600928_507884809226936_210538029_n.jpgI love my girlfriends. Seriously! My BFFs have the ability to find light in areas that others may say “hey, don’t go there!” 

I remember going through the “baby blues” after the birth of my first kid.  I don’t know if I really understood what was going with my body at the time. It was a complete blur. However, I do remember my weekly catch ups with four moms I had met at pre-natal classes. Together with our fresh babies we took over downtown coffee shops with our strollers and had a great time. They were critical in keeping me in check.
We all agreed that our bodies felt like like some alien creatures took over. I recall asking myself,  “who am I and what did this child do to my body?” But they understood what I was experiencing and we were in this sisterhood together. We had the best of times laughing hysterically about everything imaginable. Yes, we compared notes. Oh yes, the feeling like cows being milked, being mom zombies and hey, hubby wants sex now? Yeah, right. 
We always had good chats to get us through whatever our hormones were serving up to us. We could talk candidly and openly (even with strangers who joined us)  in the name of sanity.  I just loved being with them.
So, the next stage in life is slowly creeping into mind. Yep, Menopause.
I’m starting see some friends experiencing early symptoms. Every so often one of them would say “Oh, was that a hot flash?” And another would respond with something like “Or was that Bradley Cooper that just walked by?”  and we’d tag each other on Facebook with silly things  like this…
I hear it just creeps up on you like ill fitting panties, but being able to laugh with my friends has given me the ability to take whatever life throws my way. I know there are things that you simply cannot control so I just roll with it! So, whenever the symptoms come on, I’m ready! 
Ladies! It’s time we change the way we thing about Menopause! Poise has introduced the 2nd Talk, a conversation and collection of stories featuring women experiencing menopause. Over 50 million women experience it yet no one wants to talk about it! Why is that? We talk about everything else, right? 
So, let’s start the conversation! World Menopause Day is on October 18 and Poise is hoping to reach the goal of 1 million women to join in the conversation! Join them of Facebook at Poise to be counted in!
Here’s something you and your girlfriends may want to attend …perhaps it’s time for another “girl’s night out!”…


There’s an event coming up called the HOT FLASH ROAD SHOW that will star comedienne Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC’s “The View” and entertainer Cloris Leachman in the hot seats! It’s touted as a one-of-a-kind live comedy event created that will turn the topic of menopause on its head! Events will be held in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. 
Our friends at POISE would like to invite YOU and a guest to this fun-filled evening of entertainment in Toronto (simulcast) on Friday, September 21st at 8pm at the TIFF Bell Lightbox (cocktail reception at 6:30 pm) . AND IT’S FREE but space is limited! So, grab your girlfriends and get your tickets at this link before they are gone!!!!! Tickets are first-come, first-serve at www.Poise.com/rsvp
BONUS for Toronto! Dr. Marla Shapiro will be the special guest at the eent. There will be a Q&A with her after the show for women to get their menopause questions answered! Dr. Shapiro is CTV’s Medical Consultant, contributor to Canada AM, and host of the new national show, “Dr. Marla and Friends.”

Thumbnail image for Hot Flash Event.jpg

So far, my friends who are at this stage say that  Menopause isn’t so bad after all. I’m pretty curious though about some of the symptoms like do you still feel sexy? How long will it last? And how do you deal with the uninvited changes to your body? I’m hoping to attend this event and it sounds like fun! Who’s coming with me?
So tell me, have you started seeing signs of menopause yet OR have gone through it already? 

Here’s a great clip I found on the Poise website that I wanted to share!
  • Sonya

    If it’s a slow creep then I think I’m ok with it…well, not that I can do anything about it. But easing in would be much better than Mutha Nature switching the on button. We’ll be fine!

  • Sonya

    Oh I can’t wait. Although now that I’m more aware I’m thinking maybe I’ve started but not sure. I’m looking forward to friday night’s event with Poise!

  • Kath

    LOL! Love the line, “thank you God!” about not getting your period anymore 🙂
    I am definitely on the doorstep of menopause. Like Tracey, I’ve been having night sweats on and off for years, and my cycle is starting to get messed up – coming more often, not less. Boo!
    Not having my own mom around to go to for advice on this stage of life, I think it’s great that Poise is putting it out there in the public sphere for discussion.

  • Jen

    Love that clip! I also think that many women see menopause as a single event, a destination, when it is really happening over many, many years starting before you actually stop getting your period. One’s body is always changing. I love the idea of this opening up conversation!

  • Tracey

    What a great clip, Sonya!!
    I think I’ve been perimenopausal for a few years now… it’s like a slow creep. My cycle is still normal, but I’ve been having night-sweats for years (PMS-y) which sucks when you wake up to drenched bed sheets. And I can’t tell for certain, but I’ve DEFINITELY been fanning myself if the air conditioner’s been turned off during a “cooler” portion of the evening. And I’m thinking, “Is it me, or is it HAWT in here? Am I having a hot flash?!” *shrugs* It’s the beginning, maybe. I’m okay with it. I’m pretty sure I will relish not having my period anymore, one day… 😉

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