Hi Gorgeouses!

People tell me I gossip nice. That I’m not like the other InterGossips because I’m not narsty to the celebs. Some people say I could be a little meaner; others say they like my niceness just fine.

Gorgeouses! I can’t be mean. I am a gossip with a conscience!

See, a lot of people disagree with me on this, but I think celebrities are actually people. Like, actual humans. And, they FULLY read this blog. FULLY. I don’t want to traumatize any of them, you know?

Honestly, I’d feel like arse about myself if I wrote terrible things about people thrice weekly. Wouldn’t you? I mean, being snarky is one thing….And I do like the snark. But, I can’t do the mean thing. I’m too nice.

Besides, there are SO many mean intergossips out there. I like being a little different. That’s my style.

So there you have it. Cheaty = Nice.

Now, don’t just sit there, bitches!
check it!!!!!!


As seen on the home page of Britney’s official website:


I don’t know what you think, but me thinks this is good news. She’s going to start wearing underwear again. Good news! Good. News. Hmm…. Curious: I wonder who wrote this for her. Hmmm…. Whatevs. It’s a tasteful way of saying "tee…y’all saw my vagina…hee! I’ll be good now. Promise. Please still love me. Please buy my new records. Thanks y’all."

Meanwhile…on the other side of the computer screen….


Let’s all hope she’s not breastfeeding. I’ve been looking into it, and everyone (who’s anyone) seems to think she’s not. Phew…!

Photos, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.



Are you ready for this? Paris wants babies. A lot of babies. Real soon: 

"It’s been my dream to have four babies by 30,” the 25-year-old heiress
announced, reports Life & Style Weekly. And Hilton thinks she’s
highly qualified for motherhood, explaining: “I look after animals, so
I’d have a lot to give my kids. (quoted from MSNBC)

And, get this: Paris and Brit apparently went home early one night, announcing, "We’re going home to the babies. We miss them" (quoted from MSNBC). Oh brother….

Honestly, I could care less about this. But, ALL the intergossips are talking about it….Whatevs. NEXT.

Photo, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.



No more speculations. It’s officially official. These two are dunzo, kaput, finito. Over and out.



Can you say…GORJ!?!?

Image, with thanks, c/o Just Jared.


 She’s not even pregnant! ….And, just when you thought nothing could make Marc Anthony look any skinnier…he gets plopped next to that red ball of monstrosity!

Photo, with thanks, c/o FlynetOnline.com.


Someone needs a new wig stylist. Clearly.

Again…Not. Even. Pregnant. Hey, Ali!? What do you think of those black nylons!? Say it ISN’T SOOOO!

Photo c/o PerezHilton.com.

Ladies! The garbage-man look is back. YESSS! My life is now complete!

Photo, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.

Splashnews_lela071206a_01 Splashnews_lela071206a_02

You’re hiding from the cameras…in that?
Photos, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.

Jessica Biel, why ON EARTH would you hide your HOTT-ASS BOOTIE under that poof! Why? Why? WHY!?!?

Photo, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.


Fatherhood obviously agrees with Gavin. Hot-tee!

Photo, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.

 Somebody is totally LOVING motherhood. SWEET!

Photo c/o PerezHilton.com.


 Mmmmm…. Starbuuuuucks.

Photos, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.



Photo, with thanks, c/o PerezHilton.com.

Well, it didn’t take Joel Madden long to move on after his breakup with Hilary Duff. Apparently, he likes them skinny. I have no further comments other than "isn’t she in rehab focusing on getting healthy?" and "am I hearing things, or did one of you Gorgeouses just yell ‘REBOUND’?"



CARIDEE! No! This is GOOD. It was between CariDee and Melrose. I would have HURLED if Melrose had won. HURLED! She was just so unlikeable and a bit plain-Jane to be America’s Next Top Model. I’m very happy. Very. They done good.

I love this picture, by the way. Look how ginormous Tyra looks next to CariDee. It’s quite comical actually. It’s, like, ALL about Tyra’s breasts….


