well, it seems those Spears sisters still can’t stay out of the limelight. While people are talking about Britney’s possibly-maybe secret wedding to Adnan Ghalib in Mexico…her sister Jamie Lynn is yes, still pregnant, but possibly-maybe gearing up to be as skanky as her sister.


According to Star Magazine

The Zoey 101 star has often cheated on Casey, the
18-year-old she has identified as the father of her child. “I know for
a fact that Casey was not the first guy she slept with — or the last,”
says one fellow teen in Kentwood, La. “There were at least two others.
I know that 110 percent.”

Just days before announcing her pregnancy in December, Jamie Lynn
shocked a boy at a party by asking him for sex. “It’s cool, I’m
pregnant,” she said. “I can’t get pregnant again!”

who watched:

best line of the night:  "Great, the boat sent us another Sawyer." dear god, i love Hurley. the blip in the space-time-continuum. they need a flux capacitor. wait…so we are supposed to think that Ben is using Sayid to protect his friends? huh? and Naomi’s bracelet = Elsa’s bracelet? who is RG?  haha Ben saying he was thirsty really made me laugh. he’s a riot. mmm…i’d sure like to play house with Sawyer…

i hate Joel the meathead. i’d rather have mikey in charge than him – he’s a loose cannon. but, i must say…it was an impressive blindside. i love Ozzy in the water. *swoon* i think i enjoyed Cirie on exile island more than i enjoyed anyone else ever. she was perfection describing all the clues leading them back to the other island. why does Jeff call Jonathan ‘Penner’?? haha. i loved when Joel told Kathy to vote for Mary she was all "who?" 

okay..i’m already in total heart with this show. um…yeah, so much for you huge twist…revealed in the first week….the only thing dumber than Jen telling Parker about Ryan was Ryan telling Allison about Jen. Allison is NOT happy now and it’s going to cause quite the stir, methinks. I’m not at all sorry to see creepy Jacob and poor, poor Sharon leave. Seriously, way to stir the pot dude…GAH..Eric and Jessica! love! i hope bug-eyed-adam gets fired when he gets off of BB. what a total douche.


    is it possible that elsa’s boss gave her the bracelet and that her and naomi were both working for him?…is it possible that the tall afican american man (i think he works for the dharma iniative) who went to see hugo at the sanitarium is RG…..i LOVE LOST whAT A great show!!!! and hurley setting them up brilliant because who would ever suspect hugo of being deceitful like that ……

  • http://iwillgointhiswayandfindmyownwayout.blogspot.com/ Keri

    Jamie Lynn, wow.
    Maybe I’m just silly and believe in chemistry,
    but if you have to ASK a guy for sex, wow.

  • Ginny

    I thought the last two might be Jin and Sun but now I think Sun and Claire. I also think Jin is going to die. No particular reason why though, it’s just my prediction!!

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/movie_mommy/ Margot

    Did Naomi’s bracelet say RG or RC? Not that it really matters because I’m totally clueless as far as what’s going on anyway. I guess I’m just going to sit back & relax & enjoy the ride that is Lost!
    I, too, loved Hurley’s comment about the boat sending another Sawyer. Classic!!
    Any guesses on who the final 2 of the Oceanic 6 are? I’m thinking Jin & Sun, but just a totally wild guess.

  • http://napwarden.blogspot.com Nap Warden

    Oh Hurley…why!?! I was so dissapointed in him:(
    You could lock me in that room with Sawyer…off the island, what?

  • Ginny

    OMG, did you not think that was the best Lost episode yet? My jaw hasn’t droppd that much over this show in a long time! I am so glad this season is back to being as good as season 1. Each week leaves me wanting more and not wanting to wait. I found season 2 and 3 to be so neat and tidy at the end of each episode but now it’s like what the hell is going on??!!

  • http://alimartell.com ali

    as soon as the door opened and i saw the boots..i said to the husband “that’s sawyer and hurley set them up…”
    i still love hurley, though 🙂

  • http://www.hollysthisandthat.wordpress.com Holly

    seriously… we need to ALL get together for LOST and SURVIVOR! OMG….
    You’ll have to take me on before you can play house with Sawyer! Great Back to the Future reference – time flux continuum! HA HA HA…. That show is just WICKED. I keep telling everyone to join me on the LOST-side. I’ll even watch all the seasons with them so they are caught up! Totally didn’t see Hugo scamming them though. wow!

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