My current thought –  I should just write an entire book about Ryley and his crazy antics.  I am sure by now you are bored of hearing what my little devil has been up to, but yesterday I seriously could have taken some brightly coloured duck tape and wrapped him up so he couldn’t do anymore damage.  It is completely  ridiculous that I have 8 children but my 5 yr old is the one who keeps me in a continual state of anxiety, frustration, anger, and yes, happiness as well.
Before picking up my two children who are in middle school I took Thatcher, Tanner and Ryley to Metro to buy a few grocery items.  The entire time Ryley was really great and only once climbed into one of the freezers.  The freezer was tempting as it held the popsicles and Ice Cream.
As a reward for his behaviour I bought him a pack of bubble gum at the check out- hubba bubba to be exact – but I told him he would need to share with his siblings.  
Once in the van Ryley made some comment about Tanner and gum.  I told him under no circumstance was he to give the babies bubble gum.
I pick up Marie and Joshua at school then we all headed home.  I took out Thatcher first and then climbed to the second row of the “bus” to take Tanner out.  SURPRISE! Tanner and his car seat where covered in sticky hubba bubba bubble gum! Bubbalicious! 
After carefully removing Tanner this is what I was left with.  It took me almost an hour to get it off.
seat belt.JPG
Apparently Ryley had decided to ignore me (ha, what a shock!) and give Tanner some gum.  Tanner at 14 months put the gum in his mouth, didn’t know what to do with it so pulled it out and spread it all over.  Thank goodness he didn’t choke! Boy oh boy did Ryley get an earful and lost a few privileges!
What interesting things have your children done with bubble gum?
Until next time,
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  • Liesl

    Oh…I can only imaging what you were thinking of doing to him when you saw the car seat!!

  • Julie

    i did that once…i was 7 and wanted to chew some gum and mom said no. so i did anyway. as i was lying in bed. and drifted off before i could spit it out. bye bye gum and bye bye sheets, favourite snow white night gown and a bit of hair! lesson learned!

  • kim


  • Tracey

    So sorry, Chantel – ack!
    And oh my god, Sara is gonna FREAK. OUT.

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