On Monday we’ll celebrate the importance of Family, but as we do so, let’s not forget the most devoted members of our own families…the furry ones! Pets play an integral role in Canadian families and so I say, let’s celebrate our four-legged family members this year, too!

boys-dog.jpgAs a pet owner, I know how incredibly beneficial these companions are to any family. In fact, according to a recent Dog Chow® Poll which surveyed dog owners (current and past), 40 per cent of respondents look to their furry family member as a role model – which comes as no surprise given the typical canine’s enthusiasm for life, unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and their ability to easily forgive. And if you’re looking to spend more time with the family, over half of Canadians claim adding a dog to the mix brings us together more frequently.  This isn’t surprising given over 70 per cent of those polled describe their family dog as a playmate, with this number increasing slightly for those with kids (76%).

And even when it comes to making big family decisions (like the purchase of a new car, house or even vacation) eight in 10 take their pooches into account. It’s amazing how the role of the dog has gained prominence and how passionate we are about our pups!  

All right, so I’ve won you over and you think you might want to add a dog to your pack – or if you’re looking to enhance your relationship with your family – I’ve tapped into the expertise of dog behaviourist and trainer Jill Priest (nee Skorochod) and the experts at Dog Chow to share these great tips and ideas.

  • What dog is right for me? There is an incredible variety of breeds, sizes and temperaments in dogs, so it’s important to think about your lifestyle and family dynamics, and do your research before jumping ahead.
  • Leaders Not Littermates: Children should take on smaller tasks such as feeding, positive treat training and walking the dog to ensure the family dog understands his position in the pack.
  • Consistency is Key: When it comes to timing for feeding, exercise and discipline, getting on the same page as an entire family is a great way to bring everyone together and assign responsibilities.
  • Encourage everyone to feed the family dog at the same time every day and make sure they know the right amount of food to serve up. According to Priest, a trusted kibble such as Dog Chow ensures complete nutrition for the family dog no matter who is in charge.
  • How much time can you put into training your dog? Training and socializing is extremely important. Not training your dog is kind of like having kids and not teaching them manners! Each dog is an individual and times required to train them effectively will vary.
  • Life is truly better with our furry family members and it’s time to celebrate! A great dog will be a loving companion to your family for many years to come.

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This blog post is sponsored by Purina Dog Chow. 

  • aimeep

    our family dog has helped my autistic sons sensory issues and is a loving campanion

  • kellyburk3

    Because they love you and trust you…and dont talk back 🙂

  • dasing

    our dogs are part of our family, they are wonderful companions. The children have been taught to be gentle, caring and responsible. Dogs give us uncondidtional love and I cannot imagine life without them.

  • lbolduc0

    I have a pug, he is a great addition to our family becuase he brings so much love and kisses! Pugs are the best!

  • AK

    we need to treat our dogs like we are the world to them cause we are

  • marysawicki

    dogs are a gift for humans i really believe that, they are our companions and friends, protect us and offer unconditional love

  • heaven97865

    Dogs are the perfect addition to the family because they are always there for you, I love coming home and having my dog waiting at the door so happy to see you.

  • buffington40

    Dogs are the perfect addition to the family as they have unconditional love.

  • lisacharles

    Dogs are an awesome addition, they provide companionship , love and will never lie, betray or spill your secrets, they will love you and your kids with all of their hearts

  • Christine

    Our family includes two fabulous dogs!
    They both have different personalities. Everyday, our younger dog waits at the gate and jumps up when he hears a familiar vehicle. Then, he starts barking to the older dog that we are home. They are so excited to see us.
    They are so intelligent…they know what time and days of the week things are supposed to happened. Every night, they count the chimes on the clock for 10–then, tells it is time for their trick and cookies.
    We don’t need alarm force as these two have our security covered!

  • Momof2boys

    Pandora is a wonderful member of our family. She is a friend, companion, watchdog, playdog, excerciser and comic. She brings joy to our lives with her unique personality, she is a protector of her family and those she loves. She knows when its time to work, and time to play, we wouldn’t trade her for the world, she completes our family.

