The red carpets getting ready and so are we! See the shot of me chatting away with Alexander Skarsgard at a TIFF party last year? Yep, insert silly big grin and school girl squeals here.
The celebrities, the industry movers & shakers, paparazzi, and film lovers are all buzzing in preparation for this year’s THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF) set to take place from September 6 to 16. 


So, to get “into the spirit” of the festival why not host your own TIFF REV UP PARTY! And check out the awesome prize we’re giving away from WOLF BLASS WINES 
see below. 

Here are some ideas on how to host your own!

CELEBRITY THEME:  Want to show a movie at your party? Check out who will be attending this year’s festival. See Katya’s list of TIFF celebrities confirmed  and “screen” a previous film starring your favourite actor or director at your party. A Ryan Gosling themed night would be fun complete with sexy food and wine! HELLOooooooo! 

Or maybe you’d be interested in a Festival theme tie-in:
JEWELS OF INDIA: This year TIFF’s city-to-city partnership is with MUMBAI. Think 


Hollywood Bollywood! There are so many ways to keep with this theme. From gloriously rich colour sheer fabrics or throw pillows you can pick up affordably from the shops in Little India in bright jewel tones.  
Food:  If you’re hosting a sit down meal many grocers carry all the great elements to make your own daal or butter chicken. Naan can be used instead of pita breads in dips. Or heck, just order in! Samosas are great to pick up frozen or fresh at local indian restaurants. Fresh fruits are a must. Right now, the Alfonso mangos are perfectly ripe and great in salads or lassi’s. 
Wine Pairing Suggestions: Indian food is rich in flavours and spices. You won’t want your wine to “fight” with the food. Instead go for a lighter or slightly sweeter to balance the meal. A Riesling, Gewarztraminer are good choices for their crisp and refreshing characteristics. Both are easy to drink with a hint of sweetness. Pinot Noir is also an interesting selection and a smooth compliment to spices.
ASIAN LEGENDS: Jackie Chan is confirmed to be attending the ASIAN FILM SUMMIT – one of the industry features at this year’s TIFF. And a number of asian films are gaining attention including Peter Webber’s EMPEROR – a period piece set in Japan just after the Japanese surrender at war; DANGEROUS LIAISON is a sensual adaptation of the classic French novel but takes place in 1930’s Shanghai. 
Food: Take out is simple enough these days with availability in every city. If you’re hosting a


cocktail party, include spring rolls or dim sum selections for guests to easily pick up and mingle with. If you’re close to a T&T Asian Supermarket you’ll love the prepared food aisles with zillions of appetizer sized portions! Serve dumplings, spring rolls, and buns. Or perhaps you want to serve Japanese food. Bring in sushi platters or host your own sushi rolling party. My good friend Jimmy Morry aka “Dr. Sushi” at The Sushi Bar restaurant will even come to your home and get your party ROLLING…heh, heh. He’s the best. And don’t forget about the chopsticks! 
Wine Pairing Suggestions: Because Chinese foods vary from region to region wine pairings can be tricky. The food can be spicy or wonderfully simple. Go for variety and have Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernets. With Japanese fare, sake is great but sometimes fiddly for a party. Unless you’re serving the cold kind, you’ll need be standing at the kitchen warming up the sake to the right temperature.  But if you’re interested in serving wine, according to Wine Spectator magazine (April 5, 2007), you don’t want it to overpower foods like sushi. Choose whites like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnays. 
CANADIANA: Sarah Polley is just one of the home grown filmmakers returning to the festival this year with a documentary that is already creating buzz. Bring your festival party theme home with some comfort favourites!  


Food: Host a Poutine Bar at your party by having different toppings ready. Think beyond the gravy and cheese curds and include bacon bits, cooked ground beef, salsa, shredded cooked chicken or pork, you get the picture. Let your guests do-it-themselves. Smoked meat and other deli favourites are easy too! For fun, call up a food truck to park outside your house like  Caplansky’s Deli Truck “Thundering Thelma” or Fidel Gastro’s Extremo Sandwiches 
Wine Pairing Suggestions: We’re talking comfort foods here and while beer comes to mind but when it comes to wine you’ll want to serve fuller bodied ones that compliment what you’re serving. Full and flavourful wines in reds are definitely good choices! 
Wolf Blass 3.jpg


