download.jpgWelcome to the Delta Touch 2O® Faucet giveaway sponsored by Delta Faucet. Chef Dad has been busy trying out their Touch2O® technology in the kitchen. See what he thinks below.
Delta has decided to help out one of our UrbanMoms members with a Delta Touch 2O® faucet giveaway. Leave a comment below and let us know what recipe leaves your hands the messiest in the kitchen?
I’ve been cooking for the past 15 years. When I’m not cooking I also happen to be employed in the tech industry. So my kitchen has seen its fair share of gizmos and gadgets over the years. The majority of these are used for a month or so and then forgotten in the backs of cupboards, bottom of drawers, and wherever else gadget-du-jour go to die.
It is not often that technology is able to really make a lasting impression in my kitchen. So many inventions of recent memory are a must-have until you have them. They then prove to be too hard to clean, or take up too much room, or simply more difficult to operate than doing it via the old fashioned method of yesteryear. 
I had seen the commercials for the Delta Touch 2O faucets on TV, as I’m sure you have. Yes, it looked like a handy invention, but I didn’t really give it another thought. However, since installing it in my kitchen a couple of months ago, it has completely revolutionized the sink and faucet experience in our house. 
My hands are constanatly covered in food. Flour, chicken, oil, egg, fruit, it never ends. I never realized how much this faucet would make my life so much easier. I simply touch the faucet with my forearm and can wash my hands without worrying about covering the handle in whatever happens to be coating my hands at that given moment. I can move seamlessly from one activity to another (like cutting up chicken, to dipping it in egg and breadcrumb) without constantly worrying about the mess or bacteria I’m leaving behind.
The other unexpected joy of owning this faucet has been the ability for my 5 and 8 year olds to turn the faucet on themselves without having to reach the handle at the base of the faucet. They simply reach up and tap the faucet to turn it on and off. Delta did not highlight that in the advertising I saw – but it has been such a great added pleasure.
I could go on about the benefits of the button which fills pots up at a quicker rate than a standard faucet, or the magnetic docking head which ensures the pull-out mechanism does not leave your faucet dangling, but you could check out all of those details over on the Beige is Dead site. Go on and leave a comment below to win your own Delta Touch 2O® faucet. It will make the world of difference to your kitchen. Trust me.

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Contest ends on April 11, 2011.
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  • SnowCake

    Meike. What makes those patties any different than regular Canadians ones? hehe I make mine the exact same way, and I’m a Newfie!
    Now I wanted a burger!!
    The messiest thing for me to make in MY kitchen is rice krispy treats!! my hands get so sticky even when I use a spoon. lol

  • judygr

    Oh, do I ever need a new faucet!! Mine has a spray ‘feature’ but I never know just where it’s going to spray – in the sink, on the counter, in my face, on my clothes or on the floor!!
    Ground beef takes the star for the messiest, ickiest, greasiest job in the kitchen. I need lots of hot, hot water and lots of soap before I feel that I can touch anything. I’m rather paranoid about contamination so I will constantly wash and rewash several times – did you ever see “As Good As It Gets”?? That’s me with ground beef!

  • chiasson1

    I would have to say that the messiest my hands ever get around the kitchen is by cleaning out fish— making meatballs with hamburger and rolling my peanut butter balls — the mess is endless when i attempt any of these

  • vrabec

    making bread dough

  • pebbles

    Meatballs are so messy!

  • ddbugs


  • MadonnaB

    Making bread is the messiest job and it can make an even bigger mess in the sink.

  • Dave

    Definitely preparing fresh caught fish …… the cleaning out the innards is pretty bad but scaling the fish leaves scales all over your hands and the kitchen.

  • super-mcmom

    Definitely roast leg of lamb ….. my recipe uses a rub of different herbs and spices and garlic combined with olive oil ….. 5 minutes of giving the leg of lamb a delightful massage leaves my hands covered with all sorts of interesting bits which can be washed off but I still smell of leg of lamb.

  • corkrose

    Making brown soda bread – when mixing and kneading with my hands makes for one messy mess (but delicious results).

  • hcablue

    Homemade chocolates are, hands-down, the messiest recipe I make! But the kids enjoy doing it so much that the messy-ness won’t ever stop me from making chocolates with them!

  • RoseE

    Piecrust dough leaves my hands messy, as does cookie dough. The Delta Touch 2O® Faucet is perfect for those of us who love to bake and cook. And Touch2O technology is a wonderful solution and practical aid for those of us who have arthritis. Just a touch!

  • J

    When I make crab cakes, I use my hands to mix all the ingredients together to make sure it’s all well blended. It takes me several washes after making all those patties to make me fell that my hands are finally clean. The kids are constantly in the kitchen adding last minute ingredients to the mixture instead of having me wash my hands over and over again.

  • mailmandapanda

    Meatballs are so messy to make and this faucet would be the perfect solution for meals like that!

  • Deltree

    Stay at home dad here so everything is messy. truth is this weeks mess was Mud from playing in the yard, thick gooey black topsoil mud. we had fun but I had to plop the toddler in the kitchen sink to get the mud off.

  • ginger

    Using goat cheese to stuff pasta makes my hands really messy,the faucet would be a great addtion to my kitchen…no more messy hands touching the taps….

  • Teacher_Mel79

    Home-made chicken fingers!! The flour, egg and bread crumb combo makes for messy hands – this faucet is perfect for that – no raw chicken germs on the taps either! 🙂

  • kellyburk3

    Im rediong my kitchen right now and this is just the faucet I want !! When I handle any kind of meat and at chistmas when I make popcorn balls !!

  • sueplay

    Cutting up my vegs would be breeze with the facuet.

  • finngirl60

    Awsome facuet. Our current one leaks all over the place

  • Terrymac

    I am a very ‘hands on’ cook, and love cooking! Cleanup is always a complete necessity when I cook, bake, broil, or….!
    Several recipes leave me in need of good washing facilities, and this Delta Fawcet with the pull out spray would go a long way to expediating my cleanup time! (Especially good is the timing of this great giveaway, as my kitchen ‘washerless’ no drip fawcett, drips a steady stream and is sorely in need of replacement!)
    When making my hot pepper jelly spread, my hands need to be washed several times to reduce the burning sensation when cleaning, chopping the peppers, as my family loves it hot!
    Then, when making any stuffing for birds, whether turkey, chicken, grouse, etc….I always use my hands to thoroughly incorporate all the ingredients!
    But the recipe that my family loves to eat, and gets my hands the messiest, is when I am making my famous chocolate truffle rum balls! As the chocolate warms up from rolling the little balls in my hands, I am constantly having to scrape my hands down (of residue chocolate), and wash in cold water to reduce the warmth and allow me to roll more chocolate rum balls!

  • Kathryn Dickson

    Oh my! Anything to do with chicken – raw chicken. EWWWWWWWW! I totally sterilize my faucet handles after touching them…

  • Tyme4tea

    My hands get the messiest when making homemade meatballs, slimy hamburger mixture all over and it’s at that time that it never fails one of the kids wants you to pick them up or get them something.
    How this facet would make the task so much quicker and cleaner cause lets face it we already have enough to clean.

  • Lientje

    I want this faucet! Just finished a baking marathon, and must have cleaned the faucet 10 times, after every hand wash. Give it to me!.

  • thealces

    I love this faucet!
    My hands get the messiest when I’m making hamburgers or meatloaf. Same types of ingredients, different presentation but both are hand mixed.

  • briggsyjill

    Making pizza dough is the messiest job ever! Wet flour stuck to your fingers, which then gets stuck to the tap,which then turns into an even gooier mess when you try to clean it off!

  • Brenie

    The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest in the kitchen is our families homemade perogy cooking bees!
    We make our own dough, and at least 4 types of perogies – between the mashed potatoes, flour and then color coding them after with a toothpick so we know that blue is gr. beef and potato, red is sauerkraut and bacon, and so on – my hands have seen it all at the end of the day!
    It’s all worth it though 🙂
    Washing up with a Delta Touch 2O® Faucet would be a treat for sure!
    Thank~You for the great Contest!
    Brenie : )

  • alanna

    This faucet is a fantastic idea! I am at my messiest when I make my spicy meatballs! This would help so much!


    I saw the commerical on tv and thought that it was a good idea. Would love to have this faucet. My hands get the messiest when I make cinnamon buns. I spread the dough with butter and then brown sugar which sticks to my hands.

  • kcrmb

    My hands get messier when I am making a homemade pie crust with flour and shortening sticking to my fingers!

  • Debbie

    Making fresh pizza dough is messiest for me !

  • murphy

    My hands get very messy when I make dough. It seems to stick to everything!

  • sparky

    When I make Italian meatballs, my hands get so messy and covered with raw meat, I hate to touch anything in the kitchen.

