Whew. That’s usually my only thought at the end of a busy day. From getting my kids fed, dressed and off to school, through my workday, dinner preparations and then activities or free play, by the end of the day usually all I can do is flop down in a chair and heave a great sigh. Being a mom sure is hard work!

Of course every single minute of it is worthwhile, and we willingly offer all our energy to give our kids the best of everything. Still. There are times when it’s nice to be able to take a load off and just chill out on your own.
Happily, Schick Intuition Plus knows how hard moms work, and they want to help by giving one lucky urbanmoms.ca member what she needs to unwind and relax.

Valued at $100, our Schick Intuition Plus gift pack includes:

  • A plush terry cloth towel wrap
  • Aromatic bath salts, lotions and scrubs
  • A spa headband
  • Spa slippers
  • A Schick Intuition Plus razor

Do you deserve a little pampering? Tell me why in the comments below and you could win the Schick Intuition Plus gift pack! Remember, you must be an urbanmoms.ca member to be eligible to win. Not a member? Join now, it’s easy and free.

Contest end date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009 5:00 p.m. EDT

So take a moment to sit back, relax and tell me why you deserve a little pampering!

  • jcottre1

    I could use this along with a vacation after enduring the cold days & going to work everyday!

  • smartmama

    Having a bath is my favourite way to destress and this basket would be perfect.

  • sylvia kriksic

    i could really use a spa day at home

  • Sherry

    I am a mom of 3 and granny for 1 with another on the way. I still work full time and babysit our grandson at least one day a week. I would love to have this pamper package to help relax these old bones.

  • cgurl

    I think i deserve a pack of pampering as a sahm of 3…a 5 yr old boy who is highly active, a 21 month old toddler who is just testing her limits out over EVERYTYHING and a 6 month old who is just discovering when mommy sets her down for a few minutes…I have 2 friends living in the same building .. one whom just had a newborn who is colicky sooo i often help her out as well with the 2 boys and my house is genearlly a typical zoo!!

  • nej26

    I could sure use this product as I’m so worn out right now. I’m expecting baby #2 and sure enough this wil help me relieve some of the stress and get some pampering done so I can be all sexy again for my hubby!!!

  • Trish

    Hi Kath my story is not unlike any of the above. I am a busy Mom of 3 kids with a great supportive husband to help along the way. But to be honest it is my husband who would benefit most by not having to look at my hairy legs lol. I remember a time when every Sunday night I would do a facial, shave, nails etc… Now all that gets done when we have a wedding or a dinner date.

  • Kim Pott

    I think I really could used some pampering. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys that keep me very busy everyday. No time for myself these days as they are 8 and 4. I am also trying to pack to move to a new house all well trying to keep up with the demand of running a house and a family. Need a little pampering.

  • Jacquie Hess

    I could use a little pampering after a seven day stretch at my job at a hospital.

  • Dianne G

    I was busy as a Mom but find myself even busier as a Grandma. Instead of having all my children in one home I find myself commuting on a regular basis to their homes across the city from me to babysit while they go about their busy lives. I love every minute I spend with them but I do get a bit tired. When I get back home the neglected work at home is waiting for me to do it. Unfortunately, the cleaning fairies don’t visit during my absence, and my cupboards don’t fill themselves, so work is still there waiting to be done. I would love to come home and get rejuvenated with this pampering package before tackling the waiting housework.

  • Lee-Ann

    My daughter is now 14, soon to be 15. She seems to think that all of my personal care products are now hers as well. It would be great to have a nice basket all to myself..but who am I kidding? I would share it with her…I wouldn’t have a choice!

