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For work I travel around to Ontario Highschools, Colleges and Universities, particularily a lot of travel in the Fall.  I looked at my schedule and I am booked to go back to the university I graduated from many years ago.  In fact I did the calculations and 19 years ago I was 19 and starting first year university.  I had to look at that number a few times, firstly because math is not my strong suit and secondly because I could not wrap my brain around the fact that it’s been almost 20 years since I was frosh. 

Then I started thinking about what I would tell that girl if I could have a chat with my 19 year old self.  What would I tell that fresh faced, bright eyed gal just starting her adventure into adulthood? 

Would I tell her that in her first year of university she would drink a brew served in a garbage can called purple jesus?  That she would become Co- President of the Rec. Student Association and that her partner would later return to the school as a Dean.  Would she want to know that she will meet a boy in her second year that is President of the Juggling Club and a Philosophy major that would a few years later become her husband?  Would I have wanted to know that there was no need to panic about potential pregnancy scares because as it turns out I have unexplained infertility and will never (or at least the next 19 years) conceive but that it won’t stop her from becoming a mother. 

Would I have wanted to know that in the next nineteen years I would have a career path that included working at a ski school, a donut shop, a coffee giant and two post secondary instiutions. Holding job titles that include workshop facilitator, student recruiter, tour guide, preschool assistant, HR associate, blogger and the one that I still love seeing written on a business card….Coffee Master.

What advice would I have for myself as a fresh faced frosh?  I would definately advise her to wear sunscreen and squirrel away some money for a rainy day.  I would tell her to have fun, work hard, explore your passions, travel and don’t be in such a rush to be a grown up.  Maybe I’d let her know that the furture she envisions now will not become the reality but life will unfold in a weird, wacky and wonderful way.

Ah, why spoil it.  I think if she walked up to me now I would just give her a big hug, look into her twinkly eyes and awesome perm and tell her that she is beginning an amazing adventure, just hold on to your friends and enjoy the ride.

  • ferng

    I’d say, make a career doing something you really love. Stop worrying about what others would like to see you doing. Just enjoy life!

  • http://www.coffeewithjulie.ca Coffee with Julie

    Aw, this brought back great memories! (Except the ones about Purple Jesus … seriously, I have nightmares about throwing up purple … ugh!) It was so nice to meet you at the SheBlogs #RosemountBliss event at Blissdom and to have a chance to speak face to face!

  • Sara

    Marn – I LOVE that comment! I would say hold on friend…you won’t always be this insecure and put down that freaking pizza.

  • Marn

    Have more fun and stop worrying about the number of guys you’ve slept with or not because really no one asks!

  • Julie

    i would tell me/her to pluck her $#@% eyebrows 🙂
    but, honestly, i’m not sure i would tell her anything…after all, it was all those mistakes and adventures that made us what we are today!

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