  • Stephanie F

    Our dog is like a little fur sister to my little girl! they even fight like siblings:P

  • Ron

    Properly trained, they make a great friend/companion for your kids growing up.

  • Betty

    A dog is a great addition to any family, it teaches children responsiblity. A dog makes a great intruder alarm. And they also make you get out and exercise, by taking them for walks.

  • luxor69

    I don’t know what I would do without a dog. They’re playmates, they’re companions, they’re sounding boards and they’re furry comfort when you have one of those days,…if you don’t own a dog, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

  • dmhaen

    A dog is a perfect addition to a family. A dog helps a child learn responsibility and what caring for a pet entails. A dog helps boost the mood and will always give you unconditional love.

  • Amie Elliott

    A dog can make your family even closer! We just got my 12 year old a dog , now we have been taking walks together and have been playing games together trying to teach him tricks. He has added so much love and fun to our family!

  • Red

    Having a dog is simply put as “completion” of one or of the family. We absolutely love our long haired chihuahua Bobo. He can put a smile on anyone’s face when I tell him to give “Bobo hugs” (which is when he climbs up and rests his paws and head on your shoulder). Absolutely warming and inviting. How can you not love dogs especially given a chance to meet our Bobo. He gives and receives unconditional love.

  • frankie1

    We have two dogs Frankie & Lacey, who make us laugh and always give us unconditional love!

  • CJ

    We always had a dog it is a member of our family, my daughters feed her, play with her, let her out and our dog protects them! Everytime we are outside if you look for the girls call the dog and the kids are their! She always stay with them.

  • Susanne C

    Dogs give you a sense of home; always around to share in whatever your day holds. They welcome you first thing in the morning and are happy just to be with you, play with you and love you.

  • dartt59

    My dog loves me no matter what. She is just so happy to see me any time, day or night. It is unconditional love.

  • eabeier

    I am Grandma to two beagles. They love me.

  • islandgal

    Dogs are the most wonderful at giving love and our dog has helped my Mom through two hip surgeries-just giving tons of cuddles and kisses and distracting
    her from her pain and discomfort.

  • Xing Z

    Dogs are good companion if you are feeling lonely.

  • Are Wong

    Dogs show us unconditional love which is important when you feel low.

  • tempest1952

    Dogs show us who and what we should aspire to be…they love without conditions, forgive without bitterness, give all they have and ask for nothing in return. They are perfection with four legs and kisses!

  • lexyli

    Dogs, show unconditional love, are there when you need someone to talk to and listen. they are always happy to see you come home and sad when you leave with out them. They are a joy!

  • Nancy

    Maisie is our joy, the reason we get outside.

  • Debra B

    Dogs are the hairy family members here, they teach us all patience, unconditional love, how to let go of the stresses of the day and just play, brings the family together for walks and lets us know that it’s okay to get really excited over the little joys in life.

  • jemrah

    Dogs bring families together – take them for walks; play with them; care for them; love them. They make you laugh – they encourage responsibility. They teach you how to love. They are are loyal companions, and love you unconditionally. We have 2 dogs and they make our family even more special!

  • emma

    A dog can definitely fill a void in your life and a true loyal friends, They can really make a house a home.

  • skyalive

    Our daughter is an only child so our dog provides companionship and entertainment for her (and us too!)

  • nrobak

    dogs are loyal and that is why they are a perfect addition to any family

  • Jen

    We have a beagle and cannot imagine life without him. He loves to cuddle with everyone and is so much a part of our family. He is everyone’s best friend.

  • prairiebelle

    they make a great addition because become a family member. They love you unconditionally, warm, cuddly and always there for you

  • johnandvalr

    Our Border Collie is such a smart dog that really completes our day. Walking her is good exercise for me too.

  • spynaert

    They can smile like a human, are always happy to see you, and don’t expect anything but food, water, and a little affection.