  • Katherine Williams

    I really deserve a little pampering because I just got back from taking my two grandkids on a trip of a lifetime to Niagara Falls, Cambridge and Stratford, Ontario, and I am sooooo exhausted (but extremely happy, as are they!) πŸ™‚

  • Sherrie Guthrie

    Having 3 little ones under 5 in the house, 2 very spoiled border collies and a husband who travels leaves me feeling run down and ready for a rest. If that was only it I would be a happy woman BUT, its the 9 loads of laundry each week, play dates, duty days in Kindergarten, Nursery School, gardening, grocery shopping and doctors appointments that really leave me wanting a little bit of me time. Not to mention the hard wood floors, the 3 bathrooms that need to be cleaned, don’t forget Friday is garbage day, and and the whipper shinnping and the ..sorry I’m so tired I forgot what I was complaining about.

  • Jennifer Rayment

    im with bellasmama — Im a mom, that should be enough reason for pampering. But heck I will give you a couple more reasons why I deserve it. My 7 yr old has Spina Bifida, I have an 8mth old baby boy and Im married to a jock (Im a Librarian)
    The last 6 months I have also been volunteering the Spina Bifida Association of Ontario for their annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Check out my blog which I should really call — Confessions of a Charity Whore : )

  • Bellasmama

    I think every mother deserves pampering, but why do I deserve it?
    I am a (first time) stay at home mom of a very rambunctious and growing 7 month old baby girl and I also care for my father-in-law who is recovering from lung cancer and a mother-in-law that has severe back problems and arthritis.
    3 Days out of the week, I also babysit my neice and nephew who are 5 months old (seeing I’m the only mom at home at the moment) and I also offered as I love them dearly! Plus, when my big baby gets home (hubby), I like to make sure he has dinner (most days, not all).
    Not complaining (yet), but I definitely think that I need a serious boost of R&R which is why this gift basket will work wonders for a tired new mommy and caregiver.

  • amanda p

    After a long day of working at a spa ,taking care of all my clients,then going home taking care of my 10 month and my hubby and pets,i need some pampering too!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Tucker

    At the end of the day, we all need some pampering. Pick me!

  • Diana Plavins

    I hate to gripe but being a single mum I am responsible for all of the cooking cleaning and childcare AND all of the house repairs, yardwork etc AND if I want to renovate, its on me too. I really REALLY could use some pampering!

  • Jessica Meisner

    I am on a hectic schedule now and I would love to be pampered when and if I have time to relax.

  • Jessica Meisner

    I am on a hectic schedule now and I would love to be pampered when and if I have time to relax.

  • Jessica Meisner

    I am on a hectic schedule now and I would love to be pampered when and if I have time to relax.

  • Linda

    A day of pampering would be wonderful after a stressful day at work which happens more often than it ever used to.

  • momkim

    I run a home day care as well as horse farm. I have two teen girls and like another mom on here a mom with ALZHEIMERS.. She may not remember me but I do remember her and try to visit every night after day care is done family and horses are fed.
    I like to end my day in a nice hot scented bah with my green tea (or baileys shh!) and book. Just to soak up peace and away stress..until kids knock on door to “talk”…I try not to cringe because one of the things mom said to me before she got sick was…I miss the little “talk moments I had with you girls”. At 16 and 14 I know my moments with girls will slip by soon and they will be gone on their own

  • Pamela Humphrey

    I am a MOM but I am also a WOMAN who likes to feel good about herself. Taking care of me is just as important as taking care of the kids.

  • leaver25

    I feel like all I have done is go go go and no time for me. I am in need of a great massive pampering. Having two kids and working all day then all the activites after work just wears me out. I need some down time just for me when I don’t have two toddlers constantly chatting or fighting.

  • Janet Meisner

    There are days that are completely exhausting and I would love to be pampered.

  • grace salo

    Wow! Great gift package! I would love this. I am one of those mom’s who doesn’t take enough time for herself. My bath time is my only sanctuary and I have mastered the art of tuning out my children fighting and banging on the door while I try to gather my thoughts. I am a busy mom with 3 kids (9yr old twin boys and a 7 yr old daughter). I have 2 jobs but my main job is a warehouse worker who works 10 hr shifts 4 days a week in steel toe boots. My legs and feet kill me from walking non stop or standing in 1 spot for hours on end.
    I would love this so much to try to make myself a ‘soft’ woman again!