  • dian

    Working with pastries or kneading bread dough. I always get my faucets sticky

  • Eileen

    Love, love, love this idea! Working with raw chicken is one of my messiest hand ventures – with this faucet, the potential to spread the oh so lovely bacteria from the chicken would decrease considerably.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • Kijora

    My family loves my meatloaf and homemade hamburgers but they are so messy to make. Icing cakes is also a messy job. When I saw this faucet advertised I thought what a fantastic idea. I must have one! If I won one it would be even better!

  • Chocolatechip138

    As the cleaner upper I would appreciate this faucet for when my hubby cooks. It sure would make clean up a lot easier.

  • clirl

    Wow, I could really use this faucet. I’ve seen the commercials on tv and have been wanting one ever since!!

  • martha7

    My hands get the messiest when I make any kind of breaded meat: flour+egg+bread crumbs=gluey, sticky fingers that you don’t want to touch faucet taps with!

  • tennille

    Although not super messy turkey meatballs leave me dreading samonella! So to not have to touch anything on my way to cleaning up my hands would be so great

  • wren

    Love this faucet – Thanks for the great giveaway! Like so many others here, I get the messiest hands from mixing meatloaf – but its oh so worth it!

  • winnermb

    Handling raw meat….need to frequently clean the hands!

  • nancynyx

    My Maryland Chicken tops the messy hands list. This faucet would be so useful.

  • momvnm

    Homemade meatballs!

  • sweetswany

    The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest is my mexican meatloaf. It is a must mix with the hands recipe.

  • nan

    I love this faucet. It would be so nice when my hands are coated with whatever.

  • sandhi

    Whenever I knead dough to make chapatis, my hands get really messy. Besides I need to add water as I am kneading the dough so a touch type faucet would be perfect so that the tap isn’t covered with wet dough. As I make chapatis every day, this faucet would be very useful and utilised every day.

  • leahblaha

    cooking any kind of chicken or raw meat…I’m paranoid so I wash my hands constantly.

  • Carrie

    Whenever I make nachos I end up getting stuff all over my hands. THis sounds like a fabulous faucet to own

  • Mommy4Times

    Meatballs!!! Try turning on a faucet with goopy hamburger meat all over you hands!!

  • Rubin

    “Science experiments” with my 5 year old. I never know what I’ll get on my hands.

  • adrian

    Seasoning and handling any kind of meat can definitely get messy. Preparing “arepas” which is a popular Colombian dish is also messy because you have to get your hands all up in the mixed up flower and water to get it in a ball and then flatten it. Its delicious!

  • Carla

    Definitely anything with ground beef – hamburgers, meatloaf etc.

  • Jenny

    My hands are the messiest when I’m baking and have to first mix the dough by hand.

  • patty4

    My hands get messiest when I am making cookies, any kind! Cookie dough everywhere!

  • elizamatt

    my hands get in the worst mess when making Frikadella (meat balls), the ground beef with egg and breadcrumbs seems to get everywhere and then I am very conscious of the danger of contamination so don’t like touching other things like the faucet.

  • ourweejeannie

    i can’t seem to bread anything without my hands and kitchen getting messy. Breaded fish or chicken means big mess in kitchen!!

  • ricky

    I think the thing that gets me dirty the most is when I am making stew. Lots of things to cut up.

  • woodwhisperer

    As a person on chemotherapy and with no immune system, having a touch faucet would be excellent. It would be more so when I am making cinnamon buns. That is a very messy recipe.

  • ferdie

    Definitely the messiest is cookie dough… for some reason i can’t keep it on the counter or even the rolling pin.. it’s all over my hands!!!

  • rileyrosemom

    My hands get the messiest while making home made meals for my 6 month old daughter, then feeding her and cleaning her after! She just started on Veggies and I’m gonna start proteins tomorrow 🙂

  • jmeme

    Rolling meatballs make my hands a really sticky mess.

  • erin2470

    That would be rice krispie squares for me.

  • tl

    Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You just have to get your hands dirty.

  • Reggae Babe

    One of the messiest and best tasting recipes we like to whip up in our kitchen is good old fashioned Rice Krispie Squares. The marshmallows make a ooey gooey mess and I usually find white globs of stickiness all over my tap set! Thanks!

  • Joan

    I have a in home day care so that would be great for removing finger paint without getting it all over the tap, as well as dough for cinnamon buns.

  • scamp

    Meatballs! The greasy hands from the mixing and the burger…yuk who wants to have to clean that off the taps!?! I usually call for someone to turn the water on for me, so this would be wonderful to have!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Michelle

    Homemade burgers and raw chicken.

  • Evelyn

    I wish that this type of faucet was in everyone’s kitchen and bath! Our faucets requires
    a disinfecting daily because our kids leave their messy goop on it as they are cleaning their
    When I redo our kitchen this will be a must and in the meantime….

  • AK

    The messiest is my pizza crust getting it on the pan, and then dough everywhere , this would be nice

  • andy

    Mixing up the ingredients into the ground beef while making “meatloaf” is sooo messy. I find it hard to get the GREASE from the meat off my hands!!

  • happygardener

    Making chicken wings the the family…we use flore eggs oil..messy messy messy

  • baker7

    Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate are a family favourite but very messy

  • hiway

    This would make life easier in the kitchen,messes in my kitcehen are often with baking and making meals all the time. This would be easier on my hands turning on taps can be difficult at times with arthritis. I have put this on my list of things for hubby to buy.

  • Barb

    My family hands get the messiest from many things such as making burgers or working with any type of meat and using our hands.

  • eabeier

    My hands get messiest with biscuit dough. I keep my fingernails long and I need to keep a scrub brush handy in the kitchen.

  • Shaf

    Making breaded chicken fingers makes my hands messy.

  • Schmidtpro

    Making my famous burgers, gross hands after that. Touch would be a godsend.

  • monkeyhanger

    Our kitchen faucet is leaking…time for a change

  • sver

    making dough makes my hands the messiest

  • melahlberg

    MY kitchen is messiest when I bake a cake and make icing. it gets everywhere by the time i’m done decorating!

  • JilliaRae

    This faucet would make my like soo much easier when handling any kind of raw meat in the kitchen. Any type of meal involving hamburger leaves my hands the messiest, so I would say a hamburger casserole.

  • 1234

    making home made pizza is messy because we enjoy a lot of sauce

  • DaDomesticDiva

    First of all Chef Dad I am so jealous of all your gadgets that you get to use I am not wishing for a food processor since lately I have been given the name mrs Mommy home maker (da domestic diva) but this faucet would bring a song to my heart and world. So wonderful i often wish I could train our puppy to open the fridge and turn on the faucet for me when I am making scones, besides all the other goodies that get my hands saturated in a gooey mess…Puppy yet not trained for this mission so this faucet Chef dad would be the ultimate gadget in my kitchen I often tell my husband ” honey it would be so easy to just touch it and wash” Well Chef dad enjoy all your fun kitchen gadgets I so inspire to own many in the future. I would definitely enjoy the faucet!!! simply Awesome.

  • Justrose

    The messiest is making cabbage rolls, squishing up ground beef, ground pork with bits of tomatoes and rice with my hands as I make a big batch. Greasy hands ugh!Cuttings from the cabbage all over the place! This faucet would work great!

  • redleaf55

    Pastry! I always make such a mess.

  • jazzyj

    love the height of this faucet to enable you to get big pot under it. really sanitary when you are cooking with chicken or beeft. Awesome and looks awesome too.

  • button9925

    My hands are always messy when I make my delicious never-fail pastry. Yum!

  • JJ

    My hands get messiest making meatballs.

  • lindawwww

    My hands get messiest when I make cabbage rolls. There’s no other way to make them but using your hands.

  • ladiydye

    This would be a PERFECT match to the touchless soap dispenser I just bought!

  • ninabergeron

    my hands always get messy when i’m making something in the kitchen!! This faucet would be great!!

  • fossie

    This faucet would be great. Make cutting meats, veggies and cooking a lot easlier to clean up after. My pot and pans would love it.

  • tjbugnet

    I make a mess of my kitchen and my hands when I make chicken parm. Ugh. This would be a blessing for me and my chicken parm-loving hubby.

  • robynzee

    My hands get the messiest when I made homemade chicken fingers, and dip them in egg, then flour/spices and then cap’n’ crunch serial. My hands look like dough men all sticky and yucky. I’d love to have one of these faucets!

  • vnjcas

    My hands get messy when I rinse off any meat, so when both hands are messy this faucet would be handy.

  • trey45

    looks like a cool faucet. Would love one.

  • krissyroo

    I’d love to win one of these. being a germ freak – this will definately cause less ‘freak outs’!

  • nrobak

    I get the messiest when I am making hamburger patties

  • wilfred

    Hmmm….after ice fishing when we cook up the fish….mmmmmm….yummy and messy.

  • mg1234

    I need a new hamburger meat mixing is the worst.

  • lilolme105

    this will be handy for those messy jobs.

  • chalbe

    Schnitzel and meatloaf are my messiest jobs, could sure use this faucet.

