Hi Gorgeouses!

On tap today: HALLOWEEEEEN costumes; CRAZAY celeb HOOKUP; HEIDI and SEAL extravaganza; and, MORE!

Oh, and the title of this post? That’s all about me. I’m sick with FEEEEVER. LOVE. Feel like carp. But, we’ll give it a go.

By the way, I have NOT had a chance to watch Survivor yet. So, don’t SPOIL it for me. The spoiling is MY JOB! Hee! LOVE! And, DeAnna is soooooo winning The Bachelor. Poor Sheena. Her mom’s a kook… and cost her the game.

check it!!!




It’s Heidi Klum at her 8th Annual Halloween Party at The Green Door ! Can you believe???!!! How awesome is she…?


Are you aware that her and Seal’s little boy’s name is Henry? Sounds normal enough, right? Only it doesn’t stop there…. His full name is: Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel. Eek! That’s quite a big name for a little feller!


Photos, with thanks, c/o Just Jared.



Nooo…. It’s not the OBVIOUSLY PREGGERS (no matter how ENOUGH-ALREADY much she tries to hide it — can you say PUBLICITY!) Jennifer Lopez. Noooo…. It’s our fave funny girl Ellen Degeneres dressed up as our fave Latina diva….


Could she BEEEE more preggers?? So gorj, too….




Would you EVER guess? Ashley Olsen (21) and Lance Armstrong (36)? According to Page Six, the two were spotted at the Gramercy Park Hotel bar in New York on Monday night — drinking wine, she on his lap, NECKING…..OoooOOooOOoo! They left the bar TOGETHER at 2 in the A.M. Looks like it’s OHN, Gorgeouses. Not sure how I feel about this one. I’m sensing a little "ick" from within, though….



Awwww…! So ‘dorable!
Photos, with thanks, c/o Just Jared.



Kate Beckinsale and family…. Sexay!

Ummm…. I’m terrible at being a meanie. But, Christina’s husband, Jordan Bratman, does NOT need a costume to look, erm, uggers…. It’s amazing that this costume actually makes him look MORE uggers than usual…. LOVE Christina’s costume — especially the way the web accentuates the belly. SPARKLES LOVE!

Photos, with thanks, c/o Just Jared.


Regis and Kelly! Ha. I freaking love these two. Here they are as Posh and Beckham. Classic.
Photos, with thanks, c/o Just Jared.





INTERVIEW!!! From The Daily Mail!! Check the highlights!:

Seal on his love at first sight:”She had this
amazing dress on, this black, almost see-through dress, and this huge
smile on her face,” he says. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, whoever goes
out with that girl is one lucky guy…’”

Seal enjoying Heidi’s hott non-pregnant bawd: “Our
youngest child is now 11 months old, so I’ve told Heidi we’re booting
him out of the bedroom. I’m not having it any more. This is the longest
time I’ve known Heidi without her being pregnant. She’s got her body
back and it’s real good fun!”

See HERE for the whole interview….

Aiight, Gorgeouses, I’m on a horribly terrible computer (see THE CHEATY MONKEY for deets), and I feel like carp — ACHEW!COUGH! — and I have a mouth to feed and a diapy to change. So, I leave you for now. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! LOVE!

xo Haley-O!

  • http://www.live-your-live-and-smile.blogspot.com Jill

    Who will want to date a skeleton like Ashley?? And go from Sheryl to her???
    Does Seal has only one move for the pictures??
    And now I want to date the devil!! And his wife is gorgeous too!!

  • http://www.bingebattles.blogspot.com beth

    Lance is an old man. Ashley is pretty much still a little girl. EWewewew. I would not get with him. It’s so pedaphilific!

  • http://mrs-mandypoo.blogspot.com Amanda

    LOVE Regis & Kelly’s costumes! And Ashley & Lance – not so much.

  • Maria

    I really thought that was Victoria Bekham – wow! I’ve been so busy, am behind on your posts, loved this one, all the costumes are great. Ashley & Lance is just – ewww!!! JLo looks so beautiful! Have agood weekend, hope you feel better.

  • http://www.jodi-blog-o-licious.blogspot.com Jodi

    love this post! the costumes are great. how much do i love heidi and seal!!!

  • http://www.network54.com/forum/526068 LAVENDULA

    seal is so sexy.and heidi is no slouch..jen and vi are so cute together all the time.cristina looks like shes nauseous all the time now poor girl.kate beckinsale is so pretty,but a little bit too skinny.lance and the olsen twin is kinda yucky….regis and kelly as the beckhams is hilarious.sorry to hear you are sick haley.

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