I’m amazed at how fast things move in life especially now with social media.
 For me, having kids put me into THAT zone and I had to adjust to life like many other moms. I must admit, finding my way through the haze took a while. I felt so disconnected from my friends who didn’t have kids. But once by boys started to be not so needy, I slowly got back into things that I loved doing like painting, volunteering and reconnecting with friends. 
Of course then I discovered Facebook. It’s fun, right? You can rant, share, rave, support, dump, whatever. It’s an outlet. Then things changed again.
Jen Maier, founder of UrbanMoms, asked if I was interested in blogging here about arts & culture. And then it snowballed. So, now I’m on Twitter too and Pinterest …yes, work plus fun? Pinch me!


Last weekend I went to Blissdom – a social media conference that was attended by over 400 top social media women bloggers from across Canada (well, mostly women – Jason, our daddy blogger got lots of attention). But what was interesting to see was the number of corporations that were interested reaching out to social media influencers. Bloggers are no longer considered “a hobby” but in some cases a serious sector that cannot be ignored! This is great news for those who are thinking about taking their blogs to the next level! 
Guest speakers included personalities like CBC’s Jian Gomeshi and Susan Cain author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Microsessions were held by leading social media influencers on topics from media training to working with advertising networks and how to value your business.
Well-loved brands like Starbucks provided the fuel, Christine Magee and her crew from Sleep Country Canada offered up dreamy new pillows to all who attended, and other companies offered up products and services as well. 


SheBlogs Media, an ad/marketing network for women bloggers, hosted speakers in the Chevrolet Recharge Lounge.  Jenna Jacobson, a social media researcher from U of T who offered her expertise on defining your personal brand and how to take control of your social media identity so it doesn’t take control of you. While Heather Greenwood Davis (aka Globetrotting Mama) shared her amazing travel experience on her family’s recent trip around the world. Brilliant these ladies! 
Attendees also participated with SheBlogs Media by scanning QR Codes and tweeted for chances to win:


KOBO VOX eReader – perfect for people on the go who want to blend tablet functionality with their eReading experience! The KOBO VOX incorporates a music player, photo gallery, video player with a built in speaker all in one! It’s the perfect travel companion! Hey, and if your kiddies get a hold of it not to worry, it’s got a spill resistant touchscreen! Since I didn’t win one, I’ll be putting this on my wish list …someone hint to my hubby! Hot pink please! 


Panasonic Lumix – the LUMIX high-zoom DMC-ZS20 includes 12.1 megapixel, High sensitivity MOS sensor, 20x optical zoom and 40x intelligent zoom, a 24 mm wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens and a 3-inch intelligent touchscreen LCD. Pretty cool since bloggers LOVE taking photos! 


TELUS offered a Samsung Galaxy SIII – probably one of the smartest Androids around. I actually have one and my favourite features? It won’t shut off as long as you are looking at it. The device takes incredible photos and videos. It can even take an automatic burst of 8 images to and chooses the best. It responds to your words like answer, set an alarm, wake up. And the list goes on!!! It’s really amazing!


Tilley Endurables – the high quality apparel company who fitted Heather Greenwood Davis (Globetrotting Mama) on her trip around the world. This “Made In Canada” company makes the finest in travel wear that effortlessly transitions back into your daily life. Did you know that most of their pieces with hidden pockets?! Perfect for you know, my Sbux gold card! *wink*


Then came the social scene at night. Microsoft kicked off the conference with a massive party on Friday night. 
Saturday, I was able to attend the SheBlogsMedia and UrbanMoms cocktail party sponsored by Rosemount Wines and Miss Vickies chips! Perfect combination! 
I finally had a chance to meet my fellow UrbanMoms bloggers – some for the very first time. We’ve been connecting on Facebook and Twitter but It was wonderful to hang out toge
ther over great wine and yummy chips!  I could totally spend hours with each of them anytime!! 


Social Media is a super! Do you to blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? 
  • Sonya

    Take it nice and slow ..then you’ll find your groove! 🙂 And yes, the “bunch” is what you would think! Who you read about is who they really are! Kinda neat!

  • Julie

    everyone says i should start my own blog…don’t know how or if there is even any room for me. i’ll just end up drinking too much wine and cry online 🙂
    must have been pretty cool to meet the “bunch”!

  • Tracey

    I LOVE social media too… and it was so good to meet you in person, dear Sonya – we could hang out for DAYS without a break in conversation, I’m so sure… xox

  • Jen

    It was great to see all of you at Blissdom! Good times 🙂

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