  • Beg42

    my hands get messy when i make chicken wings.

  • dphumphrey

    My hands get extremely messy and sticky when I make homemade pizza dough and roll it out…

  • Lea

    made cannelloni the other day, stuffed with a cheese mixture – ended up using my hands and it was a total mess

  • bushcampcafe

    my hands get the messiest when i am doing the 3 stage breading process on whatever. i realize that you are supposed to keep one hand dry but i always seem to end up with big “mickey mouse” like hands from having them both in all of the 3 different breading stages….

  • Michelle

    Meatloaf. By hand is just the best way to mix it.

  • josiefiorda

    My hands are messiest when I make pizza dough and bread

  • amana

    My hands are messiest when I make dough. Working the flour and water to get the right feel takes time and because I make this so often I would say this is easily the messiest my hands get.

  • Charlene Vidal

    Making homemade hamburgers leaves my hands the messiest. Using your hands to mix the ingredients works the best and for shaping the burgers.

  • gdubster

    My hands are the messiest when I make samosas. The pastry gets sticky on my hands and needs constant rinsing of my hands. This faucet would be great for samosa time!

  • Kaitie

    It is a great looking faucet! I am a messy cook, but if I had to choose just one, it would be making perogies!

  • akskathy

    What a fab faucet! And mine is on its’ last leg! My hands get messiest when I am making fried chicken. All that flour and buttermilk and half the time I am yelling for my husband or the kiddo to come turn on the faucet for me.

  • annbird

    My hands get pretty messy when I am making pies. I don’t have a food processor either so I have to use my hands to work the pastry dough! Messy crisco!

  • 409cope

    The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest would be meatloaf.

  • CC

    We are renovating our kitchen and this is the faucet I am dreaming of. It would be great to win it.

  • lizzielou

    My hands definitely get the messiest when I do anything with ground beef: meatballs, meatloaf, and hamburgers. It would be great to have this faucet!

  • Niki

    Our favourite gluten free bakery changed hands recently and they no longer make our favourite bread. I have been experimenting to find a good alternative that is homemade. Although homemade GF pizza from scratch would be a really close runner up!

  • MuaPetahl

    I have been totally into baking lately- all sorts of breads mostly.
    This would be fantastic for hands covered in sticky dough and flour!!!!

  • ever7852

    For me, it would have to be when I make my sneaky veggie meatloaf for my daughter. This tap would be amazing!!!!

  • Shan

    For me, I’d have to say making meatballs. This tap would be amazing!

  • Joan

    The recipe that gets my hands the messiest has to involve ground meats – meatloaf or burgers.

  • slp

    For me its pizza dough.

  • jentam

    My hands are such a mess when I use them to make dough. It would be great to not have to turn on the faucet with dirty hands.

  • gtheule

    Anything I make with my daughter turns into the messiest thing I make! Ahh, the joys of stay-at-home dad-dom!

  • margaret44

    When I’m making our family favourite Wiener Schnitzel.

  • sherry83

    My hands get covered in all kinds of goo when I’m breading chicken. This tap would solve that problem hands down. :o)

  • cinktown

    I love this faucet, it looks so modern & it would come in handy for so many reasons while working in the kitchen. Great prize!

  • erkrueger

    Making hamburgers – totally!

  • shellshock

    Raw chicken gives me the heebie-jeebie’s, but I also bake a lot and the flour covered hands are not so good when trying to turn the tap on. This prize is amazing and thank you to URBAN MOMs for promoting it! Great site.

  • ladydoor

    Spaghetti and meatballs – and I hate the thought of touching the taps with raw meat on my fingers – ewwww.

  • Iris

    Baking bread – when I knead the dough and I get flour all over my hands as well as sticky dough. It dries rock hard if you get any on the taps or sink without rinsing it away.

  • arc

    Meatballs! – because you know the phone is going to ring with every ball you’re going to make.

  • themom

    Rice Krispy Easter Nests leave me covered in marshmallow. Yuck.

  • cynt

    This looks like a beautiful faucet!
    After handling raw meat I just cringe when I have to touch the faucet to turn it on, with this one I could make sure that I’m only touching it with my clean arm – Great!

  • turbosir

    The styling is beautiful and would definetly look awsome in our kitchen. I am always fumbling with the exisiting one to get pots underneath.

  • Shana99

    I was just complaining yesterday that our tap doesn’t work! The handle is loose, it leaks, and you can’t tell if you’re turning on hot or cold. We need this for the messiest and least safe recipe of all: raw CHICKEN

  • sonnydaze

    We are going to redo our kitchen this faucet would look great in our kitchen.I love this faucets, with 3 young boys we Always have a mess to clean up. From cleaning the boys hands, to washing cars, truck and other toys who get dirty outside.

  • kacee

    My hands get so messy when I make bread! We are currently renovating the kitchen, so this would be great!

  • oe74

    I have lusted for one of these ever since I saw the commercial….man oh man! Beautiful and practical…..

  • brooklynn

    Every night when I cook dinner… fish, ground beef, chicken, turkey, pork chops, eggs, lamb, goat. Or coming in from picking fresh vegetables from my garden.

  • mike

    My hands get messiest when making pie crusts!

  • pamr

    Everything seems to be messy in my kitchen, but the worst I think is chicken fingers, with the eggs and breading. I find myself washing my hands a lot!


    When I make a sauce, I make my own meatballs, most of the time it is about two pounds of mince. I use my hands, and lot of spices and egg. My hands are a mess, I have to clean them a few times, as I go along, and yes there are lots of meatballs.

  • hlarnould

    These faucets look so elegant! I can’t think of any time in my kitchen that one of these wouldn’t be handy (so to speak), whether when baking, handling raw meat or even a quick wash up in the sink after gardening. Definitely an idea whose time is now.

  • momof2

    Today I have not one but two sick kids throwing up. You can imagine what state my hands are in…with all the (gulp) clean up! I sure wish that I had that right now 🙂

  • skriksic

    My hands get the messiest when I make homemade hamburgers

  • donnas

    My hands get messy when I’m making meatballs. This faucet would be ideal to clean them.

  • shanegroup1

    Cooking with hamburger meat or chicken leave my hands really greasy. This faucet would be great.

  • janicour

    Making pie dough as I mix it with my hands.

  • Nicole Bonito

    Hamburgers or anything with ground beef like meatloaf or meatballs is always messy!

  • LuKillam

    I would especially appreciate this beautiful and well designed faucet when I’m working with raw chicken. Cross contamination is a huge risk,… being able to wash one’s hands with out cross contaminating is a definite bonus!
    I’d love to win this!

  • pmilner

    Thank you so much for reviewing the faucet and for offering the giveaway.
    We are in the process of building a new home and I need all the help I can get picking out products.
    I did not realize how much I was going to have to do when we decided to build instead of buy.
    The pile of catalogues and brochures that I have to go through is multiplying every day.
    At least I know which faucet I want!

  • Jujube13

    Meatballs definitely make my hands the messiest! And messy hands from raw meat is the worst.


    Wholymackerel, the messies has got to be when I make meatballs. Yuk, the gucky fingers from the meat, eggs, and milk. I go through so many paper towels because I don’t want to touch my faucet to wash my hands. I’ve a big family so I’ve got to make a large quantity of meatballs. This would be absolutely marvelous and a God send for me.

  • tobbymunroe

    making meatloaf get pretty messy

  • PoignantTuna

    when marinating meat/chicken and making burgers

  • in_vivid_colour

    My hands are messiest when I make meatballs. A close second would be when I hand knead dough. I would love this faucet in my kitchen. My current one is just not adequate. Fingers crossed.

  • Tonya

    Making hamburger patties

  • poppis33d

    I made Date and Almond Butter Balls yesterday and I was picking nut bits and coconut flakes out of my nails for an hour afterwards! Easily the messiest job in my kitchen! (Not when mixing, but when forming the balls by hand)

  • jacdav

    Mixing and making hamburger patties is very messy.

  • dizzzy

    I agree – Meatloaf is definitely the messiest! This faucet would make the clean up process so much easier.

  • nikkialeta

    hamburgers are best when mixed by hand, so those easily top my list of messiest hands!

  • shadow4813

    Unfortunately, I have to agree – Meatloaf is the one! I hate how it gets in my fingers, then of course, I almost always forget to take my rings off prior to mushing it together so……..then I have to dig out the jewelry cleaning stuff! I think in 19 years of being married, I have remembered twice to take my rings off!!

  • tobyhir

    No question! Meatloaf!! Ooey, gooey, greasy, disgusting! But may I add, sooooo worth it! LOL 😀


    We,re renovating our kitchen, a new faucet would be nice

  • Melissa

    Having a DH of German decent, meatloaf is a staple in our house and mixing raw meat with eggs, breadcrumbs and seasonings is very messy especially when the only way to mix is using your hands. This faucet would be so great, not only would it be mess free it would be sanitary. Thanks for this contest!