Survivor? EWWWW to Parvati’s thumb. YESS to Jonathan getting booted — it’s about freaking time! Is it me? Or, is Yul looking handsomer these days…. Maybe it’s the power thing. Discuss. In the comments.

Also discuss gossip. And my niceness. And America’s Next Top Model. Like, how badly will you miss it? (I miss it already.) LOVE your comments. They’re gorj.

I want candy.

Come visit me at The Cheaty Monkey! I went out with Jen today, and just LOOK at what happened to the monkey’s butt!

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    Jill! Jill! You’re awesome! I totally understood you in the first place. Your English is FAB! 🙂 I just think it’s cool that you’re French! 🙂 LOVE French! It’s totally gorj. And, of course, your English is SO MUCH BETTER than the models in the Secret commercial!!! So much!!!

  • http://www.live-your-live-and-smile.blogspot.com jill

    Yes, that what I meant!!
    And are you questionning my english speeling, Haley?? I know, there is a lot to be done there, but since I hate reading in english(it takes me like 3 time more time that it would take me in french), it won’t get any better.
    But I still am better than those poor little model have done when recording that SEcret commercial!!!

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    DREA– I think Jill meant that it gives people with skin conditions hope that they can heal and do anything they want to — even what they think is impossible (modeling). 🙂 Jill is francais. 🙂

  • http://dreawd.blogspot.com Drea

    Yea Eugena did seem to be pretty put together. Maybe thats what made her “seem boring, no personality” because she was so calm?
    Oh and I disagree that Caridee’s skin condition being gone now will make other girls with skin conditions feel “they cant.” If anything it should make them feel good to know that these what seem perfect models have or have had flaws.

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    DREA — You’re so right. All the girls had issues — except maybe Eugena…. She was a little too normal to win this thing. I liked her. She was, like, balanced….
    TIGGERPRR — I think Jen’s a fabulous role model: she’s healthy, happy, good mom, seems balanced, etc. Yeah. Loving the Jen. 🙂
    JEN — I was seriously going to HURL if Melrose had one. I was so nervous she was going to win — I had visions of her gloating in front of next seasons contestants, etc. HURL! I, too, am thrilled that CariDee took it home. She seems real and nice — like ME! 😉
    And, yes, POSH is totally, like, nutso. I betcha she doesn’t smile because she doesn’t want wrinkles. Something tells me she’s obsessed like that. What do you guys think?
    JILL — you’d think marriage to JLO would make Marc Anthony fat with pleasure….She’s so gorj….But, no! He’s sooo mana (manorexic).

  • http://www.live-your-live-and-smile.blogspot.com jill

    I was glad too, to see CaRiDee win!! She is still now the usual look of a model, but her skin disease background could gieve hope to girls that don’t have skin perfection.
    I know, how can Mark Antony get more skinner and uglier each time I see him? Mariage with J-Lo don’t fit him well.

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Jen

    I am SO glad Caridee won! She was my pick from the beginning. Could NOT STAND Melrose.
    Feel sorry for Brit…more sorry for her kids.
    I never really got a sense for Jen and Vince so couldn’t care much.
    Love the baby pics!
    What is WITH Posh/Victoria?! She is always miserable.
    Gossip with a conscience! Love yah!!

  • http://dreawd.blogspot.com Drea

    Yea exzema is itchy. I use lotion like crazy!!! Travis is still amazed at how much lotion my skin soaks up 😀
    And yea melrose had some issues… but so did all of the girls 🙂

  • http://www.tiggerprr.com tiggerprr

    OK I just love Jennifer Garner. She totally loves that baby. I can feel that she’s just a normal gal who happens to act. You know?

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    JEN — I LOVE Dennis, too! He’s HOTT! Not sure about all that scruff, though — maybe he’s in a new movie….

