Every year we get Seasons Passes for Canada’s Wonderland.  This year was no exception only we were a bit late in getting them – we waited until today which was fine, because really this month has been a whirl wind of activity between auditions, the movie shoot, competitive acrobatics, ball hockey and swimming.
I promised the kiddies today we would go but we wouldn’t be able to leave until about 3pm because the twins had their 18 month check up this morning and Arielle has started a pre-competitive swimming program and she had to train this afternoon. Fine they understood and promised they would have everything ready by the time I got back with Arielle after she was done.
I give them credit they were pretty good.  Mostly everything was ready.  I just had to pack the baby’s knapsack, change Tanner and Thatcher and just double check that the kitchen, and tv room were tidied to my satisfaction – I hate coming home to a mess.
By three o’clock we were off! The “bus” was full of 8 very excited children who talked non-stop about what rides they were going to go on as the twins looked around at all of the commotion from their siblings.  Finally we were about ten minutes away when I asked one of the children to pull out some crackers for Tanner and Thatcher.  No one knew where the baby’s knapsack (aka diaper bag) was.  I calmly asked who had put it in the van before we left.  Silence.  Then the accusations flew.  
“Arielle was supposed to put it in!” 
“I was not! Ryley said he would!”
“Noooooo, Sebastian was supposed to!”
“Marie is the oldest so it was her responsibility!”
“Why didn’t you put it in mommy?” 
SHIT! The most important item NOT to forget was forgotten.  So I had no change of clothes, no diapers, no baby food and of course no bottles!
There was no way I was going back home so I did what any other crazy calm mama would do.  Found a Babies R Us and spent $88 dollars on diapers, two sleepers, some baby finger food, and two Medela Bottles.  We were set.  
I was wrong!
As I was pulling into the parking lot of Canada’s Wonderland Marie started organizing the items I had bought when she discovered that the bottles had no nipples! In my rush I didn’t pay enough attention and had bought the bottles that just come with the lids so you can store breast milk in!  JEZZZZZZZZZZZ! It just wasn’t my day!
So after finally getting into the park I then had to spend another $20 on two sippy type cups so the twins could at least drink the milk that we actually remembered to bring! So far aside from the seasons passes I had just spend an extra $100 and we hadn’t even started yet. Yikes!
The one good thing about arriving at the park so late was that it wasn’t really packed.  It was busy but not crazy packed.  Also because Joshua and Zachary are autistic they get what is called a boarding pass which enables them to bypass the line with three other siblings, so rarely do they have to wait to get on rides.  (For those of you with autistic children you know how hard it is for them to wait for anything so if you need more info on this please let me know and I will send you more info:)
The downfall was that Zachary didn’t feel well so he spent the entire time being pulled around by his siblings (mainly Joshua) in the wagon and the twins were a bit cranky due to having their needles in the morning, but really they all had fun and were able to get on quite a few rides without much arguing. 
canadas wonderland 013.JPG
Will I go again with all 8? Of course, I always do, but next time I will be sure that we have the baby’s knapsack in the van before we leave!
What about your family? Do you go to the big amusement parks? Do you take them alone or with the other half?
Until next time,
  • Sara

    that picture gave me the chills….:). you are AMAZING and brave and how the HELL do you do it?!?!?!?

  • Kristin

    Wow! You are brave! Well done. We go to Wonderland a few times each summer as well (we do the passes as well) and I go solo as well. But I only have 3 kids. And that can be difficult enough! Especially in the water park when they all want to go on different things. But it’s totally worth it to get them out of the house. And it always works out in the end. It’s a great way to spend the day. We went last weekend and didn’t leave until 10:45pm! The kids loved seeing all of the big rides lit up and I figured it’s Saturday and that’s what the summer is for!

  • Nichole

    You are my hero! I’m a mother of 7 and couldn’t even think of doing that alone! Mind you I have 5 under the age of 6:( kuddos to you momma

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