  • Joyce Mcgregor

    I am due for some really good shaving stuff, pick me

  • pam

    I don’t know if I deserve this any more than any other mom, I think we all work hard. What I do know is that in the last 4 months I feel like I haven’t stopped. I packed our house up for a move which we made 7 weeks ago and then proceeded to unpack, organize and decorate our new home. Not an easy task at times with a husband and three children to take care of as well……..I have two girls which are under 4 and never seem to slow down for anything as well as a hormonal 15 yr old son. Some days I really felt as though I may melt down at any moment. I finally felt like I could relax in the house area and move to the outside area and start planting my garden. Not so both my girls contracted this nasty virus going around and have been sick for 6 going on 7 days. I thought moving made me tired, but this has been exhausting, the oldest girl has yet to keep down solid foods. I love all my children very much and when they are sick and feeling scared I will stop everything and stop at nothing to make sure they know they are safe. If that means sitting in between their beds all night so each time they wake up the first thing they see is me then so be it. I know that pampering myself for even an hour one evening after they are all better will revive me and give me the energy to keep moving forward.

  • princessvix19

    I could use this pampering basket to help me relax after a long day of chasing after my very active 10 month old!!

  • kim strauss

    After looking after my 2 children, my husband and a caregiver 24/7 to 4 mentally challenged clients I am exhausted and have no time for myself, I think a little pampering would be nice after 11yrs of hard work both physically and mentally challenging each day.

  • Susan

    I commute to work each day and could use a prize pack to unwind before I face my hectic life at home!

  • Cynthia Booton

    I sure could use a little pampering after having a root canal and another tooth extracted…..Schick is a nice product to be pampered with.

  • staciep

    I’m a first time Mom of a 6 month old, that says it all! LOL!

  • Bev Sayers

    Sounds so relaxing and nice. Great items to have in the house at anytime, especially when I come into the house after my gardening chores!

  • Sabrina East

    I’m in the middle of trying to sell a house in this awful market, and getting the kids to keep their rooms clean enough to show is proving to be quite a challenge. A little pampering would be heavenly!

  • Carol

    I would love some time to pamper myself. I work full-time and have two teenage daughters who need to be driven all over the place for lessons, appointments, etc. We live in a small village so they can’t take a bus or walk to where they need to go. Trying to fit that in plus my 30 minutes of exercise and cooking pretty well every meal from scratch is very tiring.

  • Nicole


  • mistycarole

    I work full time plus a casual job. I’va also been renovathing my house for the last year. I have two room to go. I think I need to pamper myslef.

  • JoAnne

    I am a Mom who is almost 50, work a regular week, plus my adult son and daughter live with me, including a 2-year old little boy (who is my grandson). I have my hands full with attitude and rambunctiousness when I get home — so it is never a dull moment!! I NEED some pampering in the worst possible way… πŸ™‚

  • Anne T

    why yes I do!
    17yr old daughter, quit school, working, picking wrong males for relationships who won’t listen at all to me even though I’m non judgmental, positive, and easy to approach
    Mom, 68, has alzheimers severely and has no memory span.
    I’m the only of her 3 children who takes her out, visits, has her over for dinner etc.
    She still lives with my dad who on a good day is a bit of a jerk and just isn’t a very nice guy.
    I have severe psoriative arthritis, suffer from depression, but fight it with all of my might, can’t find a psychiatrist in my city as mine passed away and nobody can figure out why my left leg has been swollen for six years
    I also have burning mouth syndrome……well, that’s what I’m calling it. My tongue has felt like I’ve been swishing boiling water around my mouth for 4 years now and nobody can figure out what is wrong.
    LOL I’m a good candidate huh?

  • Shelly

    I sure could use a little pampering. I am surrounded by Testosterone – a hubby, an 11 year old and 6 year old twins – ALL MALES! Treat me πŸ™‚

  • Melissa B

    I could definately use a little pampering and relaxation. In addition to having a family, I work full time and attend school full time. This would be a fantastic treat!