  • porhay

    Dogs just always seem to understand how you are feeling and just how to cheer you up. I was never a dog person until we got our German Shepherd and I fell in love.
    Dogs really are our best friends!

  • Nancy

    Maisie got me outside in the cold, snowy storm we had last week.

  • Gloria

    Having my dog as a family addition makes my husband and I lead a happy life, he accepts us as we are not like some people we know.

  • TraceyBecker

    Hmmm. My first comment didn’t go through? I can’t tell…
    Anyway. I said that my dog has filled a spot that was left empty once my human babies grew past babyhood…

  • TraceyBecker

    Our dog has filled a spot that was empty once my human babies grew past the constant needs that a baby has. She has unconditional love for me, without needing anything other than a good belly rub and some cuddling. What’s not to love about that?

  • Lindsay

    Dogs make the perfect addition because there is a special bond that forms between a dog and it’s owner. Something unspoken, but with such power that you would do just as much to save your dog as you would your own children.
    Dogs are loyal friends and confidantes… ones that you can **always** trust with your secrets. 🙂

  • billiondollarprincesss

    They are very loyal and they help protect the family.

  • miamax

    Our dog is the center of our lives because she brings in joy, silliness, play, understanding, patience, and most of all patience.
    Not only that our dog is so loyal that no matter what is troubling you, she is right beside you no mater what.
    She gives comfort, she sits besides me with not even a mm in between when we lose a close family member, and patiently waits until I am able to get up and carry on and is the best friend anyone can have.
    Our dog is also our 24 hour nurse whom will check up on us and stay with us when we are sick in bed.
    Our dog makes our lives so much better by giving her unconditional love, no matter what. Our lives would be so much harder if we didn’t have her, and we love her with all our hearts for just being there and bearing with us no matter what lives throws at us.
    Our dog makes us happy as she runs around in the yard at lightning speed even though she has a permanently damaged left hind leg, she shows us to live life to the fullest, and gives us so much happiness that we can’t help but cheer up and laugh as she is up to her antics and comes carrying a ball to play with us.
    We have so much fun with her, and she means so much to us that words can not describe the happiness she brings us by having her in our lives!

  • marybaker112

    I just lost my little girl I had for 18 years. She was by my side through some of the hardest times of my life and was closer to me than any human has ever been. Losing her was the hardest think I have ever done in my life. I would rather have lost my right hand than lose her. I have the Yorkies, and I love them, but I know when my time is over, she will be the one there waiting for me!

  • kimberly

    We just got my parents family dog that i grew up with.. dogs are amazing pets.. and it’s wonderful the feeling they give you. i wanted another child and i was unable to have one. so my mom gave me there dog tia.. she is amazing wonderful, she gives me a sense of fulfillment… my family is complete with her!

  • ninabergeron

    Dogs are great pets. They provide such unconditional love!

  • Nancy

    Maisie came to us to live when my mom passed away. She is a happy reminder of my mom and even has some of her characteristics…….such as stubborness and a real joy for life

  • cole5234

    My two dogs are an important part of my family. Cheech & Chong love me unconditionally , they greet me when I come home from work as if I had been gone for days. At night they always go to bed when Mom (thats me) goes to bed where ever that may be in the house, or in the back yard in a tent.
    When I go away I always talk to my Cheech & Chong on the speaker phone to let them know that I love them.
    My dogs give me great joy and I love them.

  • mahgib

    As a military spouse, I have learned over the past 21 years just how important special four-legged, furry family members are. I have been blessed to have 4 additions to my family (unfortunately, two have left us,) and now Pixie and Grace are the center of our world.
    I can’t even begin to explain how much love, companionship, and fun that my “kids” have brought to my life. Along with that, there have been challenges (Grace was diagnosed with Degenerative Retina Atrophy and has gone blind,) and illnesses (Pixie ate a poisonous mushroom last year and was deathly sick for a week,) that we have learned to weather through and adapt.
    I can’t imagine my world without my pups! It is interesting that when one is looking for a dog we search for what we think we will like and a breed that we can handle, when all along we are just lucky that they pick us!

