Come for a Stroll Down Gingerbread Lane.


My name is Tracey Ibrahim and I am the founder of Gingerbread Lane – a family spot in south Mississauga, Ontario. When my daughter was born, I often found myself looking for a venue that provided parenting friendship and connection. We would often visit places that were ideal for her needs but I found myself quietly wondering “who is thinking of me”. If I organized a coffee date with a friend at a local café, I was scrunching my daughter (stroller, diaper bag, etc) under a teensy café table and feeling that we were in the way. I always wished there was a place that I could enjoy my own visit as much as my daughter might enjoy hers. At Gingerbread Lane, we aim to offer ease-of-use – come for a play and a gourmet coffee and much, much more.

Gingerbread Lane includes an indoor playground, café & nut-free bakery, quiet room, activities for our children (age 0-17) and workshops and events for the adult. For new parents – we offer free visits and a complimentary coffee (children under age 1) and for veteran parents there is daily drop-in play and activities galore. Don’t forget to take care of yourself! The Crumbs on-site Café & Bakery provides outstanding coffee, light meal options and – soon to arrive – a Taking Care of You™ meal delivery option.  With programs like Kindermusik, Great Big Play, Toddler Crafts and Summer Mini Camps, you’ll always find something fun to do with the kids. Now let us pay attention to you! With every play admission, you receive a complimentary gourmet coffee. Why not sign up for the Sleep Solutions workshop or the Dream Big – Live Your Best Life seminar – perhaps the Gingerbread Book Club or the Gingerbread Women Entrepreneur Network. Sign up for Ginger Mail today to receive the monthly calendar – email or call 905-271-2900

I remind myself from time to time that we encourage a “stroll down Gingerbread Lane” not a sprint.  With endless possibilities for providing family-focused activity and service, I find myself excitedly speeding from one new idea to another. We hope our enthusiasm is shared with our community.  Please come by for a visit – there’s a coffee waiting for you!

Photo credit Andrea Rees Photography

  • Zakia

    What a wonderful concept! i wish we had something like this in the East-end where I live. Its nice to see that someone is actually thinking about moms as well when designing a play area for children. I love the idea of the coffee house. Looking forward to visiting your facility!

  • Anne

    Tracey has been one of my clients since she started Gingerbread Lane. Her facility is one of a kind, a wonderful concept, and she is passionate about serving her community.
    She mentioned the GWEN Gingerbread Women’s Entrepreneur Network. I’d like to speak a bit more about this opportunity. This new networking group for women with businesses is a fantastic resource for business women in the Mississauga Area. Meetings feature a chance to gripe, a brainstorming session for featured member, and speakers about topics of interest. (There is no fee to join.)
    I’ve attended several different kinds of networking groups in the Mississauga Area and this one is by far the most useful for women with businesses in our area. Join if you can. We’d love to meet you!

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