Hi Gorgeouses!

SNOW! I don’t know about you, but I was stuck in the house with my two little monkey’s ALL DAY ‘cuz of this snow. But, you know what? It was a pretty good day…. ‘Cept I couldn’t get the monkey out of her pajamas…, but, truth-be-told, I didn’t REALLY try to…. LET’S GOSSIP!

check it!!!



I’m pretty sure I remember Ms. Lavendula — commenteuse par excellence (pardon my French…) — mentioning her love for Sarah Brightman and other celestials like her…. So, this is for you, babe! Here’s Sarah looking GORJ, and even a wee bit edgy!, on a pirate-ship float at the Macy’s Day Parade.
Photo, with thanks, c/o Splash.



I don’t get why some Gorgeouses don’t agree with me on this. But, I think Nicole Ritchie has FAB style — especially since parting ways with "skinny bitch" stylish to the skinnies, Rachel Zoe. Love love LOVE Nicole’s maternity wardrobe. She looks undeniably GORJ and stylish. I totally appreciate this because…well, let’s just say, if only you saw what I wore while pregnant — threw fashion (involuntarily) to the WIND! Woosh there it goes!
Photo, with thanks, c/o X17.

Oh, and, by the way? She’s having a boy. How do we know…?


…Because Lionel said so! He told OK! magazine that "Nicole is having a boy. She even has a few names picked out." She’s due on New Year’s Eve…. Soon!




I propose a CELEBRITY Project Runway! You could have contestants like Gwen Stefani (pictured here outside Barney’s yesterday in a piece from her L.A.M.B. line — L.O.V.E.!), Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson, JLo, Nicky Hilton, etc., etc.. All these celebs would have to learn to sew (except Gwen, who grew up making her own clothes), though. But wouldn’t it be FASCINATING? Sigh, who am I kidding. It’ll never happen…. But, a girl can dream! And, HEY, they DO have a celebrity Apprentice coming soon (can’t wait!). Anyway, check Gwenny’s boots!


Wow…. I think "fashionating" should be an official word, by the way…. These boots are FASHIONATING. Somebody STOP me! Hee.
Photo, with thanks, c/o X17.


While it’s a little annoying — because life just isn’t fair (I mean, how are her "knockers" that gorj after two pregnancies?) — it’s FAB…FASHIONATING. I DO love Heidi! What do you think of it, Gorgeouses!? I cannot WAIT for the show! Did you see those WINGS?!



I’ve been trying to offer you different celebs lately — so we don’t just gossip about the same old celebs week after week (notice no Brit here for a while!? YES!). So, here’s Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim. Looks like Josh-O isn’t the only person who went to the Van Halen concert…. ‘Cuz that’s where Nicolas and Alice are in this photo! Nick looks like he needs a good sleep, and maybe a makeover or something…. Yeah, totally a makeover…. Alice looks ceeeute!
Photo, with thanks, c/o Buzzfoto.


Rumour has it that Brad and Angelina’s relationship is, once again, on the rocks. This time, it’s because skinny Ange is getting very close to her new hotter younger British (Scottish) body guard, Billy — whom she’s nicknamed "Chisel" (awwww!?) because he’s apparently some kind of RIPPED! Check these pics. Do they look, as everyone’s saying, a little "too close for comfort"?



Whether or not the rumour’s true, like, OMIGOSH LOOK AT HER CALVES!!! AND, HER HANDS! She’s a total SKELETON. Wow frightening…. For the record, I’m not expecting any kind of "Angelina-Leaves-Brad-for-Hott-Scott-Bodyguard" any time soon….

Photos, with thanks, c/o Celebitchy.


Somebody’s OUTTIE! ME! Hee! Latah, Gorgeouses! Enjoy the snow! Stay home and cuddle…. LOVE!

And, while you’re at home, you might as well check my personal blog THE CHEATY MONKEY! xoxo Haley-O

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/losing_it Kath

    Oh. My. God. Angelina is a human skeleton. Worse than Nicole ever was. Speaking of Nicole, I’m with you. Love her outfit. Not so much Gwen’s outfit, though. What’s with the reverse mickey mouse overalls? The boots are hideous, too, but I’ve always thought her fashion style was slightly weird.

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/this_life elizabeth

    Hey Haley, you know I love ripping on Angelina, but one of the tabloids had an headline about a miscarriage she has just suffered.refrained from purchase because I wasn’t going anywhere medical or on a trip, but could you follow up with some of your magical sources and let us know. Thanks, E.

  • http://urbanmoms.typepad.com/moms_the_word/ Jen

    Yikes. Ange’s legs are SCARY.

  • http://www.drowninginlaundry.blogspot.com Sleepynita

    Wow Angelina is looking worse every day, total skeleton YOU are so right. Gotta say WRONG on Gwen’s outfit, the woman looks good but the outfit is SO uggers (and my eyes hurt looking at the shoes). I love Nicole pregnant she looks so great, but I hate that skirt. I think you are so right she totally evolved when she ditched that stylist.
    Not to burst your bubble but Heidi Klum has had 3 pregnancies and 3 kids not just 2 (and one after another too!) So those KNOCKERS are even more unfair 🙁

  • Anonymous

    aww thanks hales i love sarah brightman.! i also love your word fashionating.angelina looks so brittle like shes going to break.its frightening.nicole just irks me for some reason.and i used to love heidi but since i saw that clip from her on oprah i just have a little bit less respect for her i do still like her though…gwens boots are so fab!

  • http://alimartell.com ali

    ew. gwen’s boots! my eyes are BLEEDING! her whole outfit is a travesty. yikes!

  • Steph

    Angelina is scary skinny…and to think that the camera adds 10 lbs!!!

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