  • bluejay

    My dog is great company.

  • m1b2

    my dog is my first. she is lovable, comforting, happy. she loves to learn new tricks. she respects me and those around her. she is the best part of my day when I wake up and the best part of my day when we go to sleep.

  • jsmom

    My dog has been in my family for 13 years. In the last year she’s experienced some health issues and it made me think all the more about what an amazing family member she has been all these years. Dogs are loyal and loving companions to those of us who are fortunate enough to share our lives with them.

  • mistycarole

    When you get home your dog always happy to see you, they love you no matter what.

  • lyndsey

    Dogs are loyal, protective and full of adoration for their family. They bring so much joy and give you a great excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors or be social in the dogpark. My dog is my treasure!

  • Samorjj

    The unconditional love they give.

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    They know when you need a cuddle, will keep you warm and are always up for a play/walk/rub/lick/quiet time. I love my two dogs (and many rescues)!

  • 409cope

    Having a dog makes the perfect addition to the family because they help reduce stress,teach children responsibility and bring endless joy.

  • Shelley

    Dogs make great companions. They ask so little, and give so much. Lacey is older now, and I have to guide her up and down the stairs, but I don’t mind. She keeps me company even when I would not be good company for others.

  • moviefreak

    My dog makes me happy and keeps me company when I want to go for a walk.

  • Leanne

    She’s always happy. Our puppy is ten months old and no matter what is happening she’s just THRILLED to be with us. Got love that in a family member…

  • mommakoala

    It has been 2 years since my dog passed away. I had her for 19 years, and I truly miss the unconditional love. I miss the tail wagging, and my “foot warmer”. Losing her was definitely like loosing a member of the family. That’s what my dog was, a member of the family. She went everywhere with us.
    Now, we’re ready to get another dog. I did not jump the gun looking for a replacement for “Gizmo”. Now I am ready to fill the void.

  • Anne Budgell

    Our dog, Toby, makes a wonderful addition to our family because he makes us slow down. When our lives get busy, we always have to stop and spend time with him, walking or feeding. Even if it is really for him, it gives us a break, from the everyday stress.

  • tobyhir

    I always say, I have 4 children, 2 of them furry! LOL We have a boy and a girl named Leo and Lily and they bring us so much joy…I am speaking of the pups. LOL Everyone should have one (or two so not to be lonely) because the love is like no other! 😀

  • Travelluna

    Having a dog is perfect when your daughters break up with boyfriends. They need to cuddle. I love my dog.

  • charlene

    I have 2 dogs and both are my heart & soul! They are great companions & give so much unconditional love! My husband works long hours & I am home alone, they are wonderful company & great protectors! They are gentle giants though, our cats & my 2 year old nephew, walk all over them. Our cats love to rub-up against the dogs or lie next to them… all curled up! They are loving, loyal & the perfect addition to our family!

  • bumlingerkid

    Being a dog’s human is knowing unconditional love. Soft, fuzzy fur, funny faces and that smile. My heart is a gonner for sure.

  • mrsrickle

    My dog is the perfect addition to my family. Kids are gone so its just me, the dog, and the cat. He gives me a reason to get out there and get moving. He provides companionship and keeps me from being lonely. He loves me.

  • pmr

    My dog is the pefect addtion to our family because he keeps me company when my husband is at work and the kids are at school. It’s just him and me.

  • jonnieh

    Dogs are a perfect addition to a family because they have such a friendly, fun-loving attitude.

  • Kim

    Dogs give unconditional love.

  • AliBr

    Having a dog is the perfect addition to the family because they offer unconditional love, and can lift you out of the stinkiest mood.

  • Glenway

    Dogs teach us about being loyal friends.

