The “tale as old as time” has become an international sensation that has played to over 35 million people worldwide. Disney’s Beauty and The Beast musical ran for 13 years on Broadway and is the 8th longest running musical in Broadway history. The original creators of the Broadway production have created this new touring production in a spectacular feast for the eyes. 

The show is now running in Toronto until July 22, 2012 at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. 
If you don’t know the famous story of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast it’s about Belle, a young woman in a small provincial town and the Beast, who is a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an entrantress disguised as an old woman. The prince surrounded himself with objects of beauty. When approached by the old woman he thought she was hideous and in turn she placed a cursed him with beastly measures. His staff began turning into objects as well. The only way that he could stop the curse of remaining this way for eternity was to find true love. He himself had become such a beast and felt that no one would ever look at him let alone love him. 
Until he met Belle – a simple town girl that had no interest other than books and to care for her father. The Beast had found her father Maurice lost in the woods and decided to keep him locked up in the castle for trespassing on the property. Soon enough Belle came searching and made a deal with the Beast that she would stay if her father would be released. Although she was also sought after by the town’s “most desirable” Gaston, the Beast figured he could keep her as prisoner for eternity.
The stage production is beautiful as is the incredibly strong cast members. Belle (Emily Behny) is a natural fit for what you would picture of a sweet, innocent but morally strong character. The Beast (Dane Agostinis) is wonderful in his role from the character’s stubbornness and unkempt ways to the softening transformation back to prince who realized that love is not about appearances. 
I took my 5 year old niece to the musical – figured she would get the most enjoyment out of  this. She had one condition that I brought my 12 year old son. Ha! Well, the trooper that he is, he agreed to come with us…but only for her. 
Sarah said she “LOVED Mrs. Potts”. She was her favourite character. 
Mrs. Potts was the glue to the entire storyline. She was the glue to the storyline. The one with the motherly confidence that everything will be OK. 


Sarah also loved the numerous colourful dresses, of course. By the way, I probably could do an entire post on what the little girls were wearing to the show. Hey, I’ve got two boys what can I say? It’s nice to see everyone dressing up a bit to head out to the theatre. 
The best was hearing Sarah laugh out loud at various scenes. She reacted honestly and was fully into the production from start to finish. One scene did make her come up with various questions but I won’t give that away. I’m sure that if you went to see the show you will know EXACTLY what scene I’m referring to. 
Anyway, for my 12 year old son, who you would think would roll his eyes waaaay up in his head attending this show and ‘what do you mean I can’t text in the theatre?” he enjoyed it as well. There’s enough going on to keep all kids and adults glued to the musical. The amazing choreography in the beer clinking piece had not one batting eyelash. As was the dark scenes of wolves in the woods. And the French Maid who does her own party shuffle…well, dads were happy. 
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is definitely worth seeing and it will keep me singing for a few days now. Songs include the famous “Beauty and the Beast” and “Be our Guest” from the animated film’s Academy Award winning score by Alan Menken (music) and by the late Howard Ashman (lyrics), with additional songs written by Alan Menken (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics). 


By the way, here are some interesting tidbits about the show…
  • The production uses 81 wigs
  • There are 580 costume pieces, including some pieces from the original Broadway costumes.
  • There are 36 mugs used in Gaston’s tavern.
  • 350 feet of streamers are dispatched over the audience.
  • There is a hidden “Mickey” in the tavern set drop…see if you can spot it!
For performance dates, times and ticket information please visit www.DanCapTickets.com    Tickets range from $37-$150.

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