The other night I actually had time to sit down on the couch (yes sit!) take the high tech remote controller that I still haven’t mastered, and flip through the various stations in hopes of finding something interesting to watch.  I was intrigued.  It seems as though about 50% of the shows on TV are reality shows!  Honestly there are way too many to choose from and it appears that there is a reality show on almost every subject imaginable!
mom teen.jpg There are reality shows on teen pregnancy, being pregnant in high school, A girl named Honey Boo Boo, home renovation, marriage, picking a wedding dress, how to manage your finances or pick a puppy, how to build a house, and buy a house and flip it, how to buy your first house, life as a duck caller, bounty hunter, bachelor, bachelorette, dance mom and cheer mom.  Then of course there are the reality shows about large families, having multiples, and being a conjoined twin.  Believe it or not there are even more shows but I think I fell asleep.
kate plus 8.jpg
Of course having 8 children I tend to be drawn to the reality shows that are about juggling large families, yet none of them really seem to offer what I was hoping they would.  As much as I admire the family of 19, 20 – well I have lost count I find it hard to relate to them.  I am not as religious as they are and I do believe in birth control.  I also don’t really find that they juggle as much as say some families with maybe only 4 or 5 young children because they have so many older children who help out with everything – and I mean EVERYTHING! All of the shows dealing with large families have both parents at home (except for Kate plus eight – but he was there for the early years), who typically seem to divide the chores, child rearing and the other day to day stuff.  Then there seems to be the endless amount of people supporting them, offering free nanny / babysitting services, house cleaners etc… Are they just there because they have a show?  I haven’t yet seen any of these families have children with special needs either – now that would make it very interesting as far as I am concerned.
Many people joke with me and ask when my show is airing and do I plan to have any more children.  There will be no more children for me – aside from the expense, juggling all 8, finding individual time for each, my body simple can’t handle anymore.  I have severe arthritis and was told I shouldn’t have any more as the stress is too much for me – yes well that was before the twins. 
However, if I were to have a reality show what would you really like to see?  Do you like the sudden surge of Reality shows? Do you watch any and if so which one? As far as big family reality shows go what would you really like to see on them besides the drama relating to the parents actual marriage?
Until next time,
  • Julie

    the only reality show i like to watch is wipeout! it’s real 🙂 i couldn’t imagine going on tv to choose the man of my dreams or having my “real” life out there. i mean, really, is driving a lexus and having your hair done every day between botox treatments real?

  • Tracey

    Every time I see an ad for a new reality show, my gag reflex kicks in, and I try not to vomit on the floor. I just… can’t… even… (But at least that Kate lady seems to have found a new hair-do!)

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