  • bcgirll

    So many reasons! Dogs get you out and about – active and playing……you meet and talk with people along the way. And dogs are quick to show their feelings – if you raise your voice, it upsets a dog, so you check your behaviour. You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat a dog, and if you see something amiss in your own child you can take steps to correct it. They teach kids responsibility – and they learn that the care and attention they give to their dog comes back in spades – just as hard work will at school, in the workplace, or in friendships. Dog are truly man’s best friend!

  • Bill

    My dog Ally just completes our family!!!

  • marwar

    Makes you move-walk me. Makes you happy-smile, smile, wag, wag, wag.

  • Kelly

    A dog (or dogs!!) for our family are a must have. A staple in our family home, it wouldn’t be home without them. They cuddle with you when you are down, and are always happy to see you! They are buddies when we are sick and always make us laugh!! They ensure that you get your fresh air and exercise and are the best example of unconditional love. They don’t care what clothes you wear or how you look, all they are about is YOU, and in return we show them the same because they are part of the family. xo

  • Marlene V.

    Dogs are a great addition to the family. It brings us all together as a family. Our dog loves us all and is always happy to see us. It’s a great feeling:)

  • AK

    Dogs make perfect additions to your family because we their owners mean the world to them :we are their life;therefore they are always there for us, if we need a hug or a talk or even to vent there they are always waiting always willing to give themselves they are like a spounge ,Dogs and pets for that matter are very healing instruments in lives of every one and even for someone who is suffering emotionally or physically. thanks

  • cynt

    I can’t imagine not having a dog. I grew up with dogs and having them taught me responsibility and empathy. We must teach children how to relate to other species properly and dogs are an excellent place to start.

  • cholliday

    Having a dog has changed my life tremendously. I am a single 58 year old woman and have been alone for many years. Now that I have Wooly, I enjoy taking him out for walks, and meeting other dog owners. We do many things together and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. It has been life changing for both of us!

  • lorri

    Our dog is part of my family. He is so smart and affectionate, he lets you know when he is hungry or needs to go out by groaning. He is helping me get through a very difficult time in my life, I was injured 1.5 years ago and still have a great deal of pain as well as depression etc. Having him forces me to get out of the house, even during bad weather. Thanks goodness for him, I don’t know what kind of shape I would be in if he wasn’t a part of my life.

  • Myra

    My dog makes a perfect addition to the family because shes my best friend. Shes always there to cheer you up when your sad or when your sick, she some how knows when im sick or sad so she cuddles up to me. Shes also fun to play with, everyone loves playing with her. She makes me smile and I couldn’t even imagine my family without her.

  • mchitchcock

    Our dogs make the perfect addition to the family because of their unconditional love. They have taught us to love unconditionally as well!

  • carriesworld

    We have two german shepherds and they provide entertainment, kisses, unconditional love, and they listen to everyones secrets and never tell!!

  • selbys2

    Our dog is such a good friend. It makes me so happy every morning to see how pleased she is to see us.

  • newwestmom

    I had a dog as a child and I want my son to have the benefits of unconditional love a dog gives

  • Annie1

    Dogs are such good friends to everyone in the family! When I was growing up we had a boxer that was my, my brothers’ and sisters’ best friend. Dogs complete families!

  • Iris

    Our West Highland terrier is a valued member of our family. She gets me out for 2 walks a day as well and guards our household loyally. She makes us laugh with her funny antics and starts every day by giving me a royal good morning greeting. She keeps my daughter warm at night by sharing her pillow. We love our dog!

  • Elsie

    Dogs are great to have as part of your family. They always love you, no matter what and my Lab insists on a walk every day which is healthy for both of us.

  • ddleib

    Dogs are great companions they give unconditional love

  • kparker

    A dog just makes life better! Unconditional love!!

  • winnermb

    Dogs just love…..they just love us…flaws and all. Good company and friendship and they make us get up off the couch out in to the great outdoors too!

  • bushcampcafe

    dogs make great members of the family because their love is unconditional…..when we had to have our dog of 16 years finally put to sleep, i said it would have been easier to have my husband or son put to sleep because they had pissed me off over the years….the dog was always a loyal loving companion!!

