Holy hell. Where do I even begin? This episode! I feel like this was already part of the finale and things are moving quickly and making sense and questions are answered and OH MY GOD, Jack drank the wine of doom and is just like Jacob now. Also, the show opens with his eye, which I thought was pretty telling. 

So, we know, like, FOR REALSIES NOW that Jacob chose them as possible replacements for him. We actually knew this before, but Jacob never actually TOLD them this, and we are all unsurprised that Jack is the one who volunteers for the job. It’s supposed to be Jack. And Jacob chooses them because they are all, well, LOST in the world. None of them had anything good going on. Of course, though, Sawyer needs to get all up in Jacob’s face about it. Sawyer…the one who just basically killed several people. 
Richard gets swept up by the smoke monster, but there’s no way this is the end of Richard Alpert. He is/was way too important to this show. Fingers crossed that I’m right. It would also be a little awesome if Frank Lapidus wasn’t dead either. 
Danielle kidnapping Ben for dinner. Classic. Was so nice to see her face again! 
Ben seems quick to join forces with NotLocke. A little too quick, methinks. I think Ben is smart. He is going along with NotLocke right now, kills himself a little Charles Widmore (REVENGE! “He doesn’t get to save his daughter”, but ultimately, I think Ben is going to side with the good guys.
Desmond is a fail-safe; a last resort. Widmore – who is now working with Jacob? or WAS working with Jacob, because he is probably dead – says that Desmond was brought here just in case something happened to all of the candidates, there was still someone who could take Jacob’s place. BUT. QUESTION: How did Desmond get out of the well? Rose and Bernard?
Also, another question. WHERE IS ISLAND CLAIRE?
“It’s just a line of chalk in a cave, Kate. The job is yours if you want it.” Oh Jacob (and Lost producers), you make me laugh. We questioned whether or not she was a candidate for episodes. We were confused that she was on one list but not the other. And all this time, it was just a line of chalk in a cave. Oh Kate. 

I was so glad to see Miles back with his snark. “Well, I lived in these houses 30 years before you did. Otherwise known as last week.” Although I enjoyed Hurley’s, “hey, you didn’t tell me that Ana Lucia was coming with us!” hahah. 

I cannot even take a guess at what I think is going to happen. I cannot even take a guess as how the two timelines are going to come together. Apparently, Desmond knows, so that’s good. At least someone knows. Are we going to see how the island sunk to the bottom of the ocean? 
  • http://www.hope4peyton.org Peter Mayhew

    Jack’s going to be killed. Fake Locke is going to be killed. Sawyer is going to have a similar ending as to what happened to Jacob’s brother and will become the next smoke beast. Hurley will then become the next Jacob, suffering 1000 years of fat jokes from Sawyer.
    There can be no other way.
    Oh, and Kate is going to wake up in an insane asylum looking at a beach type snow globe. It’s all her dream.
    Translation, I’ve got no friggin clue how it’s ending, just enjoying the ride.

  • http://www.avitable.com Avitable

    It must be Rose and Bernard. Who else would have rescued Desmond? Maybe Claire? Walt and ghost Michael? Jin, who didn’t actually die?

  • http://www.kirida.com kirida

    I bet Desmond was helped by Rose and Bernard. Even though they’re “retired,” they were probably walking Vincent around and came across Desmond. I think that Flocke is going along with Ben because he is desperate, even if he already knows that Ben is plotting against him. Maybe Ben will sacrifice himself and become the new smoke monster since Jack is the new Jacob? Or will Ben help recruit Jack recruit new candidates?
    Also, island Claire is probably on the other island, tinkering with her toys and guns and frizzy hair. Flocke had no reason to bring her with him.
    Also, I read that the DVD box set of Season 6 will have a special feature to answer questions still remaining from the season. They did this with Season 5, answering how Eloise Hawking was the one coordinating the Dharma food drops.
    My theory is that it is going to end with Fake Locke and Jack on the beach, and Flocke saying to him, “Do you know how badly I want to kill you?” L O S T.
    My week is going to be very Lost centric. Obvs.

  • http://fullofsnark.com Kristabella

    I liked this episode, but I didn’t like it. I think it is because there were concrete answers and it is ENDING. And I am sad! I miss the weeks of sitting, staring at the TV with my mouth agape while the big white Lost booms on the screen.
    I am really going to miss this show. But the finale is going to be AMAZING! I KNOW IT!

  • Katie

    I can’t believe it’s almost over!
    I had the same thought as you when Richard got smoked (literally!) — that can’t be the end of him — but considering there’s only more more episode, I’m afraid that might be it for both him & for Widmore.
    LOVING that Desmond seems to be at the centre of it all – making the connections, bringing the timelines together.

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