Official wine sponsor WOLF BLASS WINES  wants you to Enjoy The View at this year’s TIFF Festival with a prize pack for lovers of film and fine Australian wine.
The Prize includes...
2 TIFF Priority Tickets (hey, because they’re a sponsor)
2 bottles (may be in the form of gift cards to be redeem at the LCBO)
1 decanter
2 wine glasses
2 Wolf Blass Jackets
Valued at $250 Cdn.
**Due to the nature of where TIFF is located, this contest is open to Toronto only. 
TO ENTER: Comment below and tell us, if you could invite a celebrity to YOUR party, who would it be? One winner will be selected at random from all eligible entrants. One entry per person! 
Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations. members are eligible to win so don’t forget to sign-in.  Not a member yet?  Click here to join. 
Sonya & Katya for

Keep an eye out for us, Sonya and Katya, as we rev up our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival and other reciting events in the weeks to come! Follow us on Twitter @gossipdish and @theculturepearl as well as @urbanmomsca as we bring you everything from the film screenings to the celebrity sightings and everything in between! 
  • Justrose

    Susan Sarandon would be welcomed to my party. I see her on a talk show and she is truly beautiful, smart and has a sense of humour that I love. I noticed she is very attentive to what people are saying to her and converses back with honesty and humour in some cases. Heh, and did I say she is a great actor1

  • Cameron

    I would invite Xavier Doaln, the Canadian golden boy director. I would love to pick his brain.

  • geraldine durant

    I would invite Stephen Colbert cause he’d keep us all laughing.

  • Graham

    I would invite Megan Fox… I think it goes without saying why.

  • Catsas

    Robert De Niro!! …Because he is Robert De Niro!! 🙂

  • spynaert

    My wife would love to invite Johnny Depp as she’s really in love with him.

  • Jeremy

    David Suzuki for his views on the environment.

  • Dave

    Jon Stewart because he is both funny and interesting.

  • Natalie

    Adele because I love her singing.

  • Ed

    Annie Leibowitz because she is such an interesting speaker.

  • super-mcmom

    Sean Penn because of the all humanitarian work he does.

  • Alex K

    I would invite Steve Carrell to my party!

  • kellyburk3

    Ryan Reynolds

  • pureevil25

    Martha Stewart

  • sueplay

    It would be John Travolta. He would arrive in his own plane and land in my backyard – what an entrance that would be.

  • crunch10

    I would invite Brad Pitt

  • Jody

    I would invite George Clooney.

  • Tracey

    I would invite Mark Ruffalo.

  • thealces

    John Prine

  • eabeier

    Most of the people I am interested in are dead. I am not impressed by Hollywood stars either. But I like to read and i think writing actually takes talent. I would Can Brown at this time.

  • tinker

    Tina Fey

  • slp

    Ryan Gosling

  • moemommy

    Sandra Bullock

  • Jessica

    I would invite Jennifer Laurence to my party.

  • marta

    zooey deschanel, new girl is the funniest show on television right now!

  • Lori B

    Julianne Moore is the best actress ever, I would love to meet her!

  • Jo Ann Moffatt

    If I could invite any celebrity it would definitely be Kristen Wiig! She is without a doubt one of the funniest actresses out there. Not only is she funny, but she is very intelligent and beautiful to boot!

  • mistycarole

    I would invite Ben Affleck good looking and good actor.

  • Jennifer M

    I’ve loved Tom Cruise since the Risky Business days, so I’ll have to go with him!

  • kathy boyd

    Jennifer Garner because she’s one of the few Hollywood celebrities where fame has NOT gone to her head. She’s just a nice “down to earth” person who happens to make a lot of money in her career choice but doesn’t feel like she’s any “better” than the next person:)

  • tinad

    Jennifer Aniston!

  • flycaster

    I would love to invite Mick Jagger – the stories he could tell would curl our hair for sure!

  • dphumphrey

    I would invite Steve Carell so that all my guests would have a hoot!

  • truhud

    Angelina Jolie – she is hot , nice and seems to be a less than perfect mom (which makes me feel better about not being perfect)

  • akskathy

    Without a doubt Tim Burton, I pretty much love every movie the man has ever done and to talk about what inspires him would be a fascinating conversation. I know he is not a “celebrity” per SE’, but more interesting than the usual run of the mill Hollywood types.

