Hi Gorgeouses,

At this very moment, I’m feeling very thankful for this: Rogers On Demand Baby TV.
Every time I put it on, the little monkey becomes mesmerized! It’s
amazing! And, it’s FREE! LOVE! So, I put it on right now. I’m hoping
it’ll keep her busy while I serve you today’s delicious gossip! Then
I’m off to synagogue for Erev Yom Kippur. Yes, it’s the fasting
holiday. I can’t eat anything from sundown today until sundown
tomorrow….STARVE! I’ll be counting on Rogers Baby TV big time. Wish
me luck!



Splashnews_re280906a_21 Splashnews_re280906a_20


Sharon Stone at the Macy’s Passport Gala Thursday night. Photo c/o Splash News Online.

I repeat, what the…? Great shoes….But, THAT "DRESS"! Looks like
something from a nightmare! You know, the kind where your standing
buck-nekkid in a crowd, or, say, on a stage in front of a huge audience
with your ARSE HANGING OUT!? I guess the dress would make a little more
sense if she accessorized it a little, say…, with a strand of toilet
paper coming out the bottom or something….?



Photo c/o X17 Online.

According to X17 Online, Tony and Eva broke up because she was going to say no to the proposal he was planning….Nothing like a little rejection to break up a relationship. Oh well. So, Eva’s single again….Should be interesting….



Orlando was spotted here at the famous Chateau Marmont (lots happening there lately, huh…?) awaiting his new luvah, Penelope Cruz…showing up coincidentally at Chaeteau Marmont, where the Pirates of the Caribbean cast is staying….



Hmmm… Fancy meeting you here, Mr. Rush? Are y’all staying here at the Chateau? Wow….Fancy that….

Photos and gossip c/o X17 Online.



Photo c/o PerezHilton.com.

Leave it to Perez to totally crack us up with this hilarious comparison. Shave off that beard NOW, Matthew, or, you’re officially off my hotty list.



Photo/scan c/o PerezHilton.com.

On her way to an anticipated comeback, Brit Brit graces this collectible cover of Q Magazine. I dunno. Lollipops and polkadot bikinis are très passé….I think, so is Britney…so, it fits. But, I still LURVE the Britney gossip! BEST!



Photo c/o X17 Online.

Way to go Cindy. And, look! CARBS! LOVE! She’s totally gorj!



Photo c/o JustJared.

Here’s they are, out together again with 3-year-old son Rudy Law this past Friday. At a pet store….Well, girls, that’s that. Looks like he’s off the market. First they go out with her mom, and now with Rudy? Definitely On Again….



Photo c/o JustJared.

Since there are a ton of you LOST fans out there, and the LOST premier is this week, I thought I’d treat you to some Matthew Fox. Here he is exercising on a break from shooting in Hawaii. Cutie! Looks a little spent. But, what a darling. Isn’t enough to make me want to watch the show, though. Sorry, too darn creepy for me! But, go ahead and enjoy it!


Okay, I’m spent. This little monkey is demanding my attention…all of it! Gotta go get her in her dress for synagogue. Got to eat like a horse before the big fast. So, later friends. Have a great Monday!

If you feel like commenting (I will love you and give you a big kiss *mwah* if you do!), here are some topics: are you watching The Bachelor tomorrow? What think you of Sharon Stone’s dress? Who would you like to see Eva hook up with next? Is anyone watching Desperate Housewives? The new Calista Flockhart show Brothers and Sisters (bad title)? Discuss.

And, check me out at my other haunt, The Cheaty Monkey, kay? There are kisses there, too. Monkey kisses…!

  • lovejaredleto

    JAred Leto is sexy, what is wrong whit the picture? like other people always look there best on pictures:S

  • http://cheatymonkey.com haley-o

    Thanks Laura! I’ll have my Bachelor thoughts for you tonight. 🙂

  • http://www.laurabradley.myctmh.com Laura

    Glad you survived the fast. Thanks for the pics of the celebs. I agree with Kath that the Britney cover just makes her look like trash. I came here this morning looking for your thoughts on The Bachelor – have you watched it yet? I’m getting anxious for your thoughts…

  • http://www.laurabradley.myctmh.com Laura

    Glad you survived the fast. Thanks for the pics of the celebs. I agree with Kath that the Britney cover just makes her look like trash. I came here this morning looking for your thoughts on The Bachelor – have you watched it yet? I’m getting anxious for your thoughts…

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Kath

    Well, Sienna’s welcome to Jude. He’s just so…small. Ew.
    Since nobody has yet commented on Brit, I’ll go there. WTF? I don’t get the juxtaposition of young sex kitten (the lollipop & come hither look) with the preggo bulge. So not in good taste. Yes, we all know how you got the bump, Britney.
    I prefer the earth mother type of preg pic, I guess, a la Demi Moore. She made it look powerful and beautiful and full of wonder(as it is!) and Britney just cheapens it. It’s like you look at Brit and say, yup , any butt-reaming asshole can become a parent (to quote Keanu in “Parenthood”).
    Thanks for taking something beautiful and making it common, Brit. Well, I’ve said it before and will say it again…you can take the girl out of the trailer park…

  • http://cheatymonkey.com haley-o

    I cannot believe I didn’t notice Matt’s rather pointy bulge! HA! Thanks for pointing that out, Jen!
    The fast was HARD. And, painful, and still recovering….

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Jen

    Good luck with the gorge, Haley. Probably too late but in my vast experience as a gorger, you are better off not going too over the top when you can’t eat for the whole next day! You will find a vacuous, empty cavern where your full little tummy used to be. Anyway, you’ve been doing this for years so you know the risks 😉
    Thanks for the LOST reminder and pics. Slightly embarassing as they are (don’t look too closely at those shorts – {blush}). Am going to have to find a fan to tape for me as it is my fave and I am out that night…argh.
    Finaly W.T.F., Sharon?!! I just don’t get it…WHY? Nuff said.

  • http://daddydiarytales.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    3 days, 1 hour and 40 minutes until the premiere of LOST. Just FYI.
    Probably will not watch the Bachelor since it airs against Heroes, which I am loving right now. However, strategic spousal television negotiations may cause a change in this response.
    I watched the premiere of Housewives with Amanda last week. We are both seeing too many plot repeats (hidden body, creepy guy) and it’s only S3. We’ll probably still watch it, because, while it is tripe, it’s compelling tripe. 🙂
    Brothers and Sisters is, unfortunately, on against Studio 60 (the CTV installment). Aaron Sorkin + behind the scenes = Jeff will watch in perpetuity.
    Hope your gorging goes well.

  • http://justtug.blogspot.com Tug

    O.M.G. with SS’s DRESS. BLECH. I think Eva & Tony should get back together – dont’ know why, but like them together. Brothers & Sisters? WHY did they have to kill off dad (Tom Skerritt maybe?) first show? I LIKE HIM!!

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