  • Jen

    My hands are a mess when I make bread. The first couple of minutes trying to knead a liquidy mess is always near-disasterous.

  • drjess

    I get really messy when I am forming meatballs with my hands. I never seem to get the meatballs the same size and am always reworking them to get them looking good.

  • Janet

    Making Tempura! I usually dip the onion, mushrooms, peppers, shrimp, Snow peas, etc. into the Tempura batter by hand to ensure complete coverage. Between putting batches in the oil, I have 5 or 6 minutes to do other things but I have to wash the batter off first. This faucet would be a perfect way to avoid spreading batter all over the taps.

  • yim

    My hands get the messiest making meat loaf mixing the eggs, hamburger, cracker crumbs, onions, green peppers etc together – total gooooooooooo ewwwww

  • stojmenov

    I have the dirtiest hands when I am making wedding cakes…. whether its the flour, the batter or the buttercream

  • patricknglenda

    My favourite hobby is cooking, When I saw “what made your hands the messiest” question I immediately thought about when I make meatballs, then I thought, nope, it’s probably when I mix my pie crust recipe, the one I got from my mom. It uses one pound of lard and 5.5 cups of flour. add an egg, some water & vinegar & mix until it feels just right. I always get rave reviews on my pies…..thanks mom! This kind of a faucet would be a definite plus for this messy job of mine and many others that come to my mind as I write this.

  • lucia

    in a house with 3 sons, 2 dogs & a messy husband this would be a much needed item in my residence

  • Crescenza

    What a great idea! I constantly have to call my kids into the kitchen to turn it on for me when my hands are contaminated from raw meat. Prevents messes and extra cleanup.

  • cjworld

    I was following a recipe to make butter cookies, using an entire pound of butter. It said to shape the dough with your hands !!! A pound of softened butter with flour, what a mess, it all stuck to my hands. I had butter on everything!

  • dona

    Stuffing a turkey is always fun! Now if Delta would just add a touch soap dispenser….

  • mlm111

    I would love to have his Faucet! The one I have now is cracked.

  • Destiney

    hello all 🙂
    I have seen this faucet on the food network and would love to put this beauty to work in my kitchen!!
    What an amazing and consumer conscious product!

  • GG

    I recently heard that automatic faucets can hold germs as part or the mechanism for the plumbing . I wonder if the same is true for the touch faucets. In any case I believe that using hands after handling meat and poultry would have more germs, therefore this technology would be great especially for ladies who love to cook their food from scratch. And it also looks absolutely fancy and lovely.

  • Louise M

    My hands get very messy when I am making Salmon Cakes. Thank you for this great give away.

  • Paula C.

    This is a great faucet! I would love to have this in my kitchen!

  • E.Chang

    I would LOVE to have one of these in my kitchen! This would be wonderful to have… especially with 2 little ones at home. Makes washing their hands after meals and when they “help” in the kitchen that much easier! As for the messiest, I’d definitely have to say panko breaded fish!

  • debauch

    being someone relatively “germ conscious” this is a really cool concept. I often find myself trying to tweeze the tap on with my fingers because of all the grub that the sink taps see on a daily basis.
    I REALLY would love one of these!!!
    Hopefully now, when I am cleaning up after my puppies I can use one of these to help in the process..well done Delta !

  • marwar

    Lovely design.

  • Spicy2naroll

    Best invention ever! Now I don’t have to dirty the faucet handle after slicing raw meat.

  • calmas

    My hands are messiest when I make Gingerbread cookies at Christmas time. They are very sticky.

  • debfong

    My hands are the messiest when I make rice croquets. By the time I make balls out the rice/cheese mixture, my hands are full of gooey stuff.

  • Maadhatter

    I would absolutely love this faucet in my kitchen… it is classy and would help spruce up my tired old kitchen. I have arthritis so find it sometimes hard to turn on the taps without discomfort. This faucet would be the cat’s meow:)

  • Queen

    Spring is here, well sort of, and I am excited to BBQ again. Theres nothing like a homemade burger, but mixing up that raw meat gets pretty messy. This faucet would help keep things clean and sanitary in my kitchen and help prevent cross contamination and it look great!

  • codylab

    When I am breading raw chicken with eggs it gets REALLY messy. I would LOVE this faucet in my kitchen! It looks amazing!

  • TheMuse

    I’ve begged my fiance for this type of faucet and he won’t give in. If we win one, he’ll have no choice.
    It bothers me when people have dirty hands and turn on a tap AND then when the next person uses that tap (usually me), feels nothing but dirt and grime left on the tap from other people. Call it OCD of some sort, but this faucet was meant for people like me who use faucets with dirty messy people who don’t clean up after themselves. : )
    The messiest I’ve been? I would have to say it’s when I’ve mixed ground beef and pork with eggs, savoury herbs and spices and total yumminess all by hand (delicious burgers like momma used to make). Who wants to leave a trace of that behind? A touchless faucet will really help keep things not only clean but also hygenic.

  • sweetjen_7

    This is a great prize. It would be the ultimate kitchen accessory!

  • momfirst

    When I roast a chicken I wash my hands a bunch a times!
    First before I start, then after I rinse the chicken, then after I touch the packaging and toss it out, then I’ll put the seasonings in the chicken and have to wash my hands again because I need to rub oil, salt and paprika all over the chicken and one last time when I’m done with the rub!
    That’s a lot of times but everyone likes chicken for dinner so it’s Okay!
    That’s the perfect faucet for washing your hands!

  • LeanneC

    Well, I refuse to touch raw meat … that’s what forks are for, hehehe!! Making homemade pizza dough leaves my hands the messiest … it gets under my nails and it’s pretty much the only time I take off my rings (because I’ve had to scrub dough out of them in the past – not fun) …

  • JoAnne

    When I make Southern fried-type chicken, or coated fresh walleye, my hands and fingers get all gunked up with goop… 🙂
    This faucet would be a Godsend!!

  • ek03yr

    My hands get messy when making chocolate chip cookies!

  • Melinda153

    My hands get the messiest when I make Rice Krispy squares!


    This would be the perfect faucet for when my kids are helping me bake!

  • Lily’s Mom

    My hands get messiest when I make pastry or stuffing!

  • amym

    My hands get the messiest no matter what I’n cooking or baking. Anything that involves eggs or flour and I’ll need to wash my hands. A tap like this would be so nice for my kids to easily use as well.

  • zot

    This looks like a great idea, maybe preparing those messy BBQ ribs will be a little easier.

  • marthamartin

    I bake a lot of pastries and it would be nice to rinse my hands without touch a faucet lever, which I would have to clean after.

  • Ken

    I am not a Mom, but we have a very good friend who likes to cook a lot and needs a new faucett, and I am trying to win it for her as money is tight there. I know how handy a single lever faucett is when cooking and your hands are messy.

  • lisa965

    when i am making bread. my hands are sticky and i do not like to turn taps on and get flour all over them.

  • wags

    I always have a reason to use this faucet. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m making my hands are always smelling like fish, covered in breading, etc. This would make life so much easier.

  • JJ

    I tend to get my hands messy no matter what I do in the kitchen. The worst was my attempt to make homemade sausage. Very messy.

  • manuelvizcaya


  • Meike

    Frikadellen – German meat patties – leave my hands the messiest! But it’s worth it. Yummy! Here is the recipe:
    – 500g Ground beef
    – 1 dry bun
    – milk or cream (to soak the bun in)
    – 1 egg
    – 1 onion
    – 1 cup parsley
    – 1 tablespoon dijon mustard
    – 1 teaspoon marjoram
    – salt
    – fresh ground black pepper
    – bread crums (if the dough is to wet)
    – fry the patties in butter oil or canola oil
    Guten Appetit! 🙂

  • mrsrickle

    My hands are the messiest when I make almost anything using ground beef: burgers, meatballs, meatloaf. I also get in there with my bare hands. And come up with the greasy, yucky hands. If someone else is around I get them to turn on the tap for me, but with the Delta Touch 20 Faucet I could do it myself and not have to worry about getting anything contaminated.

  • prairiegirl

    My hands are the messiest when making cabbage rolls. Blending raw hamburger with rice with my bare hands, then stuffing this mixture into cabbage leaves. I don’t want to touch anything when my hands have been touching raw hamburger.

  • Love to Dance

    I find my hands get messy when making fried chicken. Using egg and flour and bread crumbs sticks to my hands more than just about anything else.
    What a wonderful idea for the kitchen and so modern, an asset for the kitchen sink for sure.

  • Alina R

    Absolutely fantastic for everyone in the family. Not only can I keep my faucet bacteria-free and mess-free when cooking, but I can also have some peace of mind when my boys have been handling their pet bearded dragon lizard.

  • yjhorvath

    What a fantastic looking addition to any kitchen, especially in homes where kids like to help cook and bake! My hands, and my daughter’s hands, get the messiest whenever we make Rice Krispy Squares! ooey, gooey, sticky and gluey!

