When I was pregnant with the twins I received so many unwelcome stares and comments it was seriously messed up. I actually had one friend ask me how I could bring not just one but two children into this lousy messed world when I had already been blessed with six children, two with whom have special needs and a husband who is never here. (let it be known she is no longer my friend). 
Sigh. How sad.
 My other children thought there were many good reasons for me to offer them more siblings.
I need a personal slave, someone to answer the cell phone while I m driving, someone to give directions when I am driving, small children who can climb under things to find my missing van keys, big children to unload the groceries from the van and put away the groceries. But most important –  older siblings to help change the younger siblings and put them in their car seats.
I need children around the house to eat all the leftovers that even the stray dogs and cats wouldn’t touch.
I need an older child to shove out of the van to save a spot in line at the movie theatre while I find a parking spot for the said big ass van.
I need someone to run in to Timmies and get my coffee when there isn’t a drive throu.
I need the big children to help raise the younger children by taking them to the bathroom every five minutes and babysit for free.
I need an excuse for my big ass and flabby upper arms.
I need material for my Christmas newsletter and blogs.
I need someone to practice psychiatry and medicine on (“if you don’t take your ADHD medicine you will become a wild beast!”) and (“Turn down the Ipod or you will go deaf!”)
Okay well that of course is there story. Mine of course is even more biased.
I have brought so many children into this world because when you love somebody they love you back and the world doesn’t seem so messed up.
I have given them life because they have the same right I have been given to decide if this is a messed up world or not.
They are more than just an image in a picture. They are special to the universe now, and will be when I am long gone.
Some people decide to take the risk of becoming a parent to a child or children. If they didn’t,  then who would be left to listen to ignorant people complain about how they don’t want to bring any children into this messed up world?
What about you – were you afraid to bring a child into this messed up crazy world? 
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  • dbernardo

    First of all…you want a smaller ass in seconds..sit beside me….LOL
    When I was pregnant with Anthony I had someone ask me…”If it’s a boy will you name him Paul (our surname is Bernardo)?” to which I replied ” No.. I was thinking of Stupid..after you..is that with 1 T or 2 to compensate for the stutter”
    People are Stupid..

  • akskathy

    Your *reasons* had me cracking up….not the miserable friend part….she was no friend….but the funny reasons! Too funny!
    My husband and I choose to have only 1 child but every bizarre comment you can imagine I have heard as well
    “Could you only have one?”
    “She is going to be so lonely.”
    “I bet she is spoiled rotten.”
    “It’s not fair to her.”
    “I bet she is jealous of friends with siblings.”
    After she was born and my husband had the vasectomy everyone we knew was like “oh you are going to regret it.”
    But how many is a very very persona choice. Sometimes the right number is planned and sometimes not planned, but how ever, I think most of us who wanted to be parents do this kid thing because we have love to give and maybe, just maybe our little child ( or yours) will make this messed up world a little less messed up. I know she makes my world a whole lot better.

  • Julie

    tell your “friend” that it’s not the children who are messing up the world, it’s the adults 😉
    anyway i think you were right to defriend your buddy and by telling us about your large family with their personal stories you educate the world about different issues facing us all and we, in turn, can try to be more understanding people about what issues different families face.
    personally, i’d have 13 kids if i wanted to! i see my bro with his 4 kids (which is HUGE on my side of the family!) and the oldest ones babysit, drive and play with the others. i think it’s easier the more you have in some cases!

  • snikks

    I asked myself that EXACT question this morning after hearing about the shooting in the east end of Scarborough at a neighbourhood BBQ last night. 19 people injured, 2 killed, and some of the injured are CHILDREN!!!! What is this world coming to? It make me so sad (and angry at the same time).

  • Tracey

    Good for you for cutting that person out of your life – seriously – what is WRONG with people?! Oy.

  • Alice

    I think it’s an essentially hopeful thing to have a child and know that you will do your best to make them into the kind of person that the world needs, and hopefully so will others, and maybe the world could become a little less messed up if we all do our jobs well.
    (and that person was an ass. You keep those comments to yourself if you have them at all! Didn’t her mama teach her that?!)

  • Sara

    I had a bit of fear about it. It was more about me being enough – being able to handle it all – especially if he was born with special needs. So it was more my shortcomings as opposed to the worlds!

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