  • Naomi

    I’m a wife, busy Mom with a precious 10 year old, and I’m an elementary school secretary with lots of wonderful kids, parents, teachers and staff that depend on me. We’ve had 9 months of exterior house renovations that have been a nightmare you never want to have and which have been over-the-top stressful. I would LOVE a little pampering at this busy time of the year!

  • Lana

    Its great to be able to pamper yourself once in a while.

  • joycep61

    I know all mothers deserve a little pampering. There isn’t one mom more worthy than the other. I hope that I win this. I have 2 children and also my terminally ill mom living with me.

  • Patricia Boyle

    Does the gift package come with a personal masseuse?

  • tasosgirl

    A little pampering goes a long way…yes please!

  • Cazgirl

    I really need this….a husband who does nothing, whoa ya, what a catch. Gimme some ME time please!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila

    After a winter of “not so much shaving”, I really could use this!!

  • Dianne L

    I’m constsntly driving my Grandchildern and Great Grandcildern to school, etc. I need some me time!

  • mwatt

    I’m married with a 16 year old boy, 14 year old girl, 6 year old boy and last but not least a 9 month old boy. I’m a stay at home mom who does the books for my husband’s business and when I’m not helping out at the kids schools, I’m taking my elderly neighbour to her various appointments or shopping. My dog gives me more respect than any of the above mentioned (lol). Even so at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything else in the world. Well maybe…..(just kidding). I sure could use some pampering.

  • katiefinn

    I know that every mom deserves to be pampered, but I have to say I’ve had a pretty tough few months! A couple months after my son was born he was diagnosed with craniosynostosis and we were told he was going to have to have surgery on his head when he was 6 months old. He’s now 8 months old and doing really well, but has to wear a helmet and is up every 1.5 hours during the night… which wouldn’t be too bad if we didn’t have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who gave up her nap 3 months ago! I’m lucky enough to be at home with both of them but the lack of sleep is really getting to me and a little (or a lot πŸ™‚ of pampering is exactly what I need!

  • truhud

    Two young boys, a husband and 2 cats. Also have to tell my Mom that she was right and that the way I was as a kid is coming back to bite me in the butt via my eleven year old son.

  • Janice

    I am a single mom with Severe Fibromylagia and am currently on disability from my place of employment due to this hideous desease. I’m only receiving 50% of my pay so as you can imagine, there’s no money left at the end of a month to indulge in even the smallest of luxuries for myself. My Medication alone are costing around $160.00 per month after my insurance coverage. I would simply love this little bit of luxury for myself and hot baths with salts do help with muscle aches and spasms.
    Kindly consider me for this giveaway.
    Janice Craig

  • dmhaen

    My youngest child just started driving so that’s stressing me out a bit. I know he’s a good driver, but still the worry exists. Sure could use a little pampering…

  • hpollock@mcsnet.ca

    I have two teenagers, no more explanation needed

  • Shelley Josefik

    Ok I need this one Big time! I work full time and never take the time for pampering. Summer is here and time for a little special treatment. Every mommy needs some special me time. This would be awesome to win- thanks for another great contest.


    This would be the sweetest thing to win!! I just love all these products!!

  • cheryl

    These are such luxurious gifts. Thank you for this contest.

  • lucyd

    I haven’t had a day of pampering in a few years. I been busy caring for my ailing father and helping my mother with everyday chores. I also, have been busy with my own family. I have not been taking care of myself, which I so need. This basket would help me a lot in pampering myself!

  • J Taillefer

    I have 50 years old this month!!!

  • Silvana Cox

    Well ‘busy’ goes without explaining for just about every women today. Dealing with family, house, full time work outside the home, trying to fit in a power walk, fix meals, and so on and so on!

  • hannasmom

    I just found out that we will be moving long distance spur of the moment and i will be so busy and stressed trying to deal with that on top of everyday life, i could really use a little pampering “me” time.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this great gift basket!