  • Tampa77

    It would be Sean Connery, James Bond for my mom! That would be a great surprise!

  • babylove818

    I would invite Michelle Obama or Oprah. These ladies are an inspiration and If I could just have an ounce of their wisdom and apply it to my life I would be blessed.

  • Ihv3gr8kdz

    Pierce Bronson — he has played so many fascinating roles and seems to enjoy life!!!

  • Debra B

    Would have to be Ellen DeGeneres, she is so funny and down to earth

  • leah

    I would invite David Rocco, I had a chance to meet him before and he is a very down to earth nice guy who’s good at schmoozing.

  • bb

    Ben Affleck would be my choice and hopefully he’d bring his talented wife Jennifer!
    Love them…they seem so normal!!!

  • DLM

    Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock). I think he could provide some useful workout tips at any party he went to 🙂

  • sandy.vincent

    If I could invite someone it would have to be Sandra Bullock. I very much admire her strength and her will to move on, even with all she has been through. Its very inspirational when as person such as herself can do this!

  • Jasmine

    Oh boy! This was a tough one, but I narrowed it down to Johnny Depp. He’s such a versatile great actor. And, not only is he eye candy, but he seems like he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with.

  • mary selvadurai

    Salman Khan.. Bollywood heartthrob ..back in the day.

  • Laura

    Hugh Jackman, actor, singer, entertainer..perfect for a party

  • Yashy Murphy (@YashYanthi)

    Charlie Sheen.. just to see the ruckus he stirs!

  • Michelle I.

    I would invite Charlie Sheen. He definately would have something “interesting” to say & because of his invitation, people would be talking about his appearance for days on end! He would either have a chance to redeem himself or further embarass himself – either one would be juicy! ; )

  • Sandra5

    I would invite Tom Hanks.

  • Kimberley B

    I would have to flip a coin for either Angelina Jolie for all her humanitarian good works and Kirsten Stewart to just be able to ask that girl what she was thinking!!

  • schatze

    I would invite Meryl Streep. She is my all time favourite actress. So lively and funny. Would definitely make for an entertaining evening!

  • trishka

    I would love to sit down with Jimmy Fallon all kinds of talent (acting,Singing,Impressions) LOVE HIM

  • mysticmisha

    I would invite Robert Downey Jr. to my party but it would be booze free!

  • chralex

    I would invite David Bowie. Not only is a talented singer and composer, he supports the arts, is thoughtful and well spoken in interviews, and is in Zoolander which means he doesn’t think he is all that or take himself too seriously. Bottom line he is FAb and I would invite him.

  • laura

    ryan gosling
    he is not only canadian but sooooo hot

  • deb

    I would invite Johnny Depp

  • globalgold

    I would invite Celine Dion. She is so social and would be the life of the party and would maybe even sing for us.

  • Kiki

    I’d invite Hugh Jackman!

  • margaret44

    Ryan Gosling, that would be fun.

  • colette

    I would invite Kyle Schmid, we went to high school together in Port Credit and we didn’t end up staying in touch so I would love to be able to catch up with him since I’m so proud of how far he’s come in his acting carrier.

  • Craig Hinchey

    I would invite Kiera Knightly

  • KaylaHummel

    Definitely would have to be Shia Labeouf!! My girlfriends would love it!! Even my hubby says I don’t blame ya for going gaga over him!! If I were A girl I would be too!!! LOL At least he approves of my crush on him!!! 🙂

  • db

    I would invite Jeremy Irons – I have always liked his movies!

  • tjbugnet

    I have to say that I would definitely invite Alexander Skarsgard. Just seeing your pic above makes me swoon. I’m not normally the type that gets all gaga over male actors but he is one that takes my breath away each and every time I watch him on True Blood. He is gloriously handsome and steals every single scene he is in. *Le Sigh*

  • tina monument

    Meril Streep! She’s the best actresss out there. I think she would be a blast to party with.

  • torooo

    Maya Angelou

  • marlene

    John F. Kennedy JR- I would love to bring him back to like (imagine how interesting his could have been and way too short) and maybe he’d get into acting!!

  • emma

    I would invite Ryan Reynolds, it would be nice to chat with and he is so funny!

  • flower

    Jann Arden she is so funny!

