Ahhh…who doesn’t love the jolly old man in the red suit? And even if you don’t believe in Santa anymore, you still probably have a special place in your heart reserved for him. You sure don’t have to be a child to love Santa and all that he represents – just perhaps a child at heart.

This week, we bring you a host of jolly goodies that even Kris Kringle’s elves would be proud to call their own. And the Go2Girlz – our own very merry team – have given them their seal of approval as well.

Cool Stuff From Santa’s Bag:

Indigo Photobook:

The vast majority of the Go2Girlz who tested the Indigo Photobook said they would give it as a gift, and even more said they’d love to receive one.


Here’s what they had to say:
“It’s gorgeous as a memory book for graduation, a wedding, baby, vacation etc.”
“The layout variations are really nice”
“Great for grandparents or out-of-town relatives”

StoryTime Theatre:


This product projects an animated story onto your child’s wall or ceiling. While some of the Go2Girlz said they’d prefer to read stories to their children themselves, others felt this would be a great gift for kids who like to read or look at books on their own, or those who are looking for yet "another story" at bedtime.

Here’s what they had to say:
“I will be getting this for my youngest – she’s too scared to fall asleep alone so she listens to CD stories at bedtime – this is so much better!"
“I bought it for my nephew and he loves it”

Cool Stuff to Stuff (in a stocking, that is):

Schick Intuition Plus:


Nearly all of our Go2Girlz testing panel were interested in the Schick Intuition Plus razor, and thought it was a great product. Here’s what they thought were the best features:

  • Saves time
  • Practical, convenient (all in one, no mess, easy)
  • Just love it!
  • A great idea for a stocking stuffer

Here’s what they had to say:
“I love love love this – so easy – so fast!
“the convenience and not having to have creams/soaps hanging around”
“anything to save time”

Cover Girl, Crest, Pantene:


For many, toiletries are the bread-and-butter of stocking stuffers, for others: not so much. But whether or not you grew up with a mandatory toothbrush, lip balm and hand cream in your stocking each year, we know you buy these things for yourself (and your family).

Most of our panel would buy Cover Girl products and some would also buy them as stocking stuffers. Most of our panel would also buy and use Crest products, and nearly all said they would buy and use Pantene products, particularly the anti-frizz serum.

We hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our first ever Go2Girlz Holiday Wish List as much as we enjoyed compiling it, and hopefully we’ve helped ease the what to buy? burden just a little bit. Until next year, your friendly elves are signing off – over and out!

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