  • Teresa

    This is fantastic! When cooking with chicken I always had a mess to contend with but Delta has to be the most innovated company out there! What a wonderful idea. No more bleaching the taps after cooking with chicken…who would have thought??

  • Tina

    When I saw this commercial on tv, I thought what a revolutionary and great product! I am constantly in the kitchen and this faucet would so help me to get rid of so many messes such as chicken to hamburgers to even cookie dough stuck on my hands! Great contest!

  • spamgirl

    My faucet is always FILTHY! I’m getting so sick of having to wipe it down 2 or 3 times a day… I’d love a faucet that no one puts their grubby little fingers on! 🙂 Any time I touch raw meat would be the worst time for the faucet – I hate to turn it on first and have it running, but I don’t want to turn it on when my hands are all gross! I suppose I have to go with the majority and burgers, stuck all over everything, are the absolute WORST!

  • Sandra Tuplin

    Hi: I’d love to win this faucet. It looks amazing. The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest is hamburgers. I do it all with my hands.

  • sunnybutterfly

    I do all sorts of baking for my five children for different school or activity events. Cleaning hands when they are covered in batter would be so much easier if I won the faucet : )

  • staciep

    Sweet and Sour Meatballs.

  • thesurfcat

    A faucet like this would me by the far the most modern thing in our old dated kitchen. My messiest venture is always with simple hamburger patties.

  • agallant

    melted chocolate of S’mores

  • frugalfeline

    Meatballs are the worst!!!

  • karen_b

    Molasses cookies. They’re my husbands favorite, but they are so sticky to make that I try to only make them once a year!

  • Jo’s Mom

    When I knead any bread / quick bread recipe I always use my hands instead of a mixer or spoon, so I always have a bowl of water / full sink nearby. But this would save me the grief of having to constantly replenish the bowl when it is full of doughy bits, etc.

  • Nate

    I would love to win!

  • tondra

    Sure would save on the germ/bacteria transfer!

  • Janell

    I love to cook but it gets messy sometimes. This would be great. Make kitchen clean ups easier.

  • Ruthy

    It would come in handy after mixing rice krispie squares

  • karen.54

    This is quite functunal,love it!

  • Dahlia

    Chicken Parmeson is the worst! It uses so many dishes and gets my hands so yucky. I rarely make it because of the clean-up.


    Best idea ever for a faucet! This would be handy for so many applications.

  • Dawn W

    I think this would come in handy when mixing the ingredients for the bread as i do it all by hand

  • Sparkle

    I find my hands get messiest when I am breading chicken. I like to bread it twice so it is crispier. You no sooner get going when the phone rings or you are called to the door. You have to get all this sticky egg and crumb mixture off your hands. It’s one of those Murphy’s law things that as soon as you are messy something happens.

  • Al

    breading chicken breast is very messy.

  • jenny83

    I absolutely love cooking and baking. The messiest dish i make would be fried chicken. To start you dip the chicken in egg, then you dip it in breadcrumbs, and i like it extra crispy so i do that twice(which makes it even worse). This stuff layers on your fingers like you wouldn’t believe. This touch faucet would help me out soooo much, you have no idea!! 🙂

  • emount

    This faucet is amazing! Not just for when I have food all over my hands, but to keep water from getting all over the taps when I reach to turn them off with wet hands. No taps. Problem solved 🙂

  • moviefreak

    My hands are the messiest when I make chicken salad for my husband.

  • ginger

    When I make fish cakes my hands become quite messy.Molding the cakes at first and then rolling them in flour creates quite a mess but it’s worth it…they taste sooooo…good! The new age facet would be so wonderful in my kitchen,cleaning my hands would be a snap!The technology is fantastic!

  • janetm

    My hands are the messiest when I make meatballs. I love making them, but I am always messy looking after the fact.

  • struthers

    When I am making my homemade pizza dough it seems the phone always rings. I don’t want to mess up my kitchen or my phone so I miss the calls. I would so so love to win this faucet. I am kind of a clean freak when it comes to my kitchen sink and tap so this would make my life awesome. What a fantastic idea. I know they have been around in airports and restaurants so nice to have germ free at home too.

  • Sheilah

    Baking Bread! Getting that gooey mess off my hands takes forever!
    And I am reluctantly putting the old faucet back onto a brand new countertop & sink because that is just one expense too many!

  • gwennyk

    Anything battered and breaded always leaves my hands a mess! It’s even worse when I battering and breading meat. I’d rather not touch the faucet if I’ve been trimming and cutting raw meat and then preparing it for frying or baking, ’cause of all that bacteria. I try as much as possible not to spread the germs around, but it’s hard when your hands are all coated in germy goo. So, the Delta touchless faucet would be almost like a blessing! I’ve been admiring them at the hardware store and playing with them there too. I know that the latter sounds almost a bit twisted, but I just think that touchless faucets are amazing. They’re a wonderful invention!

  • klgavros

    This faucet is a life saver!!! I have been looking to get a touchless faucet for some time now….this is a great idea for anyone who cooks or bakes!

  • Robert

    This would be amazing to win! We just bought our first house and the plan is to gut the kitchen and make it beautiful so this would be so perfect to add to it. I think the dirtiest my hands get are when I work with raw meat and marinades. I hate touching anything with the germs on my hands.

  • Nottamum

    For me this would be perfect for when I marinate ribs with dry rub. My hands get so dirty from the rub and not to mention germy. I have to ask for assistance to turn on the tap every time. This would eliminate the problem and also make an added improvement to our dated 1980s faucet we have currently.

  • mustang95

    I work with a lot of authentic Indian cuisine and find that working with the many different types of flours (corn, peas, chickpeas, chana, wheat …) can be very messy. The ease of a touch sensitive faucet is absolutely amazing. I think all kitchens need this. It will be my suggestion to my husband who is in the construction business.

  • mymonkeys

    I have seen it advertised and want one for my messy boy cooks.

  • NenaS

    It may not be the most messy, but when I make meatballs, meatloaf, and hamburgers, my hands do get messy, but worse than that, I hate touching the taps to turn on the faucet because of germs and cross-contamination! It’s a real phobia of mine, so this Delta Touch20 would be the perfect solution for me!

  • hmrcarlson

    I would love two of these faucets in my kitchen – one for myself and one for my girls…because the messiest recipes in my kitchen are always the ones that I make with my daughters!

  • kellikens

    Coolest thing ever!!! I hate when I’m cutting meat and then have to wash my hands. So disgusting, then I have to wash the faucet.

  • Rita

    There are a number of things that leave my hands really sticky or pasty but I’d have to say that pretty much anything I have to dip in batter leaves me in a real mess. This faucet would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen!

  • tinad

    Making homemade chicken fingers, or wings.

  • Shelly

    I could certainly use a faucet like this. Especially when I am preparing whole fish for baking, I can’t stand the fishy on my hands and to use a faucet without getting the fishy all over that would be great!

  • alligal101

    Wow! I haven’t heard of this until now but it sounds like a wonderful thing to have!
    count me in

  • astefane

    Beer batter fish

  • alice26

    that would be making pizza dough!

  • PDLadybug

    Whenever I knead bread, my hands and fingernails are always stuck with dough. I wish I had this Delta faucet in my kitchen so I don’t have to dirty the taps to turn it on. What an ingenious idea!

  • amy.mcdonnell

    This would look awesome with my new sink and counter top….great idea…especially for those messy recipes where you could really use 3 hands.

  • carriesworld

    I think the recipe that get’s my hands the messiest has got to be turkey stuffing, I use my hands to mix it up and I always need someone else to turn on the tap for me.

  • screwbdoo

    AS the cook in my home boy oh boy do i hate the cooking cleanup lol. Would love to get my hands on the no touch clean up.
    thanks for a chance

  • Miranda Jane

    no touch clean up

  • abrennan09

    Could really use this – doing home renovations as we can afford it – this would be a blessing.

  • lisa

    Our messiest meals are when we cook with our kids. We want them to learn how to cook, but flour, and meat, and sugar end up everywhere. The messiest recent recipe was making a peanut butter square when the kids hands were covered with peanut butter and crushed cereal. Sticky but fun. Thanks

  • Mary Ann

    usually when I’m making baking…this faucet looks awesome…

  • sweetheart

    My hands get the messiest when I am baking and the flour gets stuck on your fingers. This faucet would be great to be able to just with a touch open the faucet to clean my hands when they get sticky.

  • shawnaln

    I make a lot of ground beef meals, this faucet would be wonderful to win!

  • Folkes

    Anything with flour becomes a challenging mess. A faucet like this would be fantastic for sanitary reasons too.

  • tscowan

    the worst for me is tandoori chicken. not only for the raw chicken, but when you are finished coating the chicken, what a mess! i have never even heard of this faucet and i have been in home depot looking at faucets as we are just about finished fixing up our kitchen. couldn’t do a reno, but a face-lift has done wonders.

