A new reality show is set to air this Wednesday on VH1. Hollywood Exes is catching major attention south of the border – not only from the eager public but also probably from a few of the celebrity divorce lawyers! 
The show stars “exes” such as Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy), Mayte Garcia (Prince – or whatever he’s going by now), Andrea Kelly (R Kelly), Sheree Fletcher (Will Smith), and Jessica Canseco (Jose Canseco). 
The first episode gives us the taste of how these women became famous with their celebrity-status hubbies and how they’ve had to find their own way after divorce…I’m guessing they say buh-bye to free designer clothes and to the A-list party circuit!  
It’s a fresh start for some of these women who have been raising their kids and trying to get back on their own two feet. The producers say that “more than anything, this series will prove that through the struggles of high profile divorce and separation, these woman can emerge from the shadows of their ex-husbands’ fame and fortune, and show the world that they’re not just trophy wives with pretty faces.”
Here’s the trailer…

  • Julie

    i saw an extended trailer for this and they were complaining how they don’t have access to whatever car they want now and they have to actually cook dinner for themselves! gasp! …. on the other hand, at least they’re working (at this show) unlike me who is destined to be a professional parent.

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