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Isn’t it great that I get the stomach flu immediately after a sinus cold. Like, isn’t that AWESOME!? I’m totally stoked about it. Love stomach flu. Love sinus colds. I’m totally in HEAVEN right now with my two fave sicknesses. Sweet. HURL. SNORT. I know. I’m so attractive right now. Uch. Whatevs. Sick and tired. Can’t wait to be better.

check it!!!



At least she’s got a sense of humour about this whole thing. She’s holding up a burnt bra in this photo. And, she’s smiling. Love her.
Photo, with thanks, c/o FlynetOnline.com.



Nice to see sisters so close, so coordinated….Did they plan these matching outfits? The hat, the coats, the boots…? Here they are sans coats looking gorj, and Hill’s looking très happy post breakup:


Photo, with thanks, c/o FlynetOnline.com.


Make a wish, Enrique! He’s in Israel to sing for some billionaire’s Hanukkah party. He’s getting a cool million for the gig. Honestly, I don’t think you could pay ME to have Enrique sing at my Hanukkah party. I’m not a fan. But, I’ll sing at YOURS for a million (call me).

Photo c/o Just Jared.



If you were a celebrity and wanted your poop analyzed, would you walk around carrying this box? (CDSA stands for Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.) Just wondering….
What d’ya think’s in the bag she’s carrying…? Ew.
Photo c/o The Superficial.



Aren’t they cute!? LOVE! Here they are at lunch in Beverly Hills. I love them together. Seems real. I totally want to eat one of those breadsticks right now. Good for nausea.




I will say this every day if I have to. This woman is the worst-dressed celeb EVAH. She consistently gets it WRONG. Why is no one talking about this!?
Photos, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.




Other intergossips think she looks Heidi-heinous. But, I think she looks gorj! I mean, hellooo, she’s probably on NO sleep. She has 3 kids — a newborn. She looks freaking HOTT if you ask me.
Photos, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.




This battle of the flames was the biggest joke in the history of television….I loved it.


Since our GORJ reader Kes SERIOUSLY needs some sweet Survivor goodness, I thought I’d take a poll. I mean, who cares what the jury thought. What did YOU think? I didn’t watch the show until last night (or the night before — can’t remember because I’m so messed up right now). Anyway, I was THRILLED that Yul won. This was the first time my FAVE throughout the season made it to the end and won. I thought Ozzy was fab, too, but Yul was so honest and impossibly clear-headed. I watched him in total awe every week. It came down to what kind of game you liked best: Yul’s cerebral game, or Ozzy’s keeping everyone fat (except himself…until the reunion…whoa!) and winning all the challenges. I thought Becky played her own good game, but she paled in comparison to these superhumans; and, way to sabotage Yul by using his generosity (he offered her the idol at the risk of his own game) against him: "I turned down the offer of the idol." Bitches. You just lost my vote (not that you EVAH had it.) So, what did you think?


I should probably talk about the hilarious Rosie O’Donnell – Donald Trump feud, but I don’t know all the details. All I know is that he keeps calling her fat, and she’s calling him a "snake-oil salesman." He also plans to sue her and has already implied that she’s "fired" by revealing that his "friend" Barbara Walters can’t stand her. That’s what I know. What did you hear? Do you care? Are you as amused as I am?

So, talk to me in the comments. I will talk back no matter how low-energy I am. I’m learning to work with this. Don’t forget to go check my gifts and holiday pics over at The Cheaty Monkey! Thanks for bearing with me and my kvetching….LOVE! xo Haley-O

  • http://justtug.blogspot.com Tug

    Glad Evangeline has a sense of humor – but really, what else can you do? Kirsten? blech. Beyonce, I didn’t think looked bad in this pic, but agree with you most of the time. But Brit’s still the worst. Glad the Duff’s are having fun since what’s-his-puke is with Nicole but still calling Hillary.
    Donald/Rosie? Rosie’s a big-mouthed puke who should go away. Donald gets too much press. That’s all I have.

  • http://cheatymonkey.com haley-o

    LAURAL — I totally don’t hate Beyonce!! I think she’s very talented. I just think her sense of style is atrocious. Agreed — it’s not as ridiculous as selma, brit brit, et al. But, she acts like she’s a style icon, and it’s just plain tacky. I’ve come to terms with this truth recently — and I have to keep pointing it out! 😉 But, nothing against her personally, at all. She’s a good role model, a talented singer, and seems like a nice enough person. 🙂
    JEFF — you are THE Survivor expert. You are so right about Ozzy’s good luck (Candace’s hormones — hah! So true!) and Yul’s flawless strategy. Agreed, it’s Yul all the way. 😉

  • http://lauraldawn.blogspot.com lauraldawn

    Such good gossip today!
    First of all, about the Rosie/Trump thing – I’m addicted to that story. It’s fascinating. I love Rosie and how passionate she is about everything though I cannot believe she told Donald to “sit and spin” on the View. I was kind of surprised by that. But whatever. It was a good line. She’s honestly the celebrity I would most like to meet and hang out with (and totally bring my son to play with her kids).
    Anyway …
    Heidi – wow! I wish I looked that good when I had a newborn.
    I don’t totally get why you are hating Beyonce right now though 🙁 I don’t think she’s that bad. I mean a little style challenged, but let’s review the pictures of Selma Blair’s hair, Denise Richards hair, every outfit that Britney wears and the Olsen Twins. See … not that bad!

  • http://daddydiarytales.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    It’s been a while since I posted a comment here (and a while since you talked Survivor… coincidence?)
    I agree that Yul’s game was impressive to watch, and in the end when you look at his game compared to Ozzy’s, you realize a chain of events that traces back to Ep2 that (at least for me) makes Yul’s win the better choice.
    Ep2 – Ozzy makes Aitu throw challenge to ditch Billy (and even with Aitu trying to lose, Hiki nearly lost)
    Ep3 – tribes merge into 2, Aitu in minority on both tribes because they only had 4 members and they are evenly split; Yul is in alliance with Becky, Jon, Candace and is running new Aitu
    Ep5 – mutiny occurs same episode where Ozzy is labelled next Aitu boot, saving Ozzy
    Ep10 – tribes merge; Yul uses Jon to gain majority
    (episode numbers may be off by +/-1)
    Bottom line, there but for the grace of Candace’s hormones goes Ozzy. If she hadn’t jumped to be with Adam, Ozzy is toast Ep5.
    If he hadn’t thrown the challenge, Hiki likely would have lost, putting them down 2 people. At the merge, one of the 2 new tribes would have had at least 3 Aitu, and since they were one of the more cohesive tribes with a lot to “prove”, it is likely that 3-person alliance (with some stragglers) would have run their tribe.
    In the end, Ozzy was saved by the mutiny, and he only needed saving because he screwed up and intentionally threw a challenge.
    End result: Yul deserved the win.

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