My job means a bit of travel this time of year.  I have been driving east from Toronto to Ottawa this week and tonight on Halloween I am staying in Kanata, just outside Ottawa.  At home, Auntie Cat has been in charge of all things Halloween tonight.  My parents dropped Roman off this morning at daycare in his bumble bee custome for a day of kiddie Halloween fun.  Cat picked him up and they headed out with our neighbourhood friends for trick or treating with the tots.  I was tempted to buy a mega sized bag of fun sized chocolate and hiding in my hotel room drowning my sorrows in Halloween candy. 

Instead I decided to take my treats to go and take myself out for dinner and a movie.  I went to Moxy’s for a solo dinner date and while the chicken was quite delightful I was served by a playboy bunny and seated by thigh high booted pirate.  A whole lot of thigh highs and cleavage but the craziest costume was a young woman wearing nothing but a mens white business shirt with a used condom attached to it.  Her hair was dishelved and her lipstick smeared so I think the look she was going for was a “morning after” thing.  Classy eh?

I am so excited to be heading home tomorrow.  Back to my family, my home, my heart.  Being away reminds me that there’s no place like home and a renewed gratitude for all the tricks and treats that await me.



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