It isn’t always easy being the oldest child and having siblings who have a disability.  For my oldest child there has always been a slight burden on her to watch out for her brother who lives daily with aspergers and a mood disorder.  It isn’t always fair but it is the reality.  Being only 18 months apart is especially hard because they are at the same school, within the same peer groups, and so let’s face it – it is obvious that her brother is not typical and it must have an impact on her own social life.
Joshua's pics 394.JPG
Over the past few years it has been particularly hard because children with aspergers can be very obsessive about things and for my oldest son he is totally into computers.  He is also one of the smartest people I know when it comes to computers but it can get very annoying to hear about them all the time.
The other night though something happened that made me so happy and so proud to have such great children.  My oldest Marie and Joshua were sitting on the floor beside me as I finished crocheting a birthday present and for once they were actually talking and not fighting or Marie getting annoyed.  They were joking and laughing and then the conversation turned to video games and Marie started asking about some game and Joshua got really excited.
Next thing I knew Joshua was taking the x-box to Marie’s room so that he could teach her how to win a game – a game that she wants to beat a good friend at.  I couldn’t believe it! They were at it for almost two hours and were actually having fun together!
It is times like these when you realize that even though having a large family can have  frustrations and stresses it also has a bond that is so special between the siblings and it is nice to know that no matter what they will always have and appreciate each other for who they are. It also makes me feel great knowing that my kids are good kids and that I must be doing something right.
What about you? What types of things have you caught your kiddies doing that made you so proud to be their parent?
Untill next time,
Chantel, momof8crazymonkeys
  • Chantel

    Thanks Jen I think she is pretty beautiful as well. It is complicated with 8 and these moments are rare but so precious when they happen:)

  • Chantel

    lol Nancy you could never underachieve at anything! Yes along with writing I love to crochet and am always finding time to do it!

  • Jen

    I love that pic of your daughter. She is beautiful and seems so natural and happy.
    I love it when my kids have those moments. I find we go through periods where they are close and others where they are worlds apart. I can’t imagine how complicated this must be with 8!

  • Nancy

    did you say crocheting a bday present ?
    I was already having a day were I felt I was underachieving in an unbelievably bad way….

  • Tracey

    I was JUST going to say…!!

  • Sara

    dude – I’m still stuck on the fact that you have time to sit and crochet

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