Tupperware. Norwex. Mary Kay. Pampered Chef. Epicure. Partylite. Arbonne. Avon.

These are all products that carry out business through a little machine known as the Home Party: you get invited to one, you go and drink some bad coffee, you listen to a spiel, you feel guilted into buying something and then you leave having spent $50 on something you didn’t even really want to. 
I have gone to a lot of these parties, mostly in the name of supporting friends who are starting their own businesses. There are some items from most of the above brand-names that I do actually enjoy (I’m looking at you, Pampered Chef stoneware line and Mary Kay ultimate mascara) and I am all about showing solidarity to those who are trying their best to make extra income for their families, but I don’t like the unspoken pressure that usually hangs in the air at home parties. 
But guess what I’m hosting this week at my house? A Stella & Dot Jewelry party for a friend of mine who is just starting to sell the line.
I have looked through the catalogue and I actually really love the inventory. I have invited all my friends, but made it abundantly clear that there is NO PRESSURE to buy anything and that the real fun will be in the cupcakes and wine I’ll have waiting for them. I think it’s going to be fun.
How do you feel about home-based parties that sell stuff? Love them? Hate them? Host them regularly? Are there any wonderful brands or products you have come to know and love as a result of these parties? 
  • nicopico

    I actually do not particularly enjoy these parties either, for the same reasons as stated above, unless I love the products. However, I am a distributor for It Works Global and we do wrap parties. While we aren’t officially a party plan company, we do love to party. And with our Ultimate Body Applicator, it’s so much fun to see people getting noticeable results after wearing it for just 45 minutes. And the hostess doesn’t have to go overboard with refreshments – just water and perhaps a fruit/veggie tray. People pre-purchase the wrap and I never pressure anyone to purchase anything else. In fact, I rarely have extra products on hand to sell because we are encouraged to sell via our websites. It’s just a fun night out for all.

  • sonya

    I’ve hosted a Silpada and a Pampered Chef party and I’ve been to many similar “home parties” but I’ve never felt obligated to purchase anything. When I attend other parties. I check online for catalogues prior to attending so I can look through items in a clear state of mind, and without pressure, to see if I want/need anything. And I stick to it. Hosting the party is a lot of work. You put out food and drinks/wine and you gotta kick out or confine the family in another part of the house. But once in a while it’s fine.

  • shar108

    I hate them and everyone who I talk to does as well. I always feel obligated to buy something even when told there is no pressure. I have a very limited “extras” budget so I want to find the best prices for what I buy, and that is not at home parties. I have turned down many an acquaintance and friend with sorry, it’s not in the budget right now. Most have been fine with it, some not so much. I find it’s better for me just not to go then sit there squirming when everyone goes in the other room to do their purchasing. If I want to order something I ask for the catalogue and browse on my own time.

  • Julie

    well, i’m quite biased cuz i’m a pampered chef consultant and because of all the reasons listed above i tell people right off the bat that i’m not here to sell them stuff! i truly believe that bringing people together to socialize is something that we’re not doing anymore and i want to get that going again.
    i really try to work hard with my hosts to tell everyone that they are welcome to come and eat and drink because i’m not about the hard sell (or soft sell) at all.
    it seems really counterintuitive for me to do this since i only get paid when someone buys something but my main focus it getting people together face to face with their friends instead of facebook to facebook.
    and, not many people can drink on the job…well, okay i only have 1/2 a glass if offered!

  • Sara

    I love Stella and Dot and hosted a party because I knew my friends would love the line so I didn’t feel guilty asking them to come…. as Alice says – makes all the difference.,

  • Leslie

    Love them!!! Who would not love an evening out with friends. Never feel pressure to buy. I have been to a tonne of these parties, some I spend a fortune others – nothing. The last thing you want as a host is to have people (worse friends) spend money on something because they feel they have to. That is not good for friendship or the business!! My tip is to share a bill with your friend, split it accordingly, then spend what you saved on shipping on a latte!!! It is a win – win for everybody!!!!

  • Tracey

    I’ve hated them for all the above reasons too… and I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from one of those parties that I felt “guilted” into buying, and really didn’t want… I actually have just declined invitations so such parties over the years. I guess I’m bad like that. But, I think the Stella and Dot line is pretty cute – I’m not big on jewellery, so I won’t be shopping… or hosting… but the stuff looks so good! Bon chance, Amanda! I’ll bet you’ll be GREAT at this!! And have a blast, like Nancy… 😉

  • Alice

    I’ve hated them for all the reasons you mention – but hell, I didn’t even know Stella & Dot WAS a home sale line! That is one line I would probably buy from because I *wanted* to, not because I felt I should, and that makes all the difference.

  • Nancy

    I began selling Stella and Dot two weeks ago because I could not bear not to.
    I love the line, my teenagers adore it and I think the marketing is fantastic.
    I made $1000 Thursday night drinking wine and playing dress up.
    So what do I think? I think it is great!
    have fun and enjoy the pretty treats, Amanda.

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