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This Week, the story of Dial2Dine and its founder, Muskaan.


Have you been faced with the following situations? – An impromptu get together at your place ? Not enough time to put a meal, or few, together? A phone call from relatives who were in the neighborhood and thought they would “swing by” for a brief moment? Or even a last minute meeting called at the office? Or do you feel for a meal from a particular restaurant and are too tired to go and pick it up? Or does the weather not permit you to do so? Are you a busy mom, running from soccer practice to skating classes with not enough time to cook? If your answer was “yes” to any of the situations above, we now have the perfect solution for you .

DIAL2DINE is Mississauga’s ONLY multi–restaurant delivery service, set up to deliver your choice of food at your convenience. Dial2dine came together with famous restaurants in the city to enable its customers to order food in the comfort of the homes, offices or even in hotels. It is a known fact that eating virtually the same thing day in and day out is neither beneficial to the body, nor the soul. We at Dial2dine recognize the importance of choice. We deliver everything from soups to full course dinners. A meal selected from one of our many restaurants gives you the freedom to eat what you like, when you like.

A lot of situations gave birth to Dial2dine, and I will list them in priority sequence 🙂


I am a mother to a fussy toddler, who, ironically would eat ANY meal that came from out [as a take away], but made a huge fuss to eat home-made meals. I do not know if I am a terrible cook, and perhaps that is why –[I would like to think not!]. I wondered how many other mothers out there had to face the same situation. At first, I brushed the  behaviour away saying he was just being fussy, but then it turned out that a few other mothers I met [one of them being my sister] also faced the same situation. There were times when, out of frustration, I would pull out all the Take out menus I had to see which restaurant would deliver. That would save me the trouble of trying to put one more meal together that he would ‘probably’ eat. Pizzas were an option, but not a healthy one, so I often ruled that out…Those were the moments I would wish more options were available to us.

Another reason why this came about was because of the fact that we always had people over. Of late, I  cannot remember a day of the week when people were not invited home – co-workers, family, friends.  Sometimes it was possible to spin a meal or two, other times – not. Then too, a lot of factors had to be  kept in mind – were our guests vegetarians, did they prefer a certain dish, are they fans of spicy food? Do I have enough time to put something together? Is my toddler catered to while I am in the kitchen?


And last but not the least, the weather. The weather played a huge role in putting my idea to something concrete. Prior to my son being born, my husband and I used to frequently visit restaurants. It was easier then, time no bar, weather no bar – since it was just the two of us. Once my son was born however, we felt things change. The desire of dining out was still there, but it wasn’t always possible to do so – sometimes it was raining, or way too cold to take the baby out just for a meal.

Today when I look back, I am glad I started this venture, and I absolutely love what I do. Working in shifts gives me enough time to spend with my toddler and strike a balance between home and work.  consumers surveyed by the National Restaurant Association said they would be likely to use a delivery option if offered by restaurants they frequent – but only 6% of fine dining restaurants and 17% of family and casual restaurants offer delivery.

Keeping me and my story aside, I realised that Dial2dine touches everybody in many different areas of their life.  It’s great for women who love food but often lack the time and energy to prepare nutritious meals for themselves or their families.  It’s of crucial importance to those managers, secretaries and meeting planners who frequently have to feed dozens of people on short notice.  It’s a bachelor’s best friend and the key to a successful Super Bowl party, and by creating a virtual dining room that adds an extra five or ten tables to any eating establishment, Dial2dine provides a valuable service to local restaurants and their managers.

All you have to do is pick your choice of restaurant, the meal you desire, place your order with us over the phone and sit back and enjoy the Quality of a home cooked meal within the comforts of your environment! Now that doesn’t seem like a bad proposal – does it?

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