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    DREA — Exzema sucks. I get it on the backs of my knees some winters (this winter…) and it’s itchy and it’s ITCHY. Thank goodness we don’t wear shorts in the wintertime…. MELROSE was a little psycho, I thought — she needs to work on her perfectionism. I’m surprised Dr. Tyra didn’t get in there with that….
    JENNY — Thanks! Snarky-‘n-Nice is the new black. 😉
    ALI — Totally agree. If you don’t wear underwear, it’s for YOU to know, and perhaps the guy you’re with, and NOBODY ELSE.
    LAV — “Day parole” oufit! Ha! Good one. Maybe she’s guest starring on *Prison Break* or something. 🙂
    LAURAL — you’re so right! For someone who models for Victoria Secret, Tyra’s choice of bras is TRES disappointing! And, I like your idea of America’s Next Top ModelS. Good one. 🙂 But I don’t think the twins had a chance. Too gawky and awkward and naive.
    JODI — Excellent point about the Canadian thing…. Excellent! You are so right….
    TUGGY — I liked Jen and Vince together, too…. It is a sad day, indeed….

  • Jen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Dennis Quaid pic. We just don’t see enough of Dennis (I think it would be impossible to see too much Dennis!!) He has been a favourite of mine since The Big Easy, and he is looking fine almost twenty years later.

  • http://justtug.blogspot.com Tug

    Glad you put baby pictures in there…it was ewwwww for a sec. Lots of that out there, but the babies are CUTE. And I’m sad about Jen & Vince – I liked them together. oh well… **sigh**

  • http://www.jodinesmith.blogspot.com Jodi

    Britney couldn’t be breastfeeding because she’s never with her baby! Also, nice = Canadian!

  • http://lauraldawn.blogspot.com lauraldawn

    I’m so HAPPY about Caridee. Yay! She was totally my pick after the twins got booted off. I still think they should have won America’s Next Top Models. But, whatever. I did love Caridee. And, what was with Tyra’s Boobs. Half the time her bras did not fit.
    Anyway …
    Loved Brit’s apology. Too funny.

  • http://www.network54.com/forum/526068 LAVENDULA

    hi haley i’m glad you’re so nice.glad caridee won,but what a lousy bunch to choose from this season.i just love all those nice mum and baby pics of jen and violet.i knew that rebound relationship with vince wouldn’t last for jennifer aniston.maybe if we’re lucky brit will start acting like a resposible,decent mother now.whats up with all those big,yucky poofy dress things?angelina is so beautiful.are you sure lindsay’s not out on day parole in that outfit?

  • http://www.alimartell.com ali

    where to start…hmm…
    Caridee. i’m happy she won. she was my fave from day one – except for a few weeks in there where she got too full of herself and totally weirded me out.
    tyra’s boobs look like they are going to eat Caridee’s.
    Jen and Violet are ADORABLE together. love them.
    k..here’s my thing with Britney. its okay that she doesn’t wear underwear. there are MANY times i don’t wear underwear…fits better with certain clothes and makes you feel sexy. BUT when you aren’t wearing underwear, you NEED to make sure that you aren’t exposing your crotch to the world….because that’s just in poor taste and is incredibly unsexy.

  • http://blogs.chron.com/mamadrama/ Jenny

    You gossip soooo nice.
    (Just snarky enough to make me keep coming back.)

  • http://dreawd.blogspot.com Drea

    I knew Caridee would win when it was down to her and Melrose. She’d win had it been down to her and Eugena.
    Melrose was good at modeling though and the runway… but her drive to be as perfect as possible is what hindered her. She was very emotional.
    But I dont think she was an awful person or anything. Not like that girl Monique from the beginning!
    But yes Caridee I think is a good winner 🙂 she seems fun… lil wacky at times… but she reminds me of myself because I have a skin disorder similar to what she had. Mines Ezema and covers my arms and legs partly. Makes you very self contious…
    Im just thankful my dark complexion hides most of those issues. Still its there.
    any way. where am I going with this?

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