It’s over.  The two+ week vacation is over.  Am I going to hell if I yell THANK GOD!  While I felt a tinge of guilt handing a none-too-happy Will over to Barb his daycare teacher this morning, that moment of silence in the car after was welcomed.  I cannot tell a lie.

Two-weeks of ‘vacation’ with a toddler are exhausting.  How in gods name did I ever come back tired from a week of debauchery in Cuba!?  Staying up till 6am boozing and dancing – a breeze compared to suntan lotion battles, endless hours of tractors and multiple trips to the zoo!

I will say this.  Before my vacation I had a plethora of respect for stay-at-home moms.  Many people hear I’m a single mom and say, “I don’t know how you do it.” My response is always, I don’t know any different so I just do it.  I always think of parents of special needs kids, or parents who suddenly find themselves single or parents of multiples – THOSE people I wonder how the hell THEY do it.  I’d like to add to that list of people I bow to…stay-at-home moms of toddlers.

Don’t misunderstand – the time with Will and the time away from work was awesome.  But you know what, so is routine.  Good god that sounds as exciting as a sprig of broccoli but it’s true. 

Any milestones this vacay?

*The boy now puts four words together – which is quite a milestone given our slow start.

*Unfortunately a few of these words are now s*&t, f*#k and one bad lord’s name in vain (JC) when mommy stubbed her toe – (it f*#king hurt!!)

*The boy loves singing Happy Birthday but only to himself.   We shall see how that goes over at his buddy’s Sarah and Owen’s bday this weekend.

*His obsession with tractors has hit an all time high.  Timing of parentals selling the farm – not great.

*The boy shouted out his first musical request at a concert.  Unfortunately The Acorns had never heard of Big Red Car.

*We spent an awesome afternoon with my two ‘little’ cousins whose diapers I used to change.  I could now legally date their friends.  Shoot me now.

I did really miss blogging.  I see now how the outlet helps with my sanity and as pathetic as it sounds, I think if we go on a ‘relocation’ again, I’ll have to get a magic stick to get me some internet action.  (oh how sad that my definition of action and magic stick…now refer to blogging).

Here are a couple of vids from our time off.  Enjoy – or be pained….whatevs.


Will digging the baby wolves at the zoo!



Will and his buds Jasper and Lyle kicking it old school

(Please ignore mom’s hideous singing)


Uncle Ryan and Jasper….will Uncle Ryan have a heart attack?  Watch and see!

  • busy do Holandii

    I stumbled across your blog, and think it’s fantastic, keep us posting

  • Sara

    Lori – what in gods name is an organic cheezie???? Seriously – WHAT??????

  • Nancy

    Sara- you write as funny as you are! It is really a dose of you! Everyone can relate to this for sure. Enjoy your hot latte and grown up talk now!You deserve it!

  • Christina

    I have to admit that some days I can’t wait for the school year to begin because I am going mental with all three kids at home. It’s all about routine, we just had a week home with dad and everything has been crazy. No naps, late nights, fun packed jammed days and lots of junk in our diets. I think I need a bit of detox and routine back in my life….feel’in a little drained lately…

  • lori

    Those videos are hilarious! As a stay-at-home-mom of a toddler (and 7 yo on summer break), I would like to say that it does have its rewards…although I’m writing as I’m shoveling organic (blech!) cheezies in my mouth for, uh, brunch…and I have yet to get dressed (or, um, shower)…

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