Rice Krispies Treats. Who didn’t grow up loving them? Most of us have fond memories of standing at the stove helping mom make those iconic gooey squares, and they’re still a snack-time treat for kids today. Low in fat and with the goodness of Rice Krispies, they’re also a wise choice for nutrition-conscious moms.

But as most moms know, getting a range of wholesome foods into our kids diet isn’t always easy, so when we can choose a snack that ticks off more than one box on the nutrition checklist, we’re all for it! Enter new Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Granola Bars. Made with whole grain oats, and under 100 calories with the added benefit of 2g of fibre per bar, these bars are bound to make Mom’s list. And for the little ones, Snap! Crackle! and Pop! have fused two things that kids love – Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares Bars & Granola Bars. The fun, ooey-gooey new bar is available in two delicious flavours: Cocoa and Strawberry.

rice-krispies-granola-bars.jpgWell, we were curious to see how this new fusion would go down in the households of the Go2Girlz, so we sent samples of both the cocoa and strawberry Rice Krispies Granola Bars out to 100 of our product testers. We asked them to have their toughest critics try them out and then get back to us with the results. And the verdict? These snacks are a hit!  Even kids who normally balk at traditional granola bars gobbled up the Rice Krispies Granola Bars, and moms and dads alike loved them as well. Convenient, nutritious and delicious, the Go2Girlz agree: these bars are winners. Many of our testers reported that they would (or already have) recommend these snacks to a friend, and they would also buy them again themselves.

But let’s give the Go2Girlz themselves a chance to tell it in their own words:

The kids loved them. This is definitely something that will be added to our grocery list. – Stacy, mom of 2

My 2 year old ate the entire box of cocoa flavoured Rice Krispies…and now that she’s tried the strawberry flavour, she’s totally hooked. – Patricia, mom of 2

It’s a really tasty, healthy treat.  The cocoa flavour is like eating a chocolate granola bar, but it’s chewier and is much lighter. – Debbie, mom of 1

It is kid-friendly and tasty. My children normally do not eat granola bars but they loved this one and asked for more. – Annette, mom of 2

Delicious, nutritious, and my children love them. I couldn’t get my daughter to eat any kind of granola bar. But with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Granola she can’t get enough! – Nicole, mom of 3

Handy and portable, good to have on car trips or on a plane for a snack or even doing park trips. – Rob, Dad of 3

Good low calorie snack that my kids enjoy.  It’s an easy snack to put into my kids lunches or throw into my purse. – Carol, mom of 2

This is a granola snack that kids will actually like. – Laurie, mom of 1

It’s a nice alternative from the usual granola bars or rice krispie squares – it combines the 2 into a unique snack. – Deidra, mom of 2

They are a healthy option for a kids’ snack, and that is great.  They are convenient, a good size, handy to tuck into a purse for on the go or lunch boxes. – Kristie, mom of 2

These squares have 2g fibre and 1 gram protein.  A good treat to include in school lunches. – Sharon, mom of 2

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