  • Louise

    There are still a lot of carnivores out there! I’m telling ELLEN. In any case, homemade chocolate chip cookies make a delectable gooey mess on my hands as I roll them into tight little balls to place on the cookie sheet for a perfectly sized delight. I know you’re not supposed to (didn’t our parents tell all of us that we’d get WORMS from eating raw dough?), but admittedly, I lick my fingers after each sheet is oven-ready, and of course, wash them thoroughly in between batches.

  • pj

    I love to cook, and bake, and experiment with any kind of food! This means really getting into it. When I was young my grandfather was diagnosed with TB. Because of this my grandmother was VERY careful about washing hands, a lot, and often. Probably because of this, when I’m in the kitchen I am constantly washing my hands!

  • garfan

    whenever I make meatballs or hamburgers my hands are so messy this faucet would be awesome

  • MightyMinx

    As a newly minted mom and avid chef-wannabe, this faucet would be perfect!! It’s the perfect blend of elegance and technology, perfect for my inner sci-fi geek and pragmatic enough to please any urban mommy (and daddy). Nicely done, Delta!

  • Talex

    OMG, love this faucet! Would love to have one, especially when making home made hamburgers or home made pizza from scratch. This faucet is definitely on my wish list.

  • julielittle3

    This looks absolutely fantastic. Living on a farm, everything from dough, to rice crispy squares to garden dirt is all over my hands!

  • kattykate

    I think this Delta faucet is a great advancement; when I’m making any doughs, my hands get so sticky, I hate having to touch the kitchen faucet. I hope to win this faucet, it’d be a great help!

  • Michael

    Fried chicken and dumplings leaves my hands the messiest!

  • Diane52

    This Delta Touch would be great for the times I cook poultry and in the late winter when I start planting seeds indoors.

  • 3Lilacs

    I have always wanted one of these awesome faucets. It’s a given your hands can get messy cooking in the kitchen and this faucet would be great to have. Thx for the chance.

  • KMH

    This is one of the best inventions in a long time! Good luck to all!

  • Debra B

    Meat balls is one of the mess makers here oh and battering items, my hands look like I am wearing goves by the time I am finished! Would love to own this Delta Touch faucet!

  • lpappas

    Very nice looking faucet – the whole family would love to win this.

  • Melith

    I would love this faucet and find it handy when washing my kids (and my) muddy hands, my raw meat or egg hands or my covered in fondant hands. My daughter who is 4 has already decided we need one of these faucets from seeing the commercials!

  • shonna_bechtel

    Anything where I have to touch raw meat is the worst. Like meatloaf and hamburgers. Cookie dough and stuff is messy too but not the same gross factor.

  • Sweets33

    WOW! I want one of these awesome Delta Touch faucets SO bad! I am CONSTANTLY asking my husband (or vice versa) to turn on the kitchen faucet so I can wash raw ground beef or chicken off my hands. And my 5 year old is on the small side and has a hard time reaching all the way to the back of the sink to turn the faucet on — with this, he could just tap the end and voila! One more thing to make the busiest room in the house an efficient and happy place to be! (I am sending winning vibes your way to please… PICK ME!)

  • Christine

    Cooking — just means washing & washing your hands every step of the way!
    Marshmallow goo, eggs mixtures, oooy googy balls at Christmas, everyday meat preparations, feeding the cats and dogs…. It never fails that just when I am in the thick of things the phone rings requiring quickness with hand washing to answer the call. This faucet would sooooo make my life easier!

  • Jennifer

    This would be such an amazing help in the kitchen! Love it!

  • nikkila01

    My hands get messy when I am making Chicken. Not only just touching the chicken but dipping in egg mix ans seasoning mix. This faucet would make such a big difference not only for the cleaning, but sanitary reasons too!!

  • mommybrown

    By far my messiest recipe would be my homemade donair meat. I always have to have my husband or one of the kids turn the tap on so I can wash my hands. If no one is around I just make the mess and clean it up later. That being said I’m usually the one cleaning up the messes anyway! lol

  • lisha

    Turkey Burgers, it is messy and then you have to try and wash your hands! so messy

  • Bill

    Anything to do with ground beef. It is so hard not to get greasy hands.This faucet would save a lot of cleaning.

  • jonnieh

    Meatloaf! The ground beef and eggs are so sticky and then add in some ketchup and it’s a stinky disaster.

  • Gardengirl

    anything to do with flour and moisture of any kind

  • rosemurray

    My hands are the messiest when I attempt to peel bags of red beets for my Ukrainian grandmother’s pickled beets recipe. Every time, it’s a massacre!

  • twodragons

    This would be a wonderful faucet for the kitchen. Tap with the elbows and the water turns on to wash off the flour and planko flakes when breading meat for frying. No more washing the taps on a continuous basis


    This faucet would be so handy. I get my hands messy when cooking desserts. My hands seem to attract flour and confectioners sugar.

  • freddybob

    I would say bisquit dough is the messiest on my hands when preparing.

  • doris

    My hands get messiest making any type of ‘cutlet’. Flour, eggs and breadcrumbs makes a huge mess, but what I hate most is mixing ground beef and then having to touch the faucets.

  • joanne

    My hands get the messiest when i make my Oma’s Philadelphia Cressents, an old fashioned german receipe. Mix it with your hands! you get quite the workout to!!

  • caryn

    My hands get the messiest when i am making my famous romanian meatballs, for you got to roll each one by hand! This faucet would be a life saver for helping to prevent bacteria and cross contamination when i am cooking in the kitchen! Although i could totally seeing my toddler adorning this faucet as well for when he needs his hands washed!

  • outasite

    When I make bread by hand, the dough is all over my hands. The no touch faucet would take care of this in a snap! What a great new product!

  • barb

    My messiest recipe would have to be pizza dough…I need to clean the taps too
    after prying and rinsing my hands under water

  • Marlene V.

    Everytime I see this faucet on the commercials I really want it! What a great and helpful product – I would love to win

  • Barbara

    I make a lot of messy recipes! I’m thinking homemade hamburgers top it! I like to get my hands right in to really mix in all of my secret ingredients well. Homemade pizza crust…
    With 4 busy children this faucet would be awesome for those days they decide to create wonderful artwork or bake themselves!

  • vixen1913

    My hands get the messiest when I make Pacific Coast Chicken. It is boneless, skinless chicken breast stuffed with seafood, wild rice, onions and fresh mushrooms and it is all cooked in a white wine sauce, a lot of work but the result is tres yummy. This faucet would be perfect for my kitchen because I love gourmet cooking even though I make a big mess every time I cook or bake, bon appetit everyone :o)

  • Jones

    I used to be a chef and when i saw the commercial i had so wished we had the handless, saves all the bacteria that would accumulate behind and handles…Awesome….

  • zeusyman

    My Husband does all the cooking so his hands are the messiest whenever he cooks!

  • FitzL

    I agree with a mom above who said everything – diapers, muddy boots, cooking… my hands are always a mess!

  • MPReed

    Raw meat, especially hamburgers and meatloaf. What a great idea!

  • alexlv05

    I love this product! Not only for my own hands but moreso those of my kids. They suffer from “jam hands” all day, every day! Not that they eat jam all the time, but their hands are constantly sticky or dirty and this would make clean up in the kitchen so much easier and more sanitary. Thanks for offering the contest!

  • LaurenF

    Anything with eggs, and cutting up chicken, leaves my hands icky and I get anxious in my kitchen. This would be perfect for those times!

  • mom2girls1974

    I am a bit freaky about raw meat – so this looks just perfect to me – I always end up cleaning my taps after handling raw meat because I had to touch them to turn on the tap LOL. (With cleaner I mean) I also have oh 60 year old fauctes currently that need replacing – this would be a dream come true for this single income family!

  • alpen

    This faucet is a great idea. How many times did I wish someone was there to turn my faucet on! This would be perfect!

  • J

    This is definitely a smart idea for the kitchen. This would save me using the back of my hand to turn on and off the faucet when my hands are mess!

  • Idas

    Ooh, do they make one for the washroom? Our powder room gets really grubby from daily playdates. Would be awesome to have them at most sinks in the house including even the laundry tub too, like rinsing off really nasties before tossing in the machine.

  • peelee

    I would say chicken parm. Just made it last night!

  • letters_to_thea

    definitely meatloaf — thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • Reggae Babe

    This faucet would be a dream for my busy kitchen. I am a bit of a germaphob and the faucet is definitely a germ collector…thanks for the great contest!

  • ehelfand

    Yes, I hate to touch the faucet after handling chicken. I am constantly going back to clean it. I would love a no touch faucet!

  • ann

    meatballs and pealing raw shrimp are the worst! thanks for the contest!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely love this faucet. It is a brilliant idea and its what every cook wants in their kitchen. I always worry that I’m contaminating the kitchen sink faucet when I cut up chicken and go to the wash room to wash my hands and return to clean the faucet. It would be an awesome faucet to have in my home.