  • Krista Smith-moroziuk

    As a stay at home Mom I rarely even get the chance to shave. I went to shave yesterday and couldn’t even find a razer. I could definately use this gift pack.

  • Angela

    Oh, this would be so great. It seems like I am always busy cleaning, playing or getting grocheries and the only time I have is when my kids are sleeping lol (mom of 3) Having this gift pack would make my legs smooth, my body soft, make me feel more like a women again and not just a worn down mom that has no time to pamper herself. Being hair free lol and a little relaxation would be so nice! πŸ™‚

  • lisa yelds

    This would be a wonderful gift to win because I am disabled I spend alot of time in the tub trying to get rid of aches and pains, I don,t get to relax this tired stressed out body to often and after a long day at the doctors I sure need it!

  • jayda

    I am long overdue for a pampering and receiving this would give me just a good enough reason to let my husband know i am taking some well needed me time and let him play with our 8mth old and 2.5 yr old girls!!

  • juan_hurrican

    I think all moms deserve some pampering, in some way, even just a little colour on our face or some quiet moments in the morning, or this pampering pack. It’s our way to be good to ourselves

  • Kim

    Pampering? What’s that? What a wonderful prize. Would be fantastic!

  • http://www.MississaugaKids.com Anne Green

    I’m “running the farm” this week as hubby is traveling for work. Would love a good soak in the tub. Should probably shave my legs before he returns home… reunions can be fun!

  • Nathalie Gostanoan Walker

    I’m always tiered from looking after my kid and the house, never seem to have the time for ME!!!
    This would be a great experience to win and to be able to treat myself for once !!!!!

  • Cindy P

    Ah,,,I have 3 grown daughters and now have our first grandson. Hubby and I have been adjusting to an empty nest, our youngest moved out just about a year ago, hard to get used too. I would totally enjoy some pampering.


    all work and no rest make me a dull person
    I would love to win and pamper myself a little

  • Lori Belanger

    I think I deserve this prize pack as I’m about due for a relaxing, indulgent spa break. Back in November my husband & I split up after him confessing to an affair, yikes! This happened to me while I was in an intensive 10 month university program. So while being a full time student, I had to find a place to live, find a lawyer, deal with a herniated disc in my back AND still keep up my grades. And I am proud to say that I did do all of this – but now I’m POOPED and think I need a little ME time! My three daughters would definitely agree – Mommy can get a tad cranky at the end of a long day!

  • ivieliu

    A hot bath with all these fancy treats will be a terrific pampering after a long day taking care of my 5 children and my house. What could be better?

  • erin mcsweeney

    I have just found out I’m to be laid off in the fall, and have the added benefit of training the new people our department is being outsourced to. Anything to take away some of the uncertainity and stress would be great. Thanks

  • Kim

    Kathy, I would LOVE to win this basket to share it with my daughter. I have an 11 year old who needs to start shaving (under the arms) this summer and she is very reluctant to do so. I think this would help to pamper her and give her the little push she needs to enter into the wonderful world of shaving! We could start with a special Mom and daughter spa day and have manicures and pedicures too!

  • Jean

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last year and am recovering from stem cell transplant done in February. I am near my 100 days of isolation from the public and hanging in there. I would really enjoy to be pampered with these wonderful products. I’ve been told that bath salts are good for detoxing which would be great to get rid of the chemotherapy drug that I received. Hope I win!

  • Carrie Dodd

    I deserve a little pampering because I’m pregnant and sometimes it feels like I’m dragging around 300 pounds and not just the extra weight on my belly. Relaxing right now is really important.

  • Arica Saltzman

    Honestly, don’t we all deserve a little pampering??? As a mom of 3 I would think it is self explanatory! Especially since my 7 month still doesn’t sleep through the night AND has started crawling and it is my job to chase him all over the place!

  • Tammy

    Don’t all new mom’s deserve a little pampering…chasing a little one around the house who is now mobile on her own should be reason enough to need some pamering for mom!

  • Chrystal

    What a nice little gift basket. I just quite my stressful job, of 8 years, to be a stay at home mom. It would be a nice treat to myself when all the kids are in bed.

