We’re not the kind of people who travel often with their kids, who are determined to tent with their month-old baby or go on a road-trip with screaming toddlers just for the fun of it. We do have plans to go on exciting excursions when our children are older and don’t have frequent temper tantrums. And also, when they stop pooping in their pants. That’s going to be pretty swell.

That being said, we were invited to join some friends on an impromptu camping trip this weekend and decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. We loaded up the van with sleeping bags and gear and hit the road. We arrived at the camp and set up a cozy fire in the pit.
The air was fresh and crisp, the crickets began their evening song, and the kids were happily running free.
Why did we wait so long to do this?” I asked myself as we all bit into warm s’mores together around the fire.
“Family time is awesome! We should go camping every weekend! Let’s go live in the bush for the rest of our days!”
Then night fell.
We tucked the kids into bed and followed suit shortly thereafter. 
Avelyn soon began loudly snoring. Steve had been battling a head-cold for a few days and got caught in a crazy coughing fit at midnight. Then Brinley woke up howling at 3 am, and I tried to coax her back to sleep by bringing her into bed with me. She would not settle and before I knew it, Karenna had woken up and would not stop crying. We netted about three hours of sleep.
As I laid in my sleeping bag, a thrashing toddler kneeing my spleen as my five year-old snored so loudly it made my eardrums quake and my three year-old had a full-blown tantrum at four in the morning I answered my previous question: “THIS. This is why we waited so long to do this.”
Have you put travel plans on hold while your kids are young, or are they perfect sleep-through-the-night angels who just LOVE to go on trips? 
  • Julie

    we have camped with the girls this whole time and have been truly blessed to not have major meltdowns in the tents. other than when they were babies and needed feedings they’ve slept and enjoyed themselves immensely!
    my problem with the tent is that it’s 9:00 at night and still sunny outside…and trying to get them to sleep in a bright green box! 🙂

  • Carolyn

    On hold. Everything. Indefinitely.

  • Tracey

    We haven’t travelled much with our kids yet, but that’s kind of a financial thing. We’d LOVE to go to Europe one day, but I don’t want to do that with a stroller-aged kid who still requires naps or any of that stuff… I hear you, woman. I think we’ve reached a better stage for that – if only our finances would catch up, we could *actually* go!!
    I love the pics, though… and at least the daylight parts were successful! I’ll bet it will be better next time – try again soon! (Good luck!!)

  • Sara

    oh GOD! I was waiting – thinking this is not going to end well…BUT at least you got that amazing pic of your family…:). Will and I are heading on a road trip a week tomorrow – but we’re staying with friends scattered around NY state…no tent. I may be biting off more than I can chew…but we shall see!

  • holly

    oh boy – sounds quite ambitious to take three girlies camping! think i missed the part of skinny jeans though? lol

  • mrswilson

    What is this sleep-through-the-night thing you speak of?
    We love road trips, but I’ve never gone on one with all three kids. I shudder to think of it as we head your way this summer.

  • jen

    Haha! I like camping until bedtime too! Glad you got away for a bit!

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