Hi Gorgeouses!

The Monkey’s teething. She’s getting her molars in. MOLAAAAARRRS! But, you know what? She’s not complaining about it at all. She’s still sleeping through the night, eating like a pro. What a brave little monkey! Poor thing even has that terrible bum rash they get when they’re teething. She’s as happy as ever, though! So, despite the fact that we had a little peeing incident this evening…, I’m feeling very lucky right now, sooooo…check it!:


Who will be Lorenzo’s princess? Who? Who do you think? I’m thinking….


…Sadie. Because she’s pretty, and because she’s a virgin and the most "princessy" of them all. Besides, Lisa’s gonna scare him away with "the plan"; Agnese and Lorenzo can’t communicate; and, Jennifer’s just a little too awed by him and, according to Lisa, doesn’t look good without makeup.

Even though Lorenzo’s not the hottest bachelor there ever was, he’s likeable. He says all the right things and doesn’t hold back. But, was it me? Or, was he trying desperately not to laugh when Desiree (Lorenzo, baby!) was expressing her potential undying love for him?


The poor thing, of course, got booted. There were tears. Lots of tears. But, you know what? She’s not going to be sad for long. Because, you heard it hear first, she’s for-sure going to be the next bachelorette. Just a guess. But, I wouldn’t be surprised….



Photo c/o Splash News Online.

She looks totally fab and classy. Gorj! She’ll always be Felicity to me, though….



Photo c/o Splash News Online.

LOVING this amazon-woman look, the brown, the gold, the natural makeup, the post-preggo cleavage…. No bra post-pregnancy? Could I BE anymore jealous right now. She looks positively gorj.


Photo c/o Splash News Online.

Kay, not as good full-length. But, still fab. And, look at that smile. GLOW!

Actually, I’m having a brown dress made for my friend’s wedding on Saturday. I’m a bridesmaid (for the second time in two months…). The bride gave us the fabric — a gorgeous brown just like Jen’s above — and told us to create a long gown with it in any design we wanted. I’ll post a picture of my creation after the wedding. It looks nothing like Jen’s dress for the mere fact that I wanted to be able to wear a bra under it…. Let’s just say I was going more for comfort than for style…. A-ny-way….



Photo, with thanks, from X17 Online.

"Sutton Pierce" was a sham, my friends, and we all fell for it. Hahahahah! Sooooo funny. Not at all! Like, what was the point of that? Faking a name? Haahahahahah! Sooooo funny. Blech. Whatever. Anyway, the baby is, indeed, a boy, and his name is Jayden James. Nice name, I must say. Catchy.



Photo c/o Splash News Online.

All the Intergossips are talking about what Jake had hangin’ loose in his pants….He looks all happy about it. So relaxed and free….



What is this world coming to? Paris — on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. And, what’s with the cat? Proof that what you see on magazine covers is a LIE LIE LIE! Paris is a dog-lover. Or are cats the new accessory now?



Since you asked….Isaiah Washington had to do some major damage control on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres show taped today. Apparently, he’s been uttering homophobic remarks (watch out Ellen!) and acting violently on the set….Nut-job! Too bad. He’s purty….


So, in case you were wondering (I mean, of course you were wondering!), my mom did make it to the Barbara Streisand concert. She loved it. Babs was everything she’d hoped and dreamed she’d be.


Photo c/o Barbara Streisand’s official website.

Did you know that Babs only photographs this side of her face? My parents bought the concert program (for $40…big fans, HUGE), and every shot was from this angle or profile of her face. Except one old casual one. Fascinating, huh…….

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  • http://daddydiarytales.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    what? no Survivor commentary? I feel robbed!

  • http://www.laurabradley.myctmh.com Laura

    The Bachelor is starting to grow on me. He’s pretty down to earth, and not hard to look at either. I can’t wait to see what the girls’ families are like. I could not wait for Desiree (Baby!) to hit the road. I hated her from her first faux strip tease back in episode 1.
    Keri and Jennifer look gorgeous as usual.
    Stupid Speers. Sutton Pierce was a great name, and now that it’s Jayden James, it just puts them right back where they came from – in the trailer park. Trick the world by releasing a fake name? Let me guess, that was K-Fed’s idea, right?
    I don’t know why I didnt notice before, but Jake Gyllenhaal is really hot. I think he might become my “Clive”. I like a man who’s confident and has easy access.
    Paris – puke. Isaiah Washington? I thought he was cool on Oprah, maybe I’m wrong? Barbara- I am just in the wrong generation for her altogether.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on ANTM. I was totally surprised at who was booted.

  • http://dreawd.blogspot.com Drea

    Jayden to me sounds like a girl name…
    Guess he could just be “jay” 🙂 for short. It is catching though… still “girly” sounding to me.

  • Kim

    Yes, love Felicity as Felicity, not so sure about those make-up ads. We keep talking about Paris so of course she is not going away yet ~ good or bad publicity ~ she is still in the limelight (pathetic really). Britney’s baby news is tiresome. The superstars and their post pregnancy glamour is in step with the unlimited access to all the help in the world they can get to keep looking good. If they lose the look, their careers are headed off track.
    The Bachelor and the tears… too funny. I agree, Sadie may be the pick this time. My souse (who is normally away during the week, transposrt truck driver), to my surprise, watched the show with me ~ he cannot get over how desperate the the group is as a whole. It was fun to watch his reaction to the show.

  • http://www.network54.com/forum/526068 LAVENDULA

    keri russell is such a pretty girl.and jennifer garner is stunning.i’ve never looked that great after having any of my babies.oh well…so jakie what’s in those pants?when is paris going to fall out of fashion?i’m glad my teen doesn’t admire her.sutton pierce or jayden james?boy or girl?maybe brit and k-fed don’t know either.the baby is probably smarter then those two are.maybe they got confused about name they put on babys birth certificate.and just got the certificate recently and realised they had jayden down for babys name not sutton.

  • http://justtug.blogspot.com Tug

    Keri’s growing up well…nice. Celebs are trying to outdo each other with the baby hype & fake-outs, it’s getting old. And yep, Isaiah needs to go away now…I don’t even like him on the show any more. LOVE TR Knight though.

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Jen

    Love Keri Russell and she’s lookin’ great. All growed up!
    Jen looks fab. Hard to believe she just had a baby.
    I think Brit is making a big mistake. No star could treat the public and their fans that way and expect to get respect. She just ruined her chances at a comeback in my opinion.
    Paris, Paris, Paris. I’d like to know who is the brains behind that machine. No one in their right mind (maybe that’s it?!) would create this image for themselves but those behind it are laughing all the way to the bank at her expense. Role model, pshaw! I hope she’s long gone by the time my daughter is buying Seventeen.
    Thanks for the scoop!

  • http://www.alimartell.com ali

    i heart Keri Russell. i’ve loved her since her mickey mouse club days. seriously. (a little sad, i know…)
    yeah. faking a baby’s name. who does that????
    a whole bunch of people here went to the babs concert too. it’s all they’ve been talking about since. sad.

  • Heidi

    Hey baby, love the goss today!!
    I love Keri Russell too – although they stopped running Felicity here after Season 3 so I don’t even know who she ended up with!
    Jen looks great, hate Paris with a passion, Love Jake and well, what can I say, would go to a Babs concert if I could (my MIL loves her).
    Shame about Isaiah – I love him, but a bit less now, as my MIL is a lesbian as are M’s godparents, so have NO time for homophobes. :(((

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