating for both of you. I have no words of advice…we’re nearing four and he’s STILL pooping in a diaper at home…if he’s out he’ll use the potty…
    I’m curious to read what people say – it must be a phase but hte timing is so interesting.

  • Dyan

    My six year old went through a phase like that a little while ago. He’s better now. Who knows why? Chock that up to kids are weird.
    At the time, I just made sure no drinks after 6pm and he HAD TO go pee before going to bed – even if he didn’t feel like he had to.

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