  • Alexandra Lukas

    I’d love to be pampered! A single mom of two very busy & active kids, between rushing to and from school, throwing healthy meals together before we rush off to sporting activities, homework assistance and bedtime, there isn’t much time to arrange pampering! So, if I could try to do it at home at my convenience, it might actually happen!

  • Angela

    Why is it that every morning I have to go around and pick up after everybody? I lost it, especially after I discovered that someone had chipped my glass coffee table.
    Do I too much for everyone and they just think since I am the mom I will deal with whatever is thrown at me. I am tired of this. With 3 kids and I husband I definitely deserve to win a little me time. Please pick me and I will lock myself in the bathroom and enjoy it!

  • Valerie1961

    Oh Kathy this would be a great prize to win …I just got a cast put on my left leg on Monday…silly me went over on my left foot going down my stairs …and hear I just thought I pulled something in my foot …I couldn’t be so lucky…lol.so being able to win this basket full of Schick to pamper my leg when this cast comes off in 6 week would be a prize I would be ever so greatful for.
    Thanks Kathy

  • Sam Adams

    Why do I deserve a little pampering? Well, I have three beautiful children ages 9 yrs, 6 yrs and 2 yrs. I work full time in Toronto. I have a 3 hour commute to work each day so by the end of the day I’m wiped out. Between the kids, after school activities, commuting and general life maintenance (by that I mean laundry, dishes housework as a whole and maintaining the gardens) I’m exhausted. Plus, My mum recently had knee surgery and I help her around the her home. My dad has sever depression and each day is a challenge. You never know what to expect. I never really have much time for myself. I love my life, but its just busy and always on the go.
    Please pick me!

  • Nancy Glenville

    I deserve I moment of pampering because my 3 kids and my wheelchair bound father in law keep me so busy running . So busy in fact that my husband hasn’t felt what smooth legs feel like since my youngest was born!

  • laurie lafrance

    Why I could use some pampering! I’m a worn out 35 yr old mother of three children ages 16,12,9 two with special needs and one embarking on driving(yeek!!) I also run an in home daycare service filled with 6, 18m-3yr old children daily from 6:30am. I do nursery school runs, bus runs and any other runs their parents cannot do, due to work. Always on my feet and just becuase the clock hits 5pm my day is not over, I have shift worker daycare kids that come as the other ones are leaving. They sit down with our famiy and eat supper . The time supper and baths are done and everyone in bed may be 8pm, then i trudge back to kitchen to do supper dishes (no dishwasher) and to play room to clean mess up. If I’m lucky i can sit down around 10pm have a tea put my feet up and relax. So and on top of it all my husband is always on call and usually out of town on business,seeing we are both self employed leaves no time for much of nothing.

  • Susan Kramer

    I deserve a little pampering since, after 6 years of digestion problems, they finally found a cause. I am waiting to have a bunch of gallstones removed. Sometimes the pain is terrible but being a single parent I have no one to bring me a cup of tea or pamper me. This basket would give me a chance to pamper myself a bit.

  • Mariah

    I am mother to one rambunctious 5 year old, with another on the way. My days are spent cleaning, cooking, baking, walking to & from school and caring for a very busy family. Time for myself seems rarer & rarer these days and with a new bundle to come in the future, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting more time soon. I could definitely use a little pampering from time to time. thanks. Mariah

  • cc

    Love Schick products! Every Mom deserves a little pampering!


    I could really use this. As a stay at home mom, I take care of 2 boys that constantly fight and argue, a new puppy, a hubby, the gardens, the house and even find time to volunteer at their school…..I need to chill.

  • Joy M.

    Whew! We are moving in two weeks and I am packing a household of 5. This is getting done in the middle of exams, graduation and all the end of the year foo-fa-rah. Help – mom needs a break before I break!

  • Maria G

    I could sure use this after a hectic day at the office. When I get home I immediately take off my shoes, clothes and head to the bathtub before doing anything else.

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