  • pk5050

    Dogs are intelligent (most of them, anyway), show unconditional love, are always there for you, provide wonderful health benefits, come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there are a good many from which to choose.

  • Rhonda

    Dogs make great members of your family because they give unconditional love. They are always happy to see you when you come home from a stressful day at work. They are great companions for kids. They are content to just sit with you and cuddle and watch your favourite shows. ;o) And they are great protectors.

  • michelle

    having a dog makes everyday a little brighter, they are so loyal and kind and always want to give you kisses. i love there kisses ^_^ and most of all they make a great friend for the kids

  • lucky

    Dogs make the perfect addition because they always show their devotion with tail wags and wet kisses!

  • Charleydog

    Dogs are perfect family members, especially for me. I have no children and coming home to a wagging tail is such joy.

  • caroneko

    Pets, especially dogs, teach responsibility, encourage mobility, and are proven to reduce stress and depression.

  • spike

    I can count on my dog to be happy to see me at the end of the day – can’t say that’s always the case for the human family!

  • jlindahlj

    Dogs love us no matter what we look like or how much money we make. They teach children about responsibility and love. They are always there to happily greet you at the door with their tails wagging. They give you a reason to go on.

  • weezi

    Dogs make the perfect addition to the family because they add so much love and affection to the home! Plus they bring a fun energy that only a doggie can bring! Every home needs a dog!

  • kellyg

    My husband and I will never be without a dog – they are loved more perhaps than they love us 🙂

  • ecochica

    For me being an only child dogs for me have always been my brothers and sisters! My dogs have always provided me unconditional love, companionship and lots of wet kisses!! No matter how big my bed is (I bought a King) it still feels like a twin!! haha I couldn’t live my life without my four-legged furr-babies!!

  • AgnesM

    Dogs make great members in a family because they are non-judgemental and listen to you when you pour out your heart while giving unconditional love when you treat them well!

  • Lin

    Dogs make great members to any family because they give unconditional love.They bring joy to our family and make us smile each day.

  • Brenda

    A dog makes a perfect addition to the family because they bring fun and companionship. My dog is always near by and is already ready to head out for a walk with me. The kids love her and she is like a sister to them.

  • Kasandra J.

    MY dog is very special to me. He makes me smile when im sad. He gives me kisses when im hurt. He listens to me when i talk to him. He always stays by my side no matter what. I will love him until the end of time!

  • annie_ac

    Dogs love us no matter what we do or what kind of mood we’re in.Nothing beats cuddling a loving dog when you’re grumpy and nobody else wants to hear about it.

  • rebesalsa

    Dogs are a great addition to the family because it shows children at an early age about responsibility. They’re great companions and always make messy toddler and baby clean ups so easy without having to pull out the vacuum to pick up thrown over food. In our family our dog is a great companion the bond that my daughter has with her is something out of this world and sometimes they both get mishievies with eachother in the kitchen (Have caught them many of times DD in the fridge sharing food with her pal) I think also it teaches them about the cycle of life as we all wish that our animals will outlast us we know that it isn’t true, so its also a way to teach about life and death. I don’t know what I’d do with out my dog she was my first baby and to this day my husky is just like a 2 year old even at 7 years old. She has continued to protect us and kiss us when we’re down…taken a grunt load of tail pulling and horse back riding. Shes seen me through 2 pregnancies and has always stood by my side through it all and I’m happy to be able to share her with my kids!

  • trioworks

    They never complain and are always happy to see you.

  • stephaanie

    a companion that will love you unconditionally no matter what!

  • henglish

    Dogs make great addition to a family because they love and protect us.

  • schmoopie

    Dogs are a great addition to any family because they give unconditional love to their owners and they teach responsibility to children and compassion for animals. And they are lots of fun to be around!

  • Jennifer M.

    Dogs make a great addition to the family because they provide unconditional love for every member of the family. Whenever someone needs a snuggle, they are there to make us feel special and loved. And they make great playmates at the park!