  • Truly Medium

    This would be fantastic for baking! May hands are always full of flour or something. What a life saver.

  • batye123

    breading chicken cutlets makes too much mess
    would love to win

  • sandbak

    Anything to wash my hands faster is a plus for me!!

  • riker

    Hamburgers, meatloaf, and meatballs are equally messy. It is necessary to use your hands to get a real thorough mixing. Just ignore all doorbells, ringing phones, and personal requests during this time…

  • bowmeow3

    3 Messy Kids under 5 years….
    1 Messy “Gourmet-Chef Wannabe” Husband…
    1 Wife/Mother who aspires to not have to touch the Mess…
    Would really LOVE to win this no touch faucet!!!!

  • riker

    Meatloaf, meatballs and hamburgers are very sticky and messy. Digging your hands in is the only way to do a thorough mix. Ignore all doorbells, ringing phones, and personal requests when doing the mixing…

  • hanooleh

    I love the idea of this hands-free system, makes cleaning up all the easier. I want one!!

  • dtsorensen

    This would be great for when I am doing some messy cooking or when the kids have to wash up. Love the concept.

  • sweetmnm

    homemade granola bars, I have sticky masses of sweet goodness everywhere! But boy does it stick and my hands are covered and you need the ability to run your hands under the water often, this beautiful and functional faucet is the cat’s meow!!
    I love it!!!

  • Sieko

    Making a beer can chicken on the grill is probably my most messy recipe. Having to constantly handle the chicken (ick); rinsing, rubbing with oil, rubbing with sauce or seasoning, propping in on the can. I hate having to touch the faucet to turn the water on with salmonella hands. A Delta Touch Faucet would be awesome!

  • vdarsigny

    I cook very much and the worst is when you prepare chicken I think. It stick to your hand but it is also dangerous so you need to be always careful to open the water and wash your hand. I have an automatic soap dispenser that I love to help me but with this faucet my life will be so perfect… (in the kitchen for sure 🙂 )

  • apera

    Oh my gosh, what don’t my hands get dirty with in the kitchen….I’m always using a cooks best tools – my hands. The most recent recipe are my meatballs that I just made yesterday for the kids after school snack – they’re just loaded with spinach and they love them. This would be awesome! Good luck to everyone!

  • Penelope

    Making meatloaf makes my hands the messiest (especially when I add ketchup). But it’s great fun.

  • ivycottage

    My hands are the messiest when I make stuffing for the turkey. This would be a wonderful things to have in my kitchen.

  • scorkum1

    probably either cookies or meatloaf/burgers – I prefer using my hands to finish mixing. The kids also like smooshing the dough between their fingers.

  • Maureen

    I would love this faucet. My current one has the pull out feature but constantly dangles. I love to bake and get my hands dirty. It would be wonderful to have the touch technology in my kitchen!

  • dbelfigl

    Cooking any kind of meat cutlets, like chicken, pork or steak, is the messiest job I do in my kitchen. Also the worst because you don’t want to contaminate your faucet with your dirty hands covered in uncooked meat juices, that you might later spread to fruits & vegetables as you wash them in your sink. The Delta Touch 2O Faucet would be a nice touch (or should I say “no touch”?) to my kitchen!

  • belanger0799

    This would look awesome in my kitchen!!
    It would definitely help washing my hands after handling raw chicken, fish and beef. It would also help to clean sticky little fingers of a 3 year old!!
    I would love to win, it would be top of the to do list for mu husband to install!!

  • baker7

    Cabbage rolls leave me messy

  • BillyJack

    This technology is GREAT!
    The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest in the kitchen is double-breading my chicken wings! Ya just have to rinse your hands off every few wings because the breading gets all over and pastie! Rinse ’em off and start over fresh for the next few wings!
    SEE! I need one of these Delta Touch 2O® Faucets! BAD!!

  • rismit

    This is such a more sanitary way of doing things. Cleaning Chicken may not be my worst kitchen duty anymore.

  • dri

    This faucet looks amazing! Definitely something I need. It would come in so handy when making cookies, meatloaf or breaded anything. Would also be great to rinse off the kids.

  • dplavins

    Whenever I use a spice rub it takes quite a lot of cleaning to get the smell of the spices off my hands. Boy I would love that faucet!

  • vnjcas

    For me, cutting up a whole chicken is the messiest.

  • funkymom

    I love this because I have hand washing problem. I make sure that I don’t touch anything or I have to sanitize everything if I am prepping meat. This might also be a way to get the kids excited about hand washing 😉

  • daisylaines

    My hands are messiest when…well seems always actually – from preparing raw chicken, to baking and craft projects with the kids! Seems I am washing my hands constantly! This faucet is a god-send.

  • katylava

    My house is 100 years old and for the longest time the kitchen was the worst part of it! My husband has done an amazing job fixing it up, but man, this would be the icing on the cake!

  • Mama_B

    I’d love one of these taps. My hands get messiest when I’m working with loose bread dough. Kneading, rolling, shaping… I end up with a crusty mess that gets under the nails and sticks to anything I touch.

  • jayshanny

    I’m a hand washing fanatic when I am in the kitchen….this would sure save a lot of time and alot of tap cleaning!

  • dmhaen

    Sounds like an awesome faucet. Sure could use one of those. Oh and it looks great too!

  • LisaNan

    My hands get the messiest when I am making chicken cordon bleu – when I am rolling up the chicken and coating it with the breadcrumb mixture – ugh!! I’ve never seen this faucet before – what a great idea!

  • msrita

    My hands get the messiest making bread. I would love to have this faucet!

  • CanadianErin

    OMG. I’m a kitchen “stuff” lover myself, and I would LOVE this faucet. My eyes look like little valentine hearts and they’re bugging out a little bit just thinking about having this in my kitchen! I’m a hands-on cook, too, so am also having to wash my hands 27 times during prep. OOH and the pot-filling feature … *drools* I hate filling pots at the tap!

  • kkroln623

    OMG this would be so handy when I am cooking and baking and my hands get dirty and I don’t wanna get my taps dirty. My taps are so old they are annoying.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Stuffing the turkey

  • ghisl

    Without a doubt, the messiest job for me is when I’m cleaning out pomegranates.

  • lisaski

    He stickiest “we” have ever been in the kitchen is when me and my 3 wee ones are making our annual Christmas toffee balls. All 4 of us are caked with butter, rice krispies and ooey, gooey melted toffee. It’s always a race to see who can get to the kitchen tap first and get ourselves clean. This is our favorite “together” recipie and a request by many during the holidays.
    We would really appreciate this new, beautiful faucet to get our 40 fingers, and 4 mouths cleaned quickly!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Sandy

    Chocolate macaroons. Really sticks the fingers together!

  • Gardengirl

    anything with flour and moisture

  • grammie53

    Well has to be my homemade cinnamon buns, the mixing is pretty sticky situation but oh so worth it in the end

  • kalypso18

    It would have to be when I make bread!

  • babylove818

    When I make Fried Dumpling and Roti my hands are a sticky mess but I have to admit it is fun.

  • m_ghadah

    The recipe that leaves my hands the messiest in the kitchen are my famous oreo truffles… tastes great but leave my hands very sticky.

  • Nottinkerbell

    I would just love one of these. When I think of my hands when I make hamburger patties and meatballs this would be so perfect!!

  • Lin

    Meatloaf has to be the messiest i make.

  • Rita

    This faucet would be fantastic in my new kitchen. I could only afford a standard faucet when I renovated but this would be fantastic when my hands are sticky or oily; like today when I made scones.

  • lisalb

    My hands are messiest when making pizza dough from scratch!

  • Poonam

    Great for whenever your hands are dirty. Not just from cooking, but from other activities, like re-potting house plants.

  • shawe123

    this is great, I always grab the tap and pull it down, this will help

  • thealces

    Meat loaf for sure.

  • jrobbies

    My hands get the messiest when I’m making biscuits!

  • guna1

    My hands get the messiest when I bread something, or making rum balls!

  • spynaert

    home made spaghetti and meatballs

  • hulaballoo

    Homemade cannelloni and homemade chicken fingers get my hands pretty mucky but so does trailing after a 1 and 2 year old. This tap would be a welcome addition to our kitchen.

  • gizfarris

    My hands get really gummy and sticky when I make pizza dough.

  • Louise

    My hands get the messiest when I make chicken cordon blue with all the dipping into the beaten egg, seasoned flour ect…..

  • erinwil

    I always seem to get really messy when I make split pea soup! It’s usually when I’m using the blender, I always get covered! This tap would be awesome for that!

  • Nancy T

    Breading veal, chicken, eggplant…..dipping the wet whatever in bread crumbs, then egg, then bread crumbs again. And to have my 18 month old ask to be picked up right when my hands are at their messiest!

  • Lori

    Breading anything… fish, chicken, eggplant… leaves my hands messiest.

  • tabersa

    I get messiest when make hamburgers. What a great prize!

