There have been lots of studies in recent years on the health benefits of a moderate daily consumption of red wine, and now experts are telling us that a cup or two of coffee a day can be beneficial to us as well. This is great news for those of us who like to enjoy these beverages, but not necessarily great news for our teeth. There are also lots of other foods that can discolour our teeth, and age itself is also a factor in yellowing our beautiful pearly whites.

But fear not – you don’t have to resort to expensive dentist whitening solutions in order to bring your teeth back to a beautiful, sparkling white. Recently 25 Go2Girlz product testers sampled LISTERINE® WHITENING™ PLUS RESTORING™ Fluoride Rinse, a unique new product from the makers of LISTERINE®. 

LISTERINE® WHITENING™ PLUS RESTORING™ Fluoride Rinse is a new two-in-one formula that whitens and strengthens teeth for a healthy and confident smile. And, because it’s from the makers of LISTERINE® Antiseptic mouthwash, it kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. Simply swish after brushing for 60 seconds twice a day to achieve a noticeably whiter smile while restoring enamel, strengthening teeth and helping prevent tooth decay. Moreover, it’s the only whitening rinse that is recognized by the Canadian Dental Association for strengthening tooth enamel.


• Safely whitens teeth
• Restores tooth enamel
• Strengthens teeth
• Protects teeth from cavities
• Kills bacteria that causes bad breath
• Great minty flavor
• $9.99 for a 946 ml bottle
• Available in retail outlets across Canada
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So: our Go2Girlz tested the product regularly (used twice a day following brushing) for six weeks, and they were pleased with the results. Most of our testers reported a definite whitening effect on their teeth, and many also noted other benefits to using the product, including fewer canker sores and a reduction in tooth sensitivity! All our testers found it easy to use and most enjoyed the fresh, minty taste. By far, the greatest benefit to our testers LISTERINE® WHITENING™ PLUS RESTORING™ Fluoride Rinse was the whitening results at such a reasonable price. Nearly everyone said they would buy this product again and recommend it to friends.

A few of the Go2Girlz noticed some drawbacks to the rinse. The most common drawback reported was that it’s difficult to keep from eating or drinking for 30 minutes after use (especially in the morning) – although all our testers do understand why this is necessary. One or two testers complained that the taste was strong and it was difficult to swish the rinse for a full minute, and a few complained that there was a residue in their mouths following rinsing that they didn’t like.

But overall, our Go2Girlz product testers give LISTERINE® WHITENING™ PLUS RESTORING™ Fluoride Rinse a resounding two thumbs up as a simple, effective and economical way to get, whiterand stronger teeth. Here’s some of what our testers had to say:

Well, the benefits are how white it makes your teeth in such a short time! I am a coffee drinker and I have not had white teeth since I was much younger and now, I feel like a kid with pearly whites! — Enza, mom of 1

Some mouthwashes have a strong alcohol or medicinal taste which turns me off using them after a few times. The flavour of this brand was subtle and not at all imposing. – Elizabeth, mom of 2

Whiter teeth and less sensitive teeth for sure! I had been suffering from sensitive teeth and had gone off my favourite hot drinks and cold foods (like ice cream) because it hurt my teeth so much, and now I drink my daily hot Earl Grey without a wince or even a notice! – Lisa, mom of 2

I would definitely recommend this to a friend. – Tabetha, mom of 2

At first I didn’t think this product would deliver what it says it does, and now I am a loyal customer of this product. It’s not a budget buster which is very important to me and it actually works! – Enza, mom of 1

It offers lots of benefit in one product (healthier teeth, fresh breath, whiter teeth). – Jennifer, mom of 1

I thought Listerine Whitening was an amazing product, good for the gums and teeth… and felt good not to have squishy tapes in the mouth 🙂 — Marisa, mom of 2

  • Cheryl

    Does this mouthwash contain alcohol?

  • Marlon Kho

    Great post,Send you my picture. I like this blog for one simple reason.It focuses people’s attention on the simple yet proven method of smoking cessation naturally. That’s right – no substitutes whatsoever, just real natural, yet radical change – FAST!Great work!!!

  • Diane

    Very glad to read all the comments, it makes it easy to decide to try this product

  • Kimberly

    I love this stuff, i noticed my teeth has become whiter and it leaves a great taste in your mouth, makes your mouth feel so refreshing, its the only mouth wash that i like and its not strong like all the other kinds. Great product!

  • tammy

    leaves a great taste in your month and does a great job of cleaning you teeth

  • me_arlene

    I most definitely noticed my teeth becoming whiter which was great since I’m an avid coffee and tea drinker. It’s hard to explain but my mouth just felt healthier. I had a hard time with how it foamed when I used it but it was easy enough to overlook for the results.

  • celi

    I will love to have my teeth professionally whitened but I am a coffee lover and I don’t know if is worth spend so much money.

  • Shelley

    I really enjoyed Listerine Whitening plus restoring rinse. The taste was pleasant and it did indeed whiten my teeth. I had to use less than the recommended amount. If I kept it in my mouth too long it was a little over-powering. I will definately consider buying this listerine in the future

  • Jessica

    This product is great! The foaming was different, but I could ” feel” it doing its job!
    I would recommend this to others and will buy more!
    Thank you for the chance to try this!
    Mom of 2 amazing lill people

  • Jen

    I would really like to get my teeth professionally whitened but can’t get over the cost. Although this didn’t have the same result it definitely made my mouth fresher and my teeth a little whiter.

  • Cait

    I found that it didn’t whiten my teeth as much as my monthly whitening gel did, which I stoped using to test this out. But I did like the fact that it got rid of my canker sores over night. Unfortunatly I kept waking up with a sore throat, so I had to stop using it before bed.

  • Lindsay

    I really enjoyed using this mouthwash, and will definitely continue! There are so many benefits to using it, and the flavour is so fresh, clean and minty, not overpowering at all!

  • Lisa

    I appreciate the honestly and balance of this review – it echoes exactly my own experience. And I did go out and buy another bottle after my first one was done – and I’m glad I did!

  • Kath

    I’ve been using this product for a few weeks and I can notice the difference: my teeth are actually whiter!

  • Shauna

    If you are a regular mouthwash user, I would say give this product a try, however don’t look to it as a teeth whitening product alone. I noticed a slight whitening effect but not enough for me to start using the product regularly. The drawbacks such as the foaming action and residue were too much for me.

  • Tabetha

    My husband and I both used it and found the taste to be softer than regular Listerine – which made it easier to use more often and so get the best results from it.

  • Meg

    With minimal cost and minimal effort I would recommend this product. My teeth were a bit whiter and it was a refreshing taste.

  • Enza

    Hey Ladies!
    Overall, I was impressed by this product. It’s hard to maintain healty white teeth as we get older and develop habits such as smoking or drinking coffee. But thanks to Listerine Whitening plus restoring, I have found a new cheap way to get my teeth back to the way they use to be in no time time at all, plus…it’s not a budget buster 🙂

  • Jennifer L.

    I thought it was a really useful product. I’d much rather use a mouthwash (which I always use anyway) to get whiter teeth than some of the other teeth-whitening products.

  • Carol

    The mouthwash made my teeth whiter and left a great taste in my mouth. My dental hygienist even noticed a difference in my teeth.
    It’s really simple and easy to use. I needed to get use to the foamyness of the mouthwash, but overall really enjoyed testing this product.

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