  • nerak

    Dogs are always happy to see you it doesn’t matter if you leave the house for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I love their perpetual good moods.

  • Ashley

    Dogs are the best, because they are your family(furry children) .. they know when youre sad, happy, and they know how to make your day. They are the only ones you can trust to be loyal and always be there for you.

  • DogLuvr

    Dogs are the best pet EVER! They are loyal, loveable/affectionate, smart, funny, great companions, smart, and have so much unconditional love. Thats great for any person, or size of family!

  • BillyJack

    You can rely on a dog to keep you company and to be your friend whenever you need it

  • lesley

    i fell a dog is a great pet to have my little guy gets so worried when im sick he will snuggle next to me to make me feek better

  • mary

    having zoey helps my children who has aspergers autism, de stress at the end of the day. he spends hours just laying beside her and petting her, it is like they understand each other and it is a unspoken bond

  • Sandy

    I have always had a dog in the family for as long as I can remember. They are fun, loyal, loving and sometimes obedient. They can also be a great source of exercise by walking and playing with them.

  • sherry

    Having my dog Tenor has proved to be a huge help to me…he senses when i’m anxious and “shows” me even before i realize it. he’s very sensitive to my moods and is always there to keep an eye on me. he’s been part of my life through raising my children and now a separation..i will never be able to replace him.

  • Jenn

    Our dog is a calming and relaxing influence on our house.

  • freddybob

    Dogs are eternally loyal and always there when you need them!

  • saskmom

    We love our dog. She is always there for us when we are down and never judges us. She is the ultimate companion. It truly melts our hearts when she lays her head in our laps and looks up at us with those big brown eyes….

  • feffer2077

    Our family loves the affection of our dogs. We feel joy and happiness when we watch them run and chase each other in the yard and play. And I feel safer in my home with my children when my husband is away. Dogs are a great addition to our family.

  • TrommeshauseGirls

    A Dog is a perfect addition to any family, but a dog is more then a dog its a person in a fur coat. They give you unconditional love and affection in times when you need it and sometimes don’t deserve it. They are quiet nudge of hope to those who are down and out. They are an wonderful playmate for your children and can teach them how to respect others through just a simply bark. A dog is an addition that once you have them in your life and show them the love they deserve and so badly want they will do the same for you in return.

  • brainstorm

    A dog gives our family a huge amount of love and devotion. She brightens up all of our lives and I could not imagine a house without a dog.

  • lisa_rogers0997

    Our dogs offer and teach unconditional love, responsibility and accountability for my children. Our newest addition, a puppy has added to the fun and chaos of our already crazy life that my family can share and look back on forever.

  • brandi_browning13

    Having a dog means having a loving and loyal companion and best friend. It means having a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent in without judgment , and a heart to give back as much love as it receives. A dog is a friend that never asks for much , always listens, is always up for anything you want to do will never turn their back on you when you need them and always loves to snuggle. Ive had my dog for seven years and I couldnt have asked for a better dog. He loves to play sleep and eat. What more could you ask for in a companion.

  • jklmclark

    Unconditional love, acceptance and a great foot warmer on a cold night!

  • flower

    it teaches children responsibilities

  • maybella1977

    Because it is the most unconditional love you will ever receive:0) On a separate note please animal lovers please try and adopt from shelters there are lots of animals that need your love

  • elizamatt

    Having a dog is wonderful, they are such great and faithful and loving companions. A good reason to get out and get some exercise yourself, so healthy too. Great against loneliness for older people. They are worth their weight in gold.

  • Yvonne

    Our dog provides us with lots of comic relief and unconditional love!

  • Romana

    They make the perfect addition to the fam because they are loyal, cuddling creatures! I

  • AndreaS

    Having a dog makes a perfect addition to the family by adding more love, caring and compassion to the family team! A dog is a great way to get the kids out for some excercise (be it helping walk the dog, or just playing in the yard!), and gives everybody a wonderful friend who can’t talk back, and can be there for everyone in the family in it’s own way!

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