  • alicecanada

    I have wanted this faucet since I first heard about it. I bake and my hands are always a filty mess. I’m also re-doing my kitchen now and this would make the best addition!!

  • sunsation72

    Amazing product for a busy single Mom like me! Would be great for my little ones too!

  • p_weezy415

    This would be so helpful when I am cooking with raw meat or other things that I dont want getting all over the sink.

  • leah

    This would be SO handy – I’m always messing up my faucet with dough, sticky fingers, etc, etc.

  • Terry

    Honestly – every job is messy for me! Making dinner, changing diapers, taking out the garbage – all at the same time!!! I need this!

  • patiofurniture1f the open faced smoked meat suffred burgers with mushroom gravy makes me want to wash my hands, the raw hamburger, is the worst, but the meal after is well worth it.

  • chachacha

    I make a steak pie that requires me to cut the meat and dredge it in flour and all of that raw meat and flour really sticks to the hands. A better faucet would sure make things easier!

  • Brenda

    Definitely meatloaf for me, which we will be having tomorrow for supper…ugh.

  • Kiki

    I bake almost weekly and my hands are their messiest when I make meatballs! Maybe it’s because I don’t make them often enough, so I haven’t mastered less messy techniques, but it seems like it sticks to my hands and I’m washing constantly!

  • baker7

    Hi, When I make cabbage rolls I make a real mess in the kitchen

  • Lisa

    My messiest mess is making homemade perogies…..flour eggs mashed potatoes…

  • catamorgan

    I make an O Henry type bar. My hands get the messiest when I form them into balls. The recipe includes cornflakes and corn syrup. They are formed while warm as well, so that adds to the frustration Needless to say, I only make these at Christmas time. But a family favourite.

  • celt

    My hands get the messiest when I put together hamburgers from scratch and form them with my hands.

  • kandemom

    I have a great recipe for buttermilk biscuits and it requires you to mix everything with your hands. I have tried using a fork or a spoon to mix but the biscuits are not the same unless I use my hands. The dough is quite sticky and I end up with my hands coated in goo.

  • momof2monkeys

    That’s easy–anything with raw ground beef! Gross! Meatballs, hamburger patties, meatloaf–yuk!

  • angsur

    definately meatballs is the messiest.

  • laney40

    Battered fish always makes a mess, I would love a touch faucet!

  • dolcevita

    breading veal cutlets and stuffing the turkey

  • ksceviour

    Awesome faucet! Would LOVE to win one of these! My hands get the messiest when making homemade sweet n sour meatballs! Or snowball cookies.. Actually,anything you got to roll up with yor would be great!

  • dewinner

    For me making burgers or home made perogys are the worst!! I have seen the commercal as well and these look amazing!

  • stacey

    peanut butter cookies as the peanut butter gets stuck all over , especailly if the kids are helping

  • Bee L

    Pizza or curry puffs, all that dough just makes a mess and paints the counter white.

  • jen s.

    making rice krispie squares is super messy – very simple, but extremely sticky!

  • Rose

    Preparing and stuffing a turkey! It is definitely the messiest and highest on the YUK factor. And the constant worry about keeping the raw poultry bacteria off of all the other surfaces. The whole process just feels so unsanitary! But I always love the result.

  • Jade

    pie crust is the worst! I need to use my scrunge to get off all the sticky dough! We are building our house right now, and this would go perfect in my new kitchen!

  • Theo

    That is a great lloking faucet! I have seen the commercial many times & can totally relate!

  • shar108

    Dipping strawberries in chocolate, and breading things.

  • mistycarole

    The recipe that gets my hands the messiest is Chicken pie. The dough is made of floor and sour cream, it gets pretty sticky.

  • mg1234

    The recipe that causes my hands to get so dirty is home made hamburger mixing with hands.

  • Shawna

    The recipe that causes my hands to get so dirty is home made mediterranean chicken burgers. Having to mix everything by hand – ground chicken, egg, spices and panko…this is the only way to mix it so it mixes well.

  • Merns

    My meatloaf recipe makes my hands grossly messy and sticky.

  • Tracey

    My shortbread pie crust recipe leaves my hands the messiest in the kitchen.

  • KD

    This is on my “must have lists” along with granite counter tops!

  • berngirl

    I would have to say working with any kind of dough or pastry. But also breading meat, because you don’t want to get the meat juices contaminating stuff. That faucet would be awesome.

  • Silvana

    In my kitchen the messiest job is making home made tomate sauce, yummy but messy!

  • annie_ac

    Breading anything is the messiest followed closely by meatloaf.Love the food, hate the gunk.

  • viv123

    I would have to say pizza dough; my hands get all floury and sticky.

  • bluejay

    My messiest job in the kitchen is making meatballs.

  • Charleydog

    Making a crumble top for a pudding is the messiest job as it’s faster to use both hands and not a pastry cutter. Great faucet. Hope that my cats could not turn it on.

  • gibberish

    My messiest recipe is definitely when I make meatballs. Ick!

  • ConnieD

    That would be raw hamburger when I’m forming homemade hamburgers. Even need to take my wedding rings off before I do this!

  • licoricelegs

    I think it is when I make deep dish pizza and I get the wet sticky flour crust mix all over my hands….first I have to scrape my hands with a butter knife before I can touch the tap. Gross.

  • elkhornchris

    Boy could I use this prize, as well as a no touch fridge door handle,lol. I swear I’m the messiest cook on the planet but breading things is the messiest. My hubby is constantly wiping the kitchen tap & fridge door handle after I’ve been cooking,but he seems to think that’s a small price to pay for my cooking.

  • avalen66

    My hands are messiest when I’m stuffing the turkey!

  • cole5234

    I would have to say pickles beets my hands are so red by the time I am done peeling & slicing them

  • spike

    It’s a toss up between meatloaf (made it yesterday) or veal scallopini (made last week) – either one gets my hands all icky!

  • Nate3333

    My hands get messy when i make meatballs

  • Carmen

    It’s a toss-up, really. Hamburgers or krub (a Norwegian dish that uses grated raw potatoes and flour; the mixture can turn into a glue-like substance that gets everywhere). This faucet sounds like the perfect answer. The kids would appreciate it as well, I’m sure.

  • kara

    when I bake with the kids, there are 3 pair of super-sticky hands

  • Jill Power

    This would be really handy when I’m making schnitzel! I never do the wet hand/dry hand thing and end up with breaded fingers.

  • kellyg

    Well, I don’t cook much, but for my husband, it’s coating the pickerel for frying.

  • pjg

    Pastry for sure!

  • dleib

    Meatloaf and hamburgers are the 2 messiest recipies I have

  • Glogirl

    Making meatballs or meatloaf leaves my hands the messiest. I like to get my hands in the mixture to combine it thoroughly but it leaves my hands very messy!

  • emma

    My hands are the messiest while trying to pipe out royale icing on to sugar cookies, it’s a sweet and tasty mess but a sticky mess too.

  • flower

    oatmeal raisin cookies

  • lovelylindy

    My hands get the messiest when rolling meatballs. This faucet is a great idea, wonderful prize!!

  • marlibu

    my hands are the messiest when i make pastries or roti …always having flour, butter and goop stuck all over them

  • cheryl

    My hands are the messiest when I make Crispy Chicken Cultets.
    First I dip the chicken breasts in beaten eggs,then into a seasoning mixture of Italian bread crumbs,parmasan cheese,red pepper flakes,and zested lemon. Then put them into the frying pan. I have to wash my hands after each cutlet is coated.

  • cposen

    breading chicken cutlets or fish definitely is messiest

  • trioworks

    I love this faucet, I am always washing my hands and hate touching it when they are dirty. Great prize, thanks!!!!

  • Cynthia Bauman

    I’ve been wanting this faucet since the first time I saw the add on t.v. The clouds broke and the heavenly’s sang hallelujah! As a mother of 3 messy boys and our 4th child on her way, we are constantly washing our hands. I love to work in the kitchen cooking or baking homemade goodness! My hands get the messiest while breading/coating meat or veggies, forming cookies or meatballs, kneading dough for pizza or perogies.

  • barbfersht

    My hands get the messiest when I make stuffing and stuff the turkey. Then, of course, I rub the bird with margarine. That is very messy.

  • Tracey

    It really is a tres-handy looking thing… raw meat into flour into egg wash into bread crumbs are always the messy steps for excellent food recipes like veal chops or chicken piccata – this would certainly make washing-up-life easier!!

  • AgnesM

    My hands get the messiest when I make breaded veal cutlets with all the dipping into the beaten egg, seasoned flour, and after another egg dip, into the crumbs.

  • bcgirll

    I’ve seen the commercials, too……….and was just cleaning my kitchen faucet this morning. When I paint, that is the only place to clean out brushes, and it does get messy……
    The recipe that gets my hands the messiest is meatloaf. I still do it the way I was taught in Home Economics 8……..mixing it with my bare hands!

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