Hi Gorgeouses!

Ahhhhhhhh. It’s been a lo-hong day, and I FINALLY have the chance to sit down and talk to my favourite gorgeouses about the hottest celebrity gossip, as gossiped by my favourite intergossips! FINALLY. Ahhhhh…. So, let’s get right to it. Well, in a minute, I’m going to go grab some red grapes to nosh on while we gossip….One sec.

…Okay, back.

Check it!:



Photos of the Pitts, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.

They (look hot while they) play with their kids (while filming a movie in Mumbai, India).


Photo, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.

They clean out the shops shop.



They look away and downward…when two naked girls are bathing behind them.


And, their gorj girlfriend kisses them for it…. (Above: Nick Lachey threw his girl Vanessa Manillo a birthday party.)

Photos of Nick and Vanessa c/o Splash News Online.


Photo, with thanks, c/o X17 Online.

They (have the best hair STILL while they) shop at Barneys (but, I’m not sure about that top…).


Photo c/o PerezHilton.com.

They go to basketball games. And, get this, Gorgeouses! Toby Maguire and is fiance (above) just had a baby girl! So, as you can see…they also…grow up: little Toby’s a daddy!



They go to the dentist….


And, look stressed and puffy-eyed right after….(JUDE AND SIENNA BROKE…UP…by the way!)

Photos of Jude, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.




They eat and drink. Like, can you believe!?

Photos of the Piv, with thanks, c/o Splash News Online.


So, talk to me Gorgeouses!? You have an assignment for today. Check it:

In the comments, tell me:
a) who do you think is the hottest male celeb?
b) who’s the most gorj female celeb?

Cannot WAIT for your answers! While I wait, I’ll be over at The Cheaty Monkey. So, after you comment here, come check it over there, and say hi. C’mon, show me the love!

xo Haley-O

  • Lisa b

    Like I said over at the cheaty monkey I think I am behind on my gossip but I just saw the people George Clooney sexiest man of the year. He is hilarious in the article and on Oprah. I think that makes him sexiest.
    I do love kate Winslet and have a mild obsession with Gwynneth Paltrow

  • Maria

    Angelina for sure is the hottest celeb!!! Male, I would have to go with…there are so many…Matthew McConehey (is that right?). By the way, what do you have against McDonalds?! I usually agree with you on everything but – the golden arches?! Love your column, LOVE celeb news!!!

  • http://cheatymonkey.com Haley-O

    Kath, the baby’s back in the hotel with the nanny(ies). 🙂
    Great hotties, peeps! Looks like Brangelina’s #1. Amazing that they’re having children together. Simply amazing….Johnny Depp is coming in at a close second. Ali, I’ll take your word that Jude’s hot. He’s just not photographing very well lately….Halle’s pretty, but she’s a bit irksome. I don’t know why. Salma? HOTT. And, freaking 40! Can you believe!?
    Tuggy — I don’t know when Vaness and Nick are getting married. YOu’ll hear about it here first, though, ‘course! 😉

  • http://www.network54.com/forum/526068 LAVENDULA

    see even the beautiful people have to do normal stuff sometimes.okay don’t get me started .i’ll just leave it at that.hottest mmm…i don’t know.

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Kath

    can’t think of hottest celebs, too disturbed by obvious lack of brangelina baby in mumbai pics…where is she…anyone?

  • http://www.urbanmoms.ca Jen

    I’m with you, Tug, Jude is creepy-slimey…yuck.
    As for hottest boy – has to be none other than LOST’s Josh Holloway! Hottest girl, gotta be Scarlett Johansson – as Cheaty says “gorj”!

  • http://thebigpoooooh.blogspot.com/ gabriella

    female is definetly angelina, my fav of all time, male…hmm the obvious is Johnny Depp but another one is Jason Statham, he was in the Italian Job, he’s pretty hot!

  • http://lauraldawn.blogspot.com lauraldawn

    Most gorgeous female celeb – definitely Angelina Jolie. I love her.
    Hottest Male – Love Nick Lachey, except maybe his nose is a little big.
    But I have a little thing for Tom Selleck. Honestly, I think he’s at least old enough to be my father if not my grandfather, but he’s getting better with age.

  • http://www.alimartell.com ali

    i’m telling you…if you saw jude in person, you’d get it. he’s beautiful when he’s all cleaned up.
    his lips? are PERFECT.

  • Jennifer

    Definitely Brad Pitt. Meet Joe Black was on last week, and he was SO HOT then! I saw a pic of him all gray and sad in Babel and he is still SO HOT!!!
    I think Salma Hayek is the most gorgeous woman.

  • http://justtug.blogspot.com Tug

    Don’t.get.the.Jude.thing. blech. Johnny Depp – YES. Female? Not sure… Halle Berry is beautiful though.
    When are Nick & Vanessa getting married??

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