P1120592.JPGI’m wired. Aside from my addiction to caffeine I need to be in constant contact. I freely admit to not being the type that can wind down and get with nature. I need my music and I need my gadgets. No really. Quietness doesn’t calm me down it actually does the opposite. But I know that the rest of my family loves the outdoors catching frogs and cicadas. I’m cool with that too. And vacation isn’t really one if I need to cook and clean. I am truly a city girl.


So, here’s the compromise. We packed up the car and headed up north for a few days up to the beautiful JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort. Prior to the trek we checked the website and there was really something for each of us to do together or not. There’s golf for hubby, fine dining, kids activities, and a spa of course. The resort was breathtaking. The service was AHHH-mazing. It rained almost the entire time but it didn’t really matter. There was plenty to see and do..or not do. And there was comp WiFi. I know what you’re thinking. But I need it. I brought up my laptop, my iPhone and the kids brought their devices of choice….you’d be happy to know that they hardly used any of their devices and preferred exploring, swimming and scavenger hunts.
It’s about a 2.5 hour drive up to the resort..on a good day. But factor in cottage country traffic and it’s enough to make me think twice. 
A couple weeks prior to the “roadtrip” up north, I received an email from PURE MOBILE that  piqued my interest. Given my limited time now to step foot into the stores I find shopping online way more convenient. So, in the comfort of my, ahem…jammies I grabbed my green tea and went through the website to see what nifty gadgets I could incorporate into our road trip. 
Yes, I’m THAT mom. The one who brings the entire drug store with us on vacation, the snacks, and the games. Our family loves to travel and we know how to keep the guys occupied and respectful of others en route to any destination. 
The site is filled with cool gadgets and accessories that compliment our current devices, you know, to make life a little easier and more fun at home or away. As I went through the items a few things caught my eye and the order was delivered within a week. 


Griffin GB03827 CinemaSeat iPad 2/3 currently sells on the site for $34.99. This came in super handy for our road trip. You can download movies/shows from iTunes and of course all the gaming apps your little hearts desire. Simply secure your iPad into the seat holder and attached the holder comfortably to the back of the front seat headrest. I love this because a) we don’t always want a DVD player in the car all the time, b) it makes things more portable and c) we didn’t hear the kids say “are we there yet?” …not once. 


Sony Mobile MBS-200 Bluetooth Speaker currently sells on the site for $99.00. I need my tunes. Did I mention that? I don’t mind the usual Canadiana summer cottage tunes but I seriously, after a while of listening to Jimmy Buffett, I need my Usher, know what I’m sayin’? This portable speaker not only looks cool but it’s wireless baby! Yes, I can Bluetooth my tunes right off my iPhone. Amen.


Dexim Twin USB Car Charger for All Phones currently sells for $11.99. We have several “devices” between myself, hubby, and the kiddies. I wasn’t sure if we would need this Twin USB charger but just in case, it looked like a great idea to be able to charge two devices at once!! You never know when that iPad and iPhone will run out of juice from all that game playing or video watching.  
There were some other items that I was eyeing and may just order them as gifts. FYI, I usually start my holiday shopping in September. I liked these…
Griffin GC30002 Crayola ColorStudio HD currenly sells for $29.97


Using the latest iMarker digital stylus, the Crayola ColorStudio HD allows limitless colour, play and discovery on the iPad. The iMarker interacts with the iPad and actually differentiates between finger taps, swipes, markers and brushstrokes. It looks like fun for the little artistes! 
Dexim DXA013B4 RC Truck iPod/iPhone/iPad currently sells for 


$39.99. How cool is this? You can turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into the remote controller for this cool truck! My boys would love this! 

Lunatik TTWHT006 TikTok iPod Nano Watch in White currently sells 


for $39.95 also available in other colours. You may not have anywhere to clip your NANO while you’re out for a walk or whatever. This design is perfect to simply secure the device into watch mode. 
So, there you go! GADGETS for the outdoor life or if you’re like me and you’re starting your holiday shopping you may find some great accessories especially for those hard to buy for types…yeah, that’s me. I’ll load up my wish list for my friends and family on their site too!
Visit www.puremobile.ca for all your tech gadget needs. 
This post is not sponsored, nor have I been compensated. Often I am offered products for review. PureMobile provided the opportunity to select items that would be useful to my family to provide our readership with a review of each product.

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