This weekend I did something momentous.  Something I feared was no longer a part of my life.  I went out with my girlfriends!  I know this sounds crazy but I haven’t been out since my first child was born.  I don’t mean out for dinner or a movie I mean OUT.  We got dressed up, put some make-up on, had a cocktail and went out.  I was nervous at first leaving my kids overnight with my mom but once they were gone, the excitement kicked in.

It’s funny, I hadn’t realized how much I missed "me" until that night.  The last 3+ years I have focussed so much on being a mom that I lost sight of myself a bit.  I hear moms, especially those with older kids, talk about how we are still the women we used to be just with kids but I wasn’t so sure.  Looking at my life now it barely resembles the life I had before.  Strangely though, I am still the same person.  So much has changed but at the core, it’s still me.  My night out with the girls brought me back.

There were 5 of us, only 2 of us have kids and my firend’s kids are almost teenagers.  I was sure I would feel like a fish out of water but amazingly, it all came back.  I danced, I laughed, I even flirted (sort of…does a smile count?).  It felt great!  I watched as my single friends "played" the room as I used to and felt so happy to be there but thrilled to be going home to my life once this night was done (no offence, guys).

I think that is really the point.  I learned a valuable lesson.  There are things I miss about my previous self and it is fun to go back and visit or reminisce but I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything.  My night out was a blast!  Thanks girls.  Now, a renewed me can go back to being mom.

Emily is an urban mom to a 10 month old daughter and 3 year old son. She’ll continue to Keep It Cool throughout the summer so check back soon and please share your comments below!


  • Emily

    WAS home not at the cottage. Yes…for one dreamy night. OK, not so dreamy really. Is this crazy? I am SO tired right now because of a late night and a baby who refuses to sleep that I actually wish I had spent my night out, IN. Why didn’t I go to bed at 9pm and take advantage of it?? Will feel differently I’m sure once I get more than a wink or two.

  • Anne

    LOL…okay well I’m guessing you’re home from the cottage for this night out cause there is not much of a night life up there in cottage country! What’s that old saying…make your own fun?
    Funny thing is I managed to get north this wekend and had a girl’s night out too! My cottage neighbor…who lives there full time…invited me out to see a stage performance. “A Date too Far” was playing at the Lime Light Theatre in Parry Sound. It was a hoot! Go see it for a laugh.
    We had a few drinks at “The Hotel”. To pass the time before the show…some how I imagine your bar was much more exciting than mine!
    Looking forward to the cottage again this weekend!

  • Launa

    That sounded like fun. I am afraid that I have lost touch with the outside world. My other and I don’t even have a “drink” anymore and we’re only 34 & 36. I don’t think we even have any friends anymore. Is there any hope for us?

  • Lisa

    Hey Emily! Isn’t it great to get out…really OUT! I went downtown with some pals a few weeks ago and danced until all hours. It was so fun! I payed for it the next day but loved every minute. Being a mom is rewarding but it is important not to lose yourself in the process. Glad you had fun!

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