Actually give him fever.  Cuyler.

Fevers always make me super nervous with my kids. For some reason – Cuyler especially. I guess I feel like his brain is more susceptible because of his birth injury and high temperatures unnerve me with him.
Last week Cuyler developed a fever. It lasted close to a week and would come and go. No fever for 24 hours then spike back up for 2 days. It happens about once a year with him. He’s a pretty hearty kid who rarely gets sick and when he does it’s usually a fever.
But if there’s one thing we’ve learned – it’s that the fever is ALWAYS followed by a huge leap in language and social skills. 
Case in point:  Friday night Sean and I were out on the front porch. Cuyler came out to join us at 8pm. At 9:30 he was still out and had not shut up for the hour and a half we were out there. Asking questions. Commenting on things in the neighbourhood. ENGAGED. Totally engaged.
Sean and I figured we should get him ready for bed, but we decided to let him talk all night if that’s what ended up happening. He talked until 11pm…
It’s almost like the autism is gone and there’s just some hyperactivity going on. Still some stimming. And going from one topic to the next.
It’s not just Cuyler either.  You can google “autism fevers” and get pages of articles and science and studies – most of which I do not understand. It’s an “autism thing”.  Most other parents I speak to experience the same thing.
Just a little more mystery surrounding this disorder…

Slowly he goes back into himself and is less chatty and engaged. But we see what’s in there. We get a glimpse of what could be and that strengthens my resolve to delve into another program for him which we start this Wednesday and will surely put us back in the poor house.  But we have to do it. We have to try everything we can.

Fevers suck and while he’s experiencing one I am on edge always nervous about him going febrile or it being a sympton of something bigger but we know at the end, when it’s done – we’ll have a chatty boy who relates and interacts and experiences new things. 
Silver linings.  
  • Sara

    That is totally fascinating Christine….I’d never heard it! I’m going to ask my sister if she notices that with Scotty too! I love that picture of Cuy (well every one of him…)

  • Tracey

    Wow! I had no idea about that… it must be an amazing glimpse into your boy when it happens! Sorry the fever makes you worry though… silver linings, indeed.

  • Chantel

    That is really interesting! I have never noticed this with my two boys but then again my older one rarely gets a fever even when he is really sick. Next fever I am going to have to do some observing:)

  • DesiValentine

    I had to share this with my Facebook peeps. My friend’s son was just diagnosed, and she’s finding the real-world info so much more useful than books and medical sites.

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