Get ready for summer! In the BENADRYL® Canada’s Most Prepared Mom Contest blog series, moms will share insight, tips, and tricks to help you be prepared for everything from road trips to an unexpected case of poison ivy. Being prepared gives us peace of mind during the busy summer months and allows us to focus on our families. Share stories with other moms, avoid common pitfalls and discover how you can be prepared for the unexpected this summer thanks to the makers of BENADRYL® – The Preparedness Experts.

Be Prepared. It’s the simplest of maxims and yet so very important. It’s true for every stage of life, from Girl Guides to the work world to motherhood. But it’s perhaps most important for us moms. When we first welcome those tiny people into our lives, we realize that we are now responsible for their every want and need. At first, that means packing enough diapers, wipes and changes of clothing. Soon, we need to add snacks and toys to the list of things we bring with us whenever we head out with our children. As they get older, it seems they never outgrow the need for snacks, but where you once packed squeaky toys and teethers, now you will be checking for iPods and DVDs, then cellphones and allowance money not too much later. The bottom line is this: no matter how old your children are, it always pays to be prepared.

MP900422789-thumb-400x400-35450.jpgBeing prepared means knowing your children’s likes and dislikes – there’s no point packing a snack they’ll turn their nose up at, and woe betide the mom who forgets to bring along a favoured stuffy or blankie. But it also means thinking of things that don’t necessarily pop to mind right away. Because not having what you need, when you need it can lead to a lot of inconvenience, expense and maybe even tears. The world is full of the unexpected, and that’s frankly why we like to venture out. We are explorers at heart, and seeking out new and exciting experiences for our kids and families is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable parts of parenthood. Making sure we’re ready to face the unexpected allows us to head out with worry-free confidence, ready to enjoy whatever new adventure life throws our way.

As moms, we know that one of the best ways to learn is through the wisdom and experience of other moms. Just as we tell our kids every day, sharing is important, and sharing stories is very important to mothers. Some of the best tricks I learned for being prepared as a mother have come from my mom friends – like bringing along BENADRYL® when visiting friends at the cottage, especially during bug bite season. When bites start to make them look like they’re having round two of the chicken pox, using an antihistamine can really save the weekend. See? Now you have a great idea for your own “be prepared” toolkit!

Now it’s time to enter the contest!  First, submit your story here demonstrating your “preparedness” and share why you are “The BENADRYL®: Canada’s Most Prepared Mom” for your chance to win a $10,000 family vacation. Entries should be up to 250 words. Next, answer this question in the comments below…what’s the best thing in your toolkit? Good luck!


Submission to the contest closes at 12:00 pm, on Monday, July 9, 2012.

Click here for Contest Rules and Regulations. members are eligible to win so don’t forget to sign-in.  Not a member yet?  Click here to join.

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