  • Dawn Berry

    I would definately invite Johnny Depp. The man is full of surprises and intrigue

  • annette2

    I would invite Sarah Polley to my party. She knows all about movies

  • Sylvia Gold

    Tom Hanks would be my pick.

  • garydunford

    I would invite pam anderson

  • Nikki

    i’d invite channing tatum – i always wanted to see what he’s actually like in person:)

  • pat george

    i would invite charlie sheen,,, it would be a blast

  • Gayle

    Matthew McConaughey!!! he makes me melt! Mind you if he came to my party I’d probably get in trouble so the celeb should be girl to play it safe and fun…lets say Jennifer Anniston then

  • P.R

    I’d invite Angelina Jolie

  • NenaS

    I would invite Steven Tyler

  • T1962a

    I would love to invite Jackie Chan. He has been doing his own thing for years. He doesn’t follow trends, he has so perfected his art form and he can make us laugh and be mesmerized by the stunts he does all at once. Very interesting man. I would like to ask him what gave him the courage to follow his own path.

  • Danielle

    I would invite Steve Martin. He could play the banjo and make me laugh.

  • Gardengirl

    Gerard Butler

  • erin2470

    I would invite Daniel Craig…Bond James Bond

  • chachacha

    Hugh Jackman for sure – he seems like such an all-around nice guy.

  • debfong

    I would invite Josh Groban and be serenaded all night long

  • MelissaDacruz

    I would invite Michael Fassbender, I know all the ladies at my dinner party would love me forever if he came!!!

  • Paula Bonacci

    Brad Pitt

  • nancy wyley

    I would invite Brad Pitt

  • angie.premate

    I would invite Angelina Jolie. Not only does she live a glamorous life, but she is a wonderful activist. (besides, she might bring Brad along)

  • lucky

    Ryan Gosling

  • Robert White

    I would invite Heather Dale an amazing Canadian performer

  • Nikki83

    Channing 100%

  • Scottr

    Jackie Chan because he seems like so much fun

  • ghisl

    I would invite Obama.

  • corkrose

    I woul definitely invite LIAM NEESON and I have also a special hankering for Phil Burke!

  • mpmanna

    I would invite Daniel Craig

  • rufus16

    Robert Redford…..The Legend

  • Joe Francel

    It be classy Halle berry

  • marysawyer

    Meryl Streep I just love her movies

  • Anonymous

    I would invite Ryan Gosling because he’s just so awesome!

  • Julia

    I would invite Rachel McAdams!
    Down to earth, funny, and an amazing Canadian-born actress.

  • kbowms

    I’d probably invite Tom Cruise. That way noone would come to my party and i’d have him all to myself 🙂

  • Diana

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He’s made some amazing choices with career, been in a variety of movies and TV shows and from what I can tell from interviews is legit funny!

  • AK

    I would invite Tom Cruise for sure good luck


    I’d invite Helen Mirren…what a great actress and an interesting woman to boot!

  • janicour

    I would invite Ryan Gosling!

  • barbfersht

    I would invite Donald Sunderland. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful actor. He would fit in with out “age bracket” as well.

  • Mia

    I would invite Johnny Depp to my party. Such a good actor and musician.

  • kcrmb

    I would invite Ryan Gosling to my party!

  • stephen moraes

    I would invite kate beckinsale

  • ecogirl

    I would invite Emma Stone. She looks like a girl who knows how to kick back and have fun! And I wouldn’t say no if she wants to bring Andrew Garfield along!

  • Linda A

    I would invite George Clooney

  • Julie

    i think i’d have to go with mr. popular…george clooney. he’s our modern day, old time movie star!

  • ddleib

    Definitely Anne Hathaway! Fun and Pretty

  • Silvana

    I’d pick Angelina Jolie, like her or not she’s news!

  • kellyg

    Will Smith, he’s great.

  • pjg

    Julianne Moore, I love her.

  • spike

    I would invite Bradley Cooper – who wouldn’t want to be with the sexiest man!

  • clare

    Alexander Skarsgard!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonardo Dell’Anno

    I would invite Kristen Wiig, beautiful, funny and smart!

  • Steve

    I’d totally invite Joss Whedon!

  • ek03yr

    I would invite Channing Tatum so he